Where to Begin?

This post is a little different than normal.

One question that I battle with every time I try to explain things with Trump, Russia, Politics, and this country is "Where do I begin?"

Well, where do I begin?

Do I start with the cover-up of multiple meetings between Russian spies and members of the Trump Presidency?

Do I start with the appointment of the Special Counselor, following the firing of the FBI Director?

Do I start with the torpedoed House Intelligence Committee investigation when Devin Nunes spilled the beans to the White House instead of his fellow committee members?

Do I start with Donald Trump tweeting about how Obama "taped" his phone lines?

Do I start with Mike Flynn's firing?

Or Sally Yates?

The Muslim Ban?

The inauguration?

The increased sanctions imposed by President Obama?

The meeting in Trump Tower in December where a back channel was proposed?

The botched recount organized by Jill Stein?

The Steele Dossier?

The election itself?

Comey's letter on October 27th?

The debates?

The sexual assault tape?

The DNC emails?

The Democratic Convention?

The June Meeting in Trump Tower?

The Democratic Primary?

The GOP Primary?

The Russian trips in 2013?

Zero Dark Thirty?

The Birther Movement?

The Magnitsky Act?

Hilary's emails?

Citizens United?

The 2008 election?

Trump's Russian business ties?

Russian money laundering?

Trump's "business acumen"?

His attempt at the Reform Party nomination in 2000?

Trump's bankruptcies in the 90's?

The right wing attack campaign on HRC going back a generation?

Repeal of the fairness doctrine?

Trump's 80's exploits?

Trump's court battles against the government for racist policies?

How Donald's parents raised him?

His family's history of racism?

The founding fathers?

The Big Bang?

This is the problem I put on myself. No matter where I start, I'll reference something that happened before.

If I make this in chronological order, not only do I have to update information as it comes out, but that forces a specific narrative.

If I write what I feel like at the moment, or what's popular, I'll lose track of things.

The best approach I can come up with is a hybrid method.

I'll start, for the most part, with the 2016 Election, with research pieces on previous events and people. Maybe more succinct, which is not my forte, but it's a challenge I'll accept.

I'll make a timeline, or find one I trust, and use that as a general guide.

I'll still put out the daily pieces, as well as whatever drives me that day. If something big hits the wire, like a debate about pardons, or if I feel the need for a deep dive, I'll do that, too.

If we live through this, historians will spend years going over everything with a fine toothed comb. It'll take time to go through this mess.

There's an old saying that applies here…

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

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