Daily Check-In 03/23/2018

Friday, March 23rd.



According to reports, Dowd was the main reason that Trump hadn’t interviewed with Mueller yet.  Mainly because Dowd realized that his client would lie in about 7 seconds flat.

A lawyer could lose their license to practice if they know that their client would perjure themselves.  Dowd saw this and GTFO.  DiGenova looks like he might do the same thing.

From yesterday’s post, (Daily Check-In 03/22/2018), DAG Rosenstein had a press conference this morning, where he announced indictments against hackers working for a government that the United States is on shaky terms with but the Trump family has illicit ties to.

No, it’s not Russia.  It’s Iran.

These Iranian hackers got into more than 100 universities and government agencies, stole research and information, then sold it to the highest bidder.  Often times Russia.

This does a couple things.

First, this says that we will go after people tied to governments.

Second, these actions make it harder to go after Rosenstein and Mueller.

Third, it gives the administration more to hate Iran for.

Fourth, it sets precedent.

Finally, I need to learn to count my reasons out before typing how many things I want to talk about.

The emails show Papadopoulos was the first to alert the campaign to al-Sissi’s interest in meeting and then connected top campaign leadership to the Egyptian embassy…. Trump and al-Sissi met the next night at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

George Papadopoulos was not a “coffee-boy” like Mike Caputo claimed.  Coffee boys don’t organize meetings between Presidential candidates and foreign heads of state.

All of George’s actions in regards to Russia were performed with the approval of the Trump Campaign.  He didn’t act alone.

Remember George flipped last summer and is a cooperating witness.  Everything he knows, Mueller knows.



One of the most effective ads, according to Kaiser, was a piece of native advertising on the political news website Politico, which was also profiled in the presentation. The interactive graphic, which looked like a piece of journalism and purported to list “10 inconvenient truths about the Clinton Foundation”, appeared for several weeks to people from a list of key swing states when they visited the site. It was produced by the in-house Politico team that creates sponsored content.

The headquarters of CA were raided by the UK government on Friday after they finally received a search warrant.  The warrant was requested several days ago, and at least one person posted videos in the last couple days of CA staff packing things up into storage containers.  I’m worried that by the time the cops get there, the really good shit will be destroyed or moved offsite.



Once again, the March for our Lives is Saturday the 24th.  Check their website for a location nearby.



Once again, a modified transgender ban on military service.  At 9PM on a Friday.

20 bucks says this gets challenged in court by the end of the month week Tuesday Monday.



I watched the Karen McDougal CNN interview earlier today.  Interesting.  Karen didn’t sound like a jilted lover at all.  The only parts that were weird was when she teared up thinking about Melania.

Stormy Daniels’s interview is on 60 Minutes this Sunday on CBS.  Check local listings for time and channel.




















A couple of Roy Moore’s supporters, under direction from



Earlier today, we learned that PatriotLou was a plant.  More specifically, a cover account in a combination of psychological experiment and an attempt to discredit various members of TeamPatriot, like Ale, TeaPain, and Dr. Dena.

This story pisses me the fuck off.

I’m pissed.  Not just because I hate being duped, it happens..  Not because I don’t like being experimented on, that part I like.  Not because I need a sharp dose of skepticism from time to time, which I do.

I’m pissed because after describing their findings of their A/B testing over last few weeks, he released a bunch of DM’s between PatriotLou and the others.  Selectively chosen for maximum impact.

I fucking hate this “gotcha” mentality.  Oh, you fooled someone.  Whoopty fucking do.

This isn’t the first time that someone pulled a move like this, and it won’t be the last.

But what this does do is it destroys the credibility of UsVsThemBlogs.  By pulling this shit, they’ve destroyed any credibility that they had.  They put so much effort into this operation to discredit TeamPatriot, TeamScooby, or whatever they’re called this week.  Yet, just by their tactics alone, they destroyed the trust they built up.

So, lessons learned…

Keep an eye out for anyone and everyone on Twitter.  Especially newer accounts.

Use your best judgement.

Just because you want it to be true, it doesn’t make it so.

It takes a longer than a few weeks to build a track record.

Even if someone trusted has vouched for the new guy, don’t trust the new guy.  We’ve all seen Donnie Brasco.


That’s it for today.  I’m going to start an article on Gun Control and Reform this weekend, time permitting.  I hope to get to the local march tomorrow.  I’ll describe in that article why I care so much about this.  But not now.  Now, it’s almost Midnight on Friday.  I need to get some sleep.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Don’t trust everything you read on the Internet.”

– Abraham Lincon


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

Daily Check-In 03/22/2018

Thursday March 22nd.



Representative Steve Cohen (D-TN) moved on Wednesday to have the House vote on protecting the Special Counsel’s Investigation into Russia by use of a discharge petition.  If a majority of representatives sign the petition, the Speaker of the House is required to bring the bill to the floor for a debate and vote.

This does two things.

First, it shows how much Paul Ryan is obstructing the Russian Investigation.  By refusing to bring this to the floor and requiring this kind of maneuver in the first place, it shows indifference.  Combine this with the fact that Devin Nunes is still the head of the HPSCI, this smells like obstruction.

Second, if it passes it forces a vote, and it puts everyone on the record with a public vote.  Each and every member of the House will have their votes recorded on whether or not they think that the investigation and its team should be protected.  There is 100% certainty that anyone who votes “No” on that measure will have it used against them in an re-election ad this fall.


Mr. Nader’s cultivation of Mr. Broidy, laid out in documents provided to The New York Times, provides a case study in the way two Persian Gulf monarchies have sought to gain influence inside the Trump White House. Mr. Nader has been granted immunity in a deal for his cooperation with the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, according to people familiar with the matter, and his relationship with Mr. Broidy may also offer clues to the direction of that inquiry.

Mr. Nader has now been called back from abroad to provide additional testimony, one person familiar with the matter said this week. Mr. Mueller’s investigators have already asked witnesses about Mr. Nader’s contacts with top Trump administration officials and about his possible role in funneling Emirati money to Mr. Trump’s political efforts, a sign that the investigation has broadened to examine the role of foreign money in the Trump administration.

High on the agenda of the two men — George Nader, a political adviser to the de facto ruler of the U.A.E., and Elliott Broidy, the deputy finance chairman of the Republican National Committee — was pushing the White House to remove Secretary of State Rex W. Tillerson, backing confrontational approaches to Iran and Qatar and repeatedly pressing the president to meet privately outside the White House with the leader of the U.A.E.

Rumor has hit that Erik Prince has significant ties to Chinese Intelligence. Considering that Blackwater was bought out and renamed Xi at one point, there’s some credence to this.

Nader knows a whole helluva lot about all of Erik’s dealings, and those of his family, including sister Betsy DeVos.

The part I can’t shake is why grant immunity to a convicted pedophile? If I were a defense attorney, the first thing I’d do is attack his character as a witness, hammer the point home so hard that all the jury can think of when he speaks how he likes to screw young boys.

Unless they can’t use that defense…

Nader has to be able to corroborate something terrible, even worse than Erik’s meeting with the Russians, to make an immunity deal make sense.

“Remember when they were saying, during the campaign, that Donald Trump is giving great speeches and drawing big crowds, but he is spending much less money and not using social media as well as Crooked Hillary’s large and highly sophisticated staff. Well, not saying that anymore!”

This isn’t a tweet from months ago, years ago, or even a couple weeks ago.  This was from today.  This morning.  Right as Cambridge Analytica is being dragged through the mud, and Congress is demanding their CEO show up to answer questions.

Mr. Dowd, who took over the president’s legal team last summer, had considered leaving several times in recent months and ultimately concluded that Mr. Trump was increasingly ignoring his advice, one of the people said. Mr. Trump has insisted he should sit for an interview with the special counsel’s office, even though Mr. Dowd believed it was a bad idea.

Jon Dowd was the closest thing that the Trump legal team had to a competent lawyer.  Trump fired him/Dowd quit because Trump won’t listen to his lawyers to avoid legal trouble.

Instead, he now has a team full of Fox News contributors working as his legal team.  Like Rachel Maddow said, this is a PR team designed to explain Trump’s actions, not to prevent him from going to jail.


We have confirmation that Guccifer 2.0 is Russian GRU.

But on one occasion, The Daily Beast has learned, Guccifer failed to activate the VPN client before logging on. As a result, he left a real, Moscow-based Internet Protocol address in the server logs of an American social media company, according to a source familiar with the government’s Guccifer investigation. Twitter and WordPress were Guccifer 2.0’s favored outlets. Neither company would comment for this story, and Guccifer did not respond to a direct message on Twitter.

Working off the IP address, U.S. investigators identified Guccifer 2.0 as a particular GRU officer working out of the agency’s headquarters on Grizodubovoy Street in Moscow. (The Daily Beast’s sources did not disclose which particular officer worked as Guccifer.)

This is huge.

I’ve described before how IP addresses work in Daily Check-In 02/21/2018, so I don’t need as much detail here, but here’s how a VPN works…

VPN’s, or Virtual Private Networks, are like wormholes through the internet.  Connect to the VPN at one point, and the connection tunnels it’s way to the server the VPN is hosted. All access to the internet is handled from the VPN host’s location, so it appears that everything done by the computer is taking place from the VPN.

Guccifer 2.0 was using Elite VPN, headquartered out of Russia but hosted out of France.  Any IP traces of their traffic from the outside would trace it to a server in France.

Except that one time that they forgot to launch the VPN before logging on.

Once that happened, it was game over.  USIC grabbed the IP addresses, and either them or friendly IC, like the Dutch (Daily Check-In 01/26/2018) traced the IP to the specific computer and pwned it.

Pwn=Utter defeat.  To completely get the better of.

I’ve mentioned many times before that Guccifer 2.0 was Russian.  But this is proof from the Mainstream Media, from the Press.  Evidence that Roger Stone bragged about working with a Russian Intelligence Agent.  Evidence that Aaron Nevins, a GOP operative from Florida, received stolen documents from a Russian Intelligence Agent.  Evidence that Julian Assange received the stolen emails from a Russian Intelligence Agent.

Evidence that a Russian Intelligence Agent had possession of stolen emails from an American political party, and used them to impact the election.

Friday morning is going to be lit.

Lit=Turned up, excited, popping, over the top.



History is going to look back at this and say that it was the most brazen example of partisan politics.  In the same two week span that news breaks of Cambridge Analytica working with the Trump Campaign with stolen Facebook data, the House Intelligence Committee says that the Trump Campaign did not collude with the Russians, even though they didn’t investigate CA or Facebook, and refused to even interview them.  On top of that, the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the FBI for “abuses in the DOJ”, and not the Attorney General or anyone involved in the McCabe firing.

Here’s a list of things that the Democrats weren’t allowed to research:

Thursday 3-22-18



One group of scumbags using a shady organization is odd.  Two is suspicious.  All of the scumbags using the same shady organization reeks of conspiracy.



The massive spending bill that needs to pass by Friday to avoid yet another government shutdown includes two bills that improve gun safety in this country.

The first bill cleans up language of a previous bill which prevented the Centers for Disease Control from researching anything related to gun violence for the last two decades.

The second, called “Fix NICS”, aims to improve state reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System.  Right now, not every state is required to submit information to it.  This bill would mandate that they do have to participate in it, but doesn’t include punishment for not taking part.  It does include blocks of grant money that the states can use to offset the administrative costs of getting their systems to work with NICS.

Baby steps.  That’s how we’ll fix this, with small steps one at a time, until we’re running.



John Bolton is bad.  Real bad.  He was the craziest person in the Bush Administration, and was trying to start wars in Iran, North Korea, and anyone else he could justify.

I’m trying to stay calm.  He takes over for McMaster on April 9th.  A lot can happen in two weeks.

By the way, anyone else not surprised that Trump moved to fire McMaster after McMaster called out the Russians for their attack on Sergei Skripal?



By 9:49 p.m., Paxton told KVUE that the devices were not connected and that he merely had repeated bad information. “I was on the show, one of my law enforcement guys called, because I was just sitting in the chair and they were coming to me periodically, and he was giving me information. He said, ‘I have no reason to believe this isn’t the same person.’ So that’s what I gave to Sean Hannity. When I got off the show, I called the Austin PD chief and talked to him. He gave me a different version, saying they were pretty sure it was unrelated, that it was an incendiary device that somebody threw in the Goodwill, so the early report was different from what the chief gave me, so I just give the information I get as I go along.”

Two things.  The Attorney General is a complete dick who is under investigation for multiple crimes, and don’t give me this bullshit that his wasn’t a terrorist attack just because he’s white.  If he was black, brown, yellow, or even had a deep tan or if the targets were white, the media, right wing, and religious zealots would be up in arms about how this monster was indoctrinated from an early age in a religion of hate, and he targeted his victims based off of racists policies.

Instead, they’ll try to ignore what this is.  Extremist, right wing religious and racist domestic terrorism.



“You know the last time an attorney pointed at me like this and made threats to me like this, I tagged him for $454 million dollars”

Karen McDougal interviewed Anderson Cooper on CNN, and told the details of her affair with Donald Trump, including him trying to pay her and a trip to Melania’s bedroom.

That’s pretty fucked up.



The AP reported Sunday that Kushner Cos. stated in more than 80 of permit applications that it had zero rent-regulated tenants in its buildings when it, in fact, had hundreds.

The Kushner Cos. said Wednesday that it is the victim of “politically motivated attacks.” It said it values and respects its tenants and operates under “the highest legal and ethical standards.”

In earlier statements the company said it outsourced preparation of its permit applications to third parties, and described the wrong information as “mistakes or typographical errors.” It also said it corrected mistakes as soon as it spotted them.

The buildings department confirmed on Wednesday that its building marshal’s office had launched investigations into possible false paperwork.

A typographical error?  That’s their excuse?  A typo…on multiple sets of paperwork…for more than 80 rental properties…totaling hundreds of apartments and condos?

That snapping sound is my credulity breaking.



So, we have Russia supporting the Taliban, ISIS, laundering money through BitCoin, and using their “Security Company” to tell the world about the USIC’s spying on ISIS.

Putin’s Russia is the enemy of freedom and democracy around the world.



As I said before on Daily Check-In 03/02/2018, tariffs are a bad idea.  No one wins a trade war, except those not involved.

Like Russia.  Their only exports are fossil fuels and sadness, and neither of those were tariffed.



We’re fast approaching the next phase of the shitstorm, and Fox News’s role in attacking our Democracy will not go unnoticed nor unpunished.



Twitter is all atwitter that shit’s ’bout to get real, yo.

All of the insiders are are talking about imminent indictments.  Nobody was sure when, until the following press conference announcement.

Gee, a major Cyber Law Enforcement announcement, involving the Deputy Attorney General, the head of FinCEN, the US Attorney for SDNY, and the new Deputy Director of the FBI.  And, it comes on the heels of the Guccifer 2.0 GRU story, Cambridge Analytica, and after multiple times that Roger Stone’s friends have been in the news.

Countercheckist, TeaPain, PatriotLou, Louise, the Alt’s, ALL OF THEM are talking about indictments in the morning.


That’s it for today.  Friday is likely going to be crazy.  Historic crazy.  Be ready for anything.  This weekend has likely indictments against Russian hackers and American coconspirators, Stormy Daniels’s interview on 60 Minutes, the March for our Lives, and persistent rumors of Trump trying to fire Mueller.  That last part will be made politically impossible after indictments drop.

The plan is to write an article about gun control.  To say that gun control is a touchy subject for some people is an understatement.  I’ve had more peaceful arguments drunk off my ass arguing with priests about how their gods were figment of their imaginations. (Yes, I’m a bit of a dick.).

There is no simple answer for gun control.  If there were, we would have done it by now.

Tomorrow is probably going to be fast and furious.  Like I said before, if we’re getting indictments in the morning, then they’ll most likely be for a bunch of hackers, both Russian and American, but Roger Stone is likely to be the biggest name involved.  I don’t think Mueller’s going to make a move against the Trump family yet.  That won’t happen until everything is ready to wrap up, and when he does go for the family, it will be endgame.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

Daily Check-In 03/21/2018

Wednesday March 21st.  First day of Spring.






So, Cambridge Analytica is under so much scrutiny, the Mercer’s are trying to move everything over to a new company called Emerdata, but in the process they were caught, and their ties to Erik Prince have come forward.

This is big.

One major part of a conspiracy is getting everyone together for a common purpose.  Who’s involved, and how do they know each other?  How do they communicate?

Years ago, in an argument with someone who turned out to be a Russian Troll (I didn’t know it at the time, but is was during the ClimateGate scandal).  I posited what I call the Lunch Theorem of Conspiracies to debunk their claims of a global conspiracy of climatologists trying to rig data to cripple the oil industry.  It goes like this…

If the members of the conspiracy have not met for lunch at some point, there is not a conspiracy.

Lunch is one of the most basic tasks of existence, yet coordinating groups of people to eat together is a pain in the ass.  Something always goes wrong where one party has something that comes up, or someone doesn’t want to eat with someone else in the group, or just as everyone agrees to ribs, the vegan shows up.

A conspiracy to steal the Presidency is much more advanced than getting lunch, and one thing that’s always racked my brain was how do all of these people and parts fit together.  When did they have lunch?  Who hosted lunch?

Seeing that CA worked with parties connected to Erik Prince makes things like the Alfa Bank Server described in Daily Check-In 02/20/2018 fall into place.



Mueller has been looking into Trump’s ties to CA for a while, but this story coming out now shows that he’s far ahead of the game.

Active FBI Director Andrew McCabe had investigated Attorney General Jeff Sessions for possible perjury charges and his connections to Russia.  Let me repeat that.




I mentioned yesterday in Daily Check-In 03/20/2018 about how fast the bomber could be found with the data available from a logistics company.

The terrorist was a home-schooled religious extremists who likely was radicalized further online.  The only thing missing at this point is a red cap.



The March For Our Lives is this Saturday.  Find a location near you.



I’ve decided to include all of the sex-related issues and lawsuits under Stormywatch.



Sometimes I wonder how much doesn’t get out.  Other times, I wonder how much they have to drink to make their jobs tolerable.  20 years from now there will be a spike in failing livers from the D.C. area that need replaced.



“A big part of Breitbart’s success was that there was a niche to be filled that Fox News was not able to fill at that point,” said Faris, who co-authored a study on the conservative media ecosystem during the election. But now, with Fox‘s primetime hosts having fully embraced the president, he says, “The role, the importance of Breitbart is diminished.”

Gee, who would have thought that more women are leaving the Party that attacks a woman’s right to safe medical care, reproductive choice, belittles their opinions and endorsed a misogynist and rapist as President.



  • Republican National Committee spent $271K at Trump’s businesses last month: report
  • Donald Trump Jr. Had an Affair With Aubrey O’Day During Vanessa Marriage 
  • Donald Trump Jr. Pushed ‘Blatantly Illegal’ Project In India, Former Official Says — ‘Trump, Inc.’ Podcast

    The Trumps’ first India project, in Mumbai, was halted in early 2012 after investigators found significant “irregularities.” The investigators had been tipped off by a state lawmaker who suspected a $100 million fraud scheme and warned of “gross violations” in the project’s plans. Authorities revoked the building’s permits. A few months later, in April 2012, Trump Jr. traveled to Mumbai and, along with partners, met with a top official there to try to get the project restarted. Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan declined.

    The Trumps were back in India in 2014, after a new government came into power, Narendra Modi’s BJP. The Trump Tower Mumbai — a gold-hued skyscraper that the Trump Organization bills as “unlike anything you have ever seen”—is now slated to finished next year. It is one of five Trump-affiliated projects currently under development in India.


  • Kushner’s N.J. Trump Tower Got $200 Million Loan From Citigroup

    Trump Bay Street, a New Jersey luxury apartment tower part-owned by Kushner Cos., received a $200 million loan from Citigroup, according to two people familiar with the deal.

    It’s a coup for Kushner Cos. and their partner KABR Group, which need the funds to repay a construction loan that came due in September, as well as individual Chinese investors who put $50 million in the building through a visa-for-investment program. The companies had trouble finding lenders last year after Jared Kushner’s sister traveled to China, Bloomberg reported at the time.





  • Summons Issued For Trump In Emoluments Case

    A lawsuit filed by D.C. and Maryland against President Trump over his alleged business conflicts has been expanded to include Trump in his personal capacity as a businessman, which means that a summons has been sent to perhaps the most famous address in Washington: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

What I really like about this lawsuit is that it comes from two Local AG’s suing on behalf of hotels in their jurisdictions that are losing business to Trump Org.






Dr. Dena has a very good, in-depth, and emoji-filled thread about George Nader, Elliot Broidy, and who Nader can deliver.












The knives are out for Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his cronies.  Each and every shitty thing he’s done, said, place he’s been to or shitty person he’s hung out with is coming to the surface.

Two of the themes going around are Zuckerberg’s money ties to Russia, which I’ve covered before, and his Presidential ambitions.

During 2017, there was a lot of talk about how he was angling for a possible Presidential campaign in either 2020 or 2024.  He was traveling around the country, hanging out with politicos, and had claimed that he “found God”.

I was always suspicious of that move myself.  Zuckerberg was an outspoken atheist for years.  Being an atheist in America is becoming a little more accepted, but they’re still one of the least trusted groups in the country.  Saying that one doesn’t believe in a diety is political suicide in America.  Meanwhile, proclaiming one’s faith is almost a prerequisite for drawing voters.  It’s not enough to quietly believe, but one has to be loud and obnoxious about it.

So, when Zuckerberg said that he “found God,” my first thought was “Fuck, is that obnoxious shit going to run for office?”  Then, he went on a tour of the Midwest states like Iowa and Kansas.  That confirmed it for me.

Now, he’s in a world of shit, and I hope it gets worse.  Facebook’s business model is selling data.  We’re not users of Facebook, we’re the commodity.


That’s it for today.  I’m running behind today, and a little tired.  I’ve been playing with a different format the last few days, mainly because I’m grabbing a lot of news articles about groups of subjects.  One thing that bothers me with modern reporting is the mini-story.  500 words about one sound byte from another report, then another 500 words about another sound byte, then another article, and so on and so on.  I’m over 2200 words right now, but I’m also long-winded.  I’ll see how this format works for another day or so.  I’ll keep it if I like it.  If not, I’ll use it when needed.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur
















Daily Check-In 03/20/2018

Tuesday March 20th.



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ghosted recently, and spent the last couple months selling off stock.  The U.S. and U.K. want him to appear before their governments to answer questions.  And I’ve talked before about his taking Russian money, and screwing over Ukraine.

Massachusettes, New Jersey, New York, U.K., and U.S. governments are investigating CA.  Probably a dozen more states will join in by the end of the week.

Ted Cruz and Thom Tillis used CA to win their most recent elections.

Spicy has the paperwork to show they took their services.

The Mercer family gave CA a ton of money to push their right-wing agenda, and to attack democracy around the world.

Remember when I talked about Steve Bannon flipping on the Mercer family and CA to avoid the death penalty? (Check Daily Check-In 01/05/2018 in the Rumor Mill for that one.). Hearing these accusations about CA’s work come from the Mainstream Media, and the near complete absence of Steve Bannon adds a little credence to those rumors.  Of course, Daily Check-In 02/15/2018 had Bannon interviewing with Mueller for 20 hours to further keep Bannon from getting charged with capital crimes.

Yes, I’m talking about the death penalty.  This is just the beginning.

HOLY FUCK, MARK WARNER JUST IMPLICATED THE RUSSIANS IN BREXIT!  I’ve mentioned more than a few times before that the Russians were involved in Brexit, and that Cambridge Analytica played a major role in it.



The leader of the Free World does not congratulate a dictator on winning a rigged, sham election.

Fox News Commentator Ralph Peters, a retired Lt. Colonel, quit the company after a decade on the air.

“Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law… Fox has degenerated…to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration”

I first mentioned on Daily Check-In 9/21/2017 some rumors that Fox News was under investigation for pushing Russian propaganda, per Louise Mensch at Patribotics.  Since then, I’ve seen several stories leaning that way, including the Seth Rich lawsuits and Fox News’s constant disinformation.

As far as Mueller, the Republican leadership in Congress says that they don’t need legislation to protect Mueller because “Trump gave them assurances that he won’t try to fire Mueller.”  MOTHER FUCKER, HE DONE TRIED TWICE ALREADY.

But, this does answer a question I had about Paul Ryan.  How full of shit does a spineless person have to be to sit up?  ANSWER:  This much.



Ted Olson has been approached multiple times in the last year, and once again gave Trump the “Thanks, but no thanks” treatment.

Here’s the problem with Trump and lawyers; he’s incapable of taking their advice.  Trump views anyone taking his money as an inferior, not an expert brought in to perform a special skill.  He can’t take their advice or counsel.  Instead, he sees their job as to listen to him, follow his orders, and make his will reality.

Plus, he doesn’t pay his bills.  There’s a lot of crap that a lawyer will put up with, but unpaid bills are not on that list.

Given all of that, any surprise why the best lawyers are avoiding him like the plague?



Stormy passed a polygraph, Karen McDougal’s suing National Enquirer, and Summer Zervos’s lawsuit is going forward.  Oh, and Trump’s Lawyer that needs his own Lawyer can’t keep his mouth shut.

I have to ask a question.  At first, it was going to be a joke, but the more I think about it, I think this might be a question that gets an actual answer.

How many women are needed to achieve class action status?




Earlier today, a bomb detonated in the San Antonio FedEx facility.  Two people suffered minor injuries.  It was determined that the package that detonated was shipped from and destined for Austin, TX, about 80 miles away.  Upon further investigation, another device was found in a station in Southern Area of Austin, near the Airport.  According to law enforcement, both packages were shipped at the same time from the other side of the city, by the same person.  This information helped law enforcement get surveillance footage of a person of interest.

So, how did San Antonio get involved with this if the package was being shipped from one side of Austin to the other?

Logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service and Amazon operate on a hub-spoke model, like airports.  There might not be enough volume to justify a flight from Seattle, WA to Columbus, OH, but there’s more than enough for a Seattle to Chicago and Chicago to Columbus.  This is how we end up with layovers, because it’s cheaper and faster for the airline to move people to a hub and reroute from there than it is to schedule special flights every day from A to B.

That’s how a package going from one side of Austin to the other made a 160 mile (260 km) round trip.  There isn’t enough guaranteed volume across town to justify the trip, but there are guaranteed trips every day to and from San Antonio.

Also, I hope no one reading this ever gets the urge to make bombs and ship them, but don’t use a major shipper like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, or USPS to deliver the bombs.  These companies track EVERYTHING.  They have to keep track of millions of packages per day.  They know who paid for it, who handled it, who loaded it on the truck, who drove the truck, who delivered it, who signed for it, who requested a tracking update on it, and who left special delivery instructions like ‘leave under doormat.”

Hopefully, this will lead to catching the person right away, before anyone else gets hurt.



Another kid is dead today.  Two more are in the hospital, and the “Enthusiasts” are going hurt themselves patting themselves on the back because the kid was killed by a security guard/cop in the school, and that the kids was too young to buy the gun used, so gun laws wouldn’t help.

Gimme a fucking break.

Most likely, it was daddy’s gun.  Did dad have his gun locked in a safe?  Did he have the ammo stored away?

And what would happen if that guard missed?  Bullets fly until they hit something, whether it’s the target, the wall behind it, or a kid behind the wall.



HOLY FUCK, MARK WARNER JUST IMPLICATED THE RUSSIANS IN BREXIT!  I can’t stress enough how fucking big this is.


CWGBTP (Can we get back to politics?)

One thing I’m semi-thankful for is the blatant incompetence of the people in charge during this attempted slide into Authoritarianism.  If they were good at their jobs or solving problems, who knows where we’d be now?










This one comes from Louise Mensch and Pete Evans (@911CORLEBRA777).

Australian parties deny using data firm Cambridge Analytica 

On the surface, this seems pretty innocuous. Senior members of Cambridge Analytica came to Australia and met with senior officials of the two largest parties, but nothing happened.  Both parties got the pitch, but decided not to pursue CA for the next election.

Seems simple, right?  Well, not so much.

According to this tweet thread, this was part of an Intelligence Operation executed by Australian Secret Intelligence, ASI.  Both political parties went into the meetings with CA, and recorded the whole thing.

That’s right.  They pulled in politicians to work an op, and recorded everything.

I’m still skeptical about rumors like these, but Peter’s been on point for a lot of stories.

Remember, Australia is part of Five Eyes, the Intelligence sharing group that consists of the Aussies, the Kiwis, the Brits, the Yanks, and the Canucks.  Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.  What we see, they see, and vice versa.


That’s it for today.  My next non-daily article will be about gun control.  Specifically, some ideas and thoughts I’ve had for a while, as well as some criticisms about the plan.  Gun control is a touchy subject for a lot of people, and there’s been a couple generations of marketing and propaganda to make people think that nothing can be done.  I’ve got a few ideas, and I’ll write them up this week.  I hope.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur


Daily Check-In 03/19/2018

From the weekend and Monday, March 19.



Late Friday Night, Facebook announced that they were suspending Cambridge Analytica for not deleting user data.  At first, that sounded bad, but more like a flimsy excuse.

Turns out it was a whole hell of a lot worse.  Cambridge Analytica did a lot worse than just not delete data.  They stole user data, used it to manipulate voters, and have attacked  Democracy around the world, and the Brits are telling everyone about it.

It started Saturday when a whistleblower named Christopher Wylie, a former Director of Research at Cambridge Analytica, dropped a bombshell when he went on the record about CA’s data practices, and how they acquired their data from a quiz app that scrubbed users for not just their data, but everyone on their friends list as well that didn’t put their accounts on security lockdown.  They averaged 300 profile grabs per use of the quiz.  This led to over 50 MILLION USER PROFILES ending up in CA’s hands.

Let me say that again.  50 MILLION USER PROFILES.

They then took that data and plugged that into their algorithms to see how people think, what they like, how they thing, what motivates them, what they support, what they don’t like, what their friends like, how politically active they are, and who they’re likely to vote for.

With that data, they could use micro target ads with hyper accuracy for maximum effect.  They would run two ads against two different people, even in the same household.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the same channel in Britain, Channel 4, ran an undercover exposé showing some of the dirty tricks that CA would use in elections around the world.  Honeypots, entrapment, fake news, they did it all.

Tomorrow, Channel 4 is running another segment, where Cambridge Analytica brags about getting Donald Trump elected.

That much sounds terrible, but it gets worse.

Dr. Alexander Nix, the CEO of Cambridge Analytica, testified before British Parliament that he has never worked with the Russians, but that was not true.  Nix’s company Cambridge Analytica and their parent company SCL worked with Lukoil, a Russian oil giant.  This started back around 2014 or 2015.  SCL and CA often swapped employees back and forth, depending on the job at hand.  Lukoil was asking about political data in the United States.

Why was a Russian oil company interested in voting demographics for the United States back in 2014 and 2015?

Facebook, meanwhile, is trying to play this like they’re innocent and just found out about this.  Bullshit.  They knew about CA having this data back in 2015, and didn’t check that the data was deleted in 2016.  By that time CA had made multiple copies of the user data.

And yes, it gets even worse.

Cambridge Analytica was approached by Corey Lewandowski back in 2015 to work for the Trump Campaign, but they were already working with Ted Cruz.  Remember how Robert Mercer and his daughter Rebekha didn’t join the Trump Campaign until later on? That’s because they were pushing Ted Cruz, but once Trump won the nomination and Paul Manafort was on the way out, they joined him, and put their resources in the fight as well.  Those resources included Kellyanne Conway and VP of Cambridge Analytica, Steve Bannon.

As bad as this is, keep in mind that this is only one piece of the puzzle.  This is just part of the targeting mechanism.  They pointed out who to target with propaganda, and what would work best.  Someone else **cough**Russia**cough** made the propaganda, and worked to find out who couldn’t be swayed, and how to stop them from voting.

Daily Check-In 11/06/2017 shed some light on Facebook’s investment.  Because of the Paradise Papers, we know that Yuri Milner was a cut-out for Putin and his banks.  They own Facebook.



Saturday morning, Trump started attacking Robert Mueller directly, and one of his lawyers said that the probe should end and that Mueller should be fired.  When I saw this, my first reaction was “Golly Gee Willickers, did Cheeto Mussolini get some bad news?”

Turns out yes, not only did I say Golly Gee Willickers, but it turns out that Mueller’s team had sent Trump’s lawyers a list of topics that will be brought up when they interview.

Not if.  When.

The questions that Mueller’s team sent Trump seem to focus on Obstruction of Justice.

Axios has learned that special counsel Robert Mueller has focused on events since the election — not during the campaign — in his conversations with President Trump’s lawyers. The top two topics that Mueller has expressed interest in so far: the firings of FBI director James Comey and national security adviser Michael Flynn.

This is interesting for two reasons.

First, if Mueller’s asking about the firing of these two men, he has more than enough information to nail Trump for Obstruction of Justice, and wants to see what Trump and his legal team say or do.  Remember, Bobby Three Sticks ain’t asking a question he doesn’t already have the answers to.  He wants to see what Trump leaves out.

Second, by focusing the interview on Obstruction of Justice, he’ll lull Trump into a false sense of security.  Mueller has enough evidence on every possible front, but Obstruction of Justice is the low-hanging fruit, and possibly the easiest to prove.



Also over the weekend, we started getting leaks about the depth of the corruption of the Trump and Kushner companies.

We got confirmation of Kushner Companies meeting with Qatari officials, Trump’s Indian partner being accused of a $147 million fraud, and the wife of the Israeli Prime Minister being indicted for lying about spending more than $100,000 on takeout food.

But the most fun story from the weekend is Jared Kushner’s companies being investigated in New York for failing to properly file Rent Control paperwork for thousands of tenants.  Then, after not filing this paperwork, Jared’s companies jacked up the rent, forcing these tenants out.

Ok, Rent Control is legislation in New York City that prevents landlords from raising rent on certain properties and leases past a certain amount, if at all.

These are state and local crimes, and he’s under investigation by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Remember, from GTKYG-Pardon Limitations, State crimes cannot be pardoned by the President.



The March For Our Lives is this Saturday, at multiple sites across the world.  One of the kids confirmed that they’re working with local groups to set up Voter Registration drives at the marches.



For those not familiar, Jeremy Corbyn is the leader of the Labour Party, one of Britain’s major political parties.  He’s also got his tongue so far up Putin’s ass he can taste what he had for breakfast.

He is just as compromised as Trump.



It’ll be interesting to see how crazy things get.  I wonder if the Intelligence Community will release some incriminating information.



All of these came out over the weekend.  Aside from the Leahy Letter, let’s look at these stories.

Jeff Sessions is called a liar with multiple witnesses verifying.

Ivanka is tied into the investigation by her connections to the corruption at Trump Org.

Paul Ryan is tied to insider trading.

This is the IC’s way of saying “We know, and soon will everyone.”





As much as I hate saying it, there are dick pics.



Three members of the Congressional Black Caucus have called for the bombings in Austin, Texas, to be classified as ongoing terrorist attacks. They also called for officials to determine whether the bombings are “ideologically or racially motivated.”



I noticed a couple things this weekend.

First, either the British are done waiting for things to finish up in America, or they got the go-ahead to unleash Hell upon the Russians those that supported them.  Notice how many links there are in this post from British places, like Channel 4 or The Guardian?  And a lot of those deal with Americans, not Brits.

I’ve got a hypothesis on this.

They had these stories ready to go for a while, but for one reason or another, they were sat on. Some person from MI5 or MI6 told them not to run these stories until they got the word.  Saturday morning GMT time, they get a weird text, “The Bird Is The Word”.  They finish up their tea, then make a couple calls, and tell them to unleash the first wave of stories.

Either that, or some “Deep State” people got pissed and talked to the Press.

By the way, I hate the term Deep State, but I’m using it here to describe the professional men and women that have spent their lives serving the United States of America, doing the ugly work.  They just want to keep their heads down, do their job, and retire, while hopefully making the world a little better in the process.

So, imagine how pissed they are hearing about Andrew McCabe getting fired two days before retiring with a full pension.

They’re pissed.  They know the system better than the Trump’s, and they know how to make their lives a living hell.  And they’ll do it.

Finally, Louise Mensch says get ready for CA’s links to Russian Propaganda.  We’ll be hearing about that soon.


That’s it for today.  Cambridge Analytica is the first smoking gun.  This is where the narrative changes from “Did they?” to “How did they?”

Cambridge Analytica ties to the IRA and the troll farms.  The troll farms made the propaganda, and CA helped figure out who to show it to.  I’ve described many times the use of the hacked voter rolls and the RNC database, Spectrum Health, and Alfa Bank.  Combine this with Lukoil working with CA, and this puzzle makes more sense.

But here’s the scary part…

The NRA has their own database of their members.  They were targeted by CA.  Heavily targeted by CA.  But why?  Was it just for voting for Trump, or something else?

Did the Russians and Trump try to radicalize some Americans through the use of propaganda?

I hope not, but I don’t put it past them for trying.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur



Unfinished Business

Last week on Daily Check-In 03/12/2018, the Republicans of the House Intelligence Committee ended their investigation into the Russian Interference in the 2016 election, saying that they found “no evidence of collusion” between the Russians and Donald Trump’s campaign.

The Democrats on the committed called Bullshit.

On Tuesday, Daily Check-In 03/13/2018, the Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI), a.k.a. the House Intelligence Committee, released a 21 page memo describing everything the Republicans either refused to investigate, actively interfered with, or purposely stonewalled.  While in any normal universe, this would be front page news for a week and a half, it wasn’t even in the top 10 stories of the week.  Fuck, it wouldn’t even qualify as Top 5 of the weekend.

As I promised multiple times this week, here’s a breakdown of the Status of the Russian Investigation.



  • Appendix A:  Lines of inquiry that the Republicans shot down.
  • Appendix B:  A list of more than 30 key witnesses that they didn’t interview
  • Appendix C:  More than 20 entities that they haven’t request information from yet.
  • Appendix D:  More than 15 people and entities that blew off the committee in one way, shape, or form.



The Democrats feel there are unanswered questions concerning the following areas that the Republicans either wouldn’t follow up on, or refused to dig into.

  • Hacking and dissemination of campaign emails.
  • Campaign knowledge of the hack.
  • Russia’s intermediaries.
  • Elections security.
  • Social media campaign.
  • Financial leverage.
  • Money laundering and foreign payments.
  • Post-election efforts and Obstruction of Justice.



Here’s a list of witness that the Republicans on the HPSCI flat out refused to interview.

  • Reince Preibus, Former RNC Head and White House Chief of Staff.
  • Stephen Miller, Speechwriter and Policy Advisor, likely knew about the June 9 meeting.
  • Kathleen (KT) McFarland, Member of the Trump Transition Team and Flynn’s Deputy National Security Advisor.  She was the go-between for the Transition Team and Mike Flynn when Flynn was on the phone with Sergei Kislyak.
  • Sean Spicer, Former White House Press Secretary.
  • Kellyanne Conway, White House Communications Advisor.  Worked with Peter Smith on his attempts to get HRC’s emails.
  • Tera Dahl, Diplomatic Outreach Coordinator.  What did she know about Page and Papadopoulos?
  • Daniel Scavino, Jr., Trump’s Social Media Director.
  • Joseph “Keith” Kellogg Jr., National Security Council and original member of the Trump Foreign Policy Team, along with Page and Papadopoulos.
  • Joseph E. Schmitz, member of the Trump Foreign Policy Team.
  • Sam Nunberg, former member of the Trump Campaign, student of Steve Bannon and Roger Stone.  Recently testified before Mueller’s grand jury.
  • George Nader, adviser to the Emirati Crown Prince and Erik Prince.  Recently became a cooperating witness.
  • Marshall Billingsea, member of the Trump Transition Team who expressed worries about Flynn’s Russian contacts.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations staffers, past and present.
  • Dimitri Simes, CEO of Center for the National Interest, the Conservative Think Tank that hosted the Mayflower Meeting.
  • Clea Mitchell, former attorney for the NRA.  Introduced in Daily Check-In 03/15/2018.
  • Maria Butina, Alexaner Torshin’s protegé, started the Russian group “Right to Bear Arms”.
  • Johnny Yenason, member of RtBA, worked with Maria Butina and Alexander Torhsin.
  • Sergei Millian, Check Out Daily Check-In 11/17/2017 for his background.  He was supposedly a source in the Steele Dossier and was a Russian contact with George Papadopoulos back in April 2016.
  • Natalia Veselnitskaya, Russian Attorney and Spy from the June 9 Trump Tower Meeting.
  • Roman Beniaminov, was at the June 9 meeting.
  • Bijan Kian, worked with Flynn Intel Group and Turkey.  Daily Check-In 11/22/2017 has a link to him being a person of interest for Robert Mueller.
  • Simona Mangiante, George Papadopoulos’s wife.  She claims to know what he was up to.
  • John Szobocsan, worked with Peter Smith.
  • Allen Garten, counsel for Trump Organization who likely knows abut the June 9 meeting.
  • Alan Weisselberg, CFO of Trump Organization.
  • Mark Corallo, former White House Counsel, quit over the cover-up of the June 9 meeting.
  • Duetsche Bank, Trump’s ATM and chosen bank for Russians looking to launder money to the west.
  • Trump Campaign Digital Operation, like Avi Berkowitz and Theresa Hong.
  • Cambridge Analytica, including Rebekha Mercer, Alex Taylar, and Julian Wheatland.
  • Darren Blanton, worked with Steve Bannon.
  • Jon Iadonisi, did social media work for the Trump Campaign, as well work for Flynn and Turkey.
  • Aaron Nevins, blogger who messaged Guccifer 2.0 (Russian Government Hackers) and received stolen mails from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.
  • National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS).
  • CrowdStrike, specifically the two employees who supported the DNC and interfaced with the FBI.



The following entities have documents that the Democrats would like to see, but the Republicans declined to ask for.

  • Duetsche Bank
  • General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Snapchat
  • Imgur
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google
  • Kushner Companies and Observer Media
  • Bayrock Group
  • Estate of Peter Smith
  • KLS Research, LLC
  • Colt Ventures
  • VizSense Inc. and White Canvas Group
  • Russian-American Chamber of Commerce in the USA
  • DMP International LLC
  • Cendyn
  • Bridges LLC
  • Right to Bear Arms
  • Center for Political Affairs
  • Ritz Carlton
  • Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts
  • ACU Strategic Partners



The following people and/or entities pulled everything from telling the HPSCI to fuck off to declining to work with them.  The Democrats want to force them to cooperate, which is well within their power.  The Republicans didn’t feel like it.

  • Donald Trump, Jr.
  • Michael Cohen
  • Jared Kushner
  • Corey Lewandowski
  • Stephen Bannon
  • Hope Hicks
  • Jeff Sessions
  • Erik Prince
  • Randolph “Randy” Credico.  Daily Check-In 12/13/2017 has Roger Stone outing him as his go-between with Julian Assange.
  • Lee Stranahan.  Employed by Sputnik.
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Apple
  • White House
  • Phone and other communications records.



Assuming the contents of this letter are true, then the Republican decision to end the investigation into an attack on the United States is either the grossest act of partisan in modern history, a coordinated effort with the White House to end the investigation prematurely, an act of sabotage to protect themselves from from uncovering uncomfortable truths, or all of the above.

Not only does this letter tell us what the Democrats wanted to investigate, but also what they will likely investigate if and when they come to power in the House.  The kind of obstruction at play here only lasts as long as the Republicans stay in power.  The Democrats would restart these investigations within 48 hours of obtaining a majority in the House.

Yet another reason to vote this November.

Daily Check-In 03/16/2018

Friday, March 16th.  This has been an anxious day, waiting for something big to happen on the Mueller front, but as of 9:30PM, nothing yet.  Still, there were a lot of things that happened today on the British front, Stormy’s saga, and #NeverAgain.

UPDATE 10:00 PM:  In the last half hour, Andrew McCabe was fired, Cambridge Analytica was suspended by Facebook, and a 4 Star General called Trump a threat to National Security.  Tonight’s post is heavy on links, and light on individual breakdowns.  Instead, I’ll address the groups of stories, for the most part.



Really?  Two fucking days before he retires?

McCabe Statement

This was absolutely politically motivated, just like Jim Comey’s firing.  Saying that it was in response to how he treated Hilary Clinton is a soft, pathetic attempt at finding an excuse, which will get torn to shreds the first time Trump tweets about it.

Wait, he did that a few months ago, when he threatened him with wondering if he would last the 90 days he needed to reach retirement.


So, the Keebler Nazi, who was recused on everything involving the campaign including Clinton, fired the former Deputy Director of the FBI late on a Friday night, 26 hours before retiring with a full pension, after the President made multiple threats against the DD because the DD was a witness to a myriad of crimes committed by the President?

This is witness tampering.  Trump is beyond desperate.  He’s vindictive and making mistakes.  Costly mistakes.  And because he surrounds himself with sycophants, no one is telling him that he’s making mistakes.



UPDATE 12:47 AM:  Jesus Fucking Christ, you’ve got to be kidding me?!


At least with Comey’s firing, he didn’t destroy the reasoning behind the move for at least a day or two.  An hour.  A FUCKING HOUR!!!

Any and all pretense that this process, which usually takes several months to complete and was rushed through in a few days or weeks, just went through the window.  The Attorney General, Inspector General, and FBI Office of Personnel have all been implicated as accomplices to an Obstruction of Justice charge, not to mention Abuse of Power and Witness Intimidation.

Plus, Donald Trump just picked a fight he can’t win with the Intelligence Community.  If he thought he was in trouble before, everything he holds dear will come crumbling down.

UPDATE 1:17AM.  Andrew McCabe’s statement.

Statement by Andrew McCabe

I have been an FBI Special Agent for over 21 years. I spent half of that time investigating Russian Organized Crime as a street agent and Supervisor in New York City. I have spent the second half of my career focusing on national security issues and protecting this country from terrorism. I served in some of the most challenging, demanding investigative and leadership roles in the FBI. And I was privileged to serve as Deputy Director during a particularly tough time.

For the last year and a half, my family and I have been the targets of an unrelenting assault on our reputation and my service to this country. Articles too numerous to count have leveled every sort of false, defamatory and degrading allegation against us. The President’s tweets have amplified and exacerbated it all. He called for my firing. He called for me to be stripped of my pension after more than 20 years of service. And all along we have said nothing, never wanting to distract from the mission of the FBI by addressing the lies told and repeated about us.

No more.

The investigation by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) has to be understood in the context of the attacks on my credibility. The investigation flows from my attempt to explain the FBI’s involvement and my supervision of investigations involving Hillary Clinton. I was being portrayed in the media over and over as a political partisan, accused of closing down investigations under political pressure. The FBI was portrayed as caving under that pressure, and making decisions for political rather than law enforcement purposes. Nothing was further from the truth. In fact, this entire investigation stems from my efforts, fully authorized under FBI rules, to set the record straight on behalf of the Bureau, and to make clear that we were continuing an investigation that people in DOJ opposed.

The OIG investigation has focused on information I chose to share with a reporter through my public affairs officer and a legal counselor. As Deputy Director, I was one of only a few people who had the authority to do that. It was not a secret, it took place over several days, and others, including the Director, were aware of the interaction with the reporter. It was the type of exchange with the media that the Deputy Director oversees several times per week. In fact, it was the same type of work that I continued to do under Director Wray, at his request. The investigation subsequently focused on who I talked to, when I talked to them, and so forth. During these inquiries, I answered questions truthfully and as accurately as I could amidst the chaos that surrounded me. And when I thought my answers were misunderstood, I contacted investigators to correct them.

But looking at that in isolation completely misses the big picture. The big picture is a tale of what can happen when law enforcement is politicized, public servants are attacked, and people who are supposed to cherish and protect our institutions become instruments for damaging those institutions and people.

Here is the reality: I am being singled out and treated this way because of the role I played, the actions I took, and the events I witnessed in the aftermath of the firing of James Comey. The release of this report was accelerated only after my testimony to the House Intelligence Committee revealed that I would corroborate former Director Comey’s accounts of his discussions with the President. The OIG’s focus on me and this report became a part of an unprecedented effort by the Administration, driven by the President himself, to remove me from my position, destroy my reputation, and possibly strip me of a pension that I worked 21 years to earn. The accelerated release of the report, and the punitive actions taken in response, make sense only when viewed through this lens. Thursday’s comments from the White House are just the latest example of this.

This attack on my credibility is one part of a larger effort not just to slander me personally, but to tain the FBI, law enforcement, and intelligence professionals more generally. It is part of this Administration’s ongoing war on the FBI and the efforts of the Special Counsel investigation, which continue to this day. Their persistence in this campaign only highlights the importance of the Special Counsel’s work.

I have always prided myself on serving my country with distinction and integrity, and I always encouraged those around me to do the same. Just ask them. To have my career end in this way, and to be accused of lacking candor when at worst I was distracted in the midst of chaotic events, is incredibly disappointing and unfair. But it will not erase the important work I was privileged to be a part of, the results of which will in the end be revealed for the country to see.

I have unfailing faith in the men and women of the FBI and I am confident that their efforts to seek justice will not be deterred.



Speaking of mistakes, Trump done fucked up big time by joining the lawsuit against Stormy Daniels.

How can President Donald Trump seek $20 million in damages against my client based on an agreement that he and Mr. Cohen claim Mr. Trump never was a party to and knew nothing about? #notwellthoughtout #sloppy #checkmate

By joining Cohen in coming after her for violating the NDA, he’s implicitly confirming the events and items covered in the NDA occurred.

But don’t worry, it gets much worse.

There are now claims of threats of physical violence against Stormy Daniels, which is not only illegal in itself, but entering into an agreement under duress would nullify that agreement.  So would entering into an agreement to cover up a crime.  Today I learned that adultery is still a crime in New York.  So is election fraud, wiring money across state lines to conceal a crime, and money laundering.



Another Russian critic of Putin’s was murdered in Britain.  Russia is threatening everyone and everything, and the West is lining up against a glorified mafia front with an Intel service.

We are in Cold War 2.0, and I’m afraid it’s going to get hot pretty quick.



I’m hoping that at the upcoming marches, they have people there to help register to vote.



Something else I learned today is the limits of compelling testimony from a spouse in New York.  Short version is that it depends on how the question is asked.  Asking her “Did your husband ever talk to you about working with the Russians?” is a No Go, but “Were you aware of him talking about working with the Russians?” is Okay.  There’s a specific difference, but I’m not looking that up now.



According to Facebook, Cambridge Analytica did not completely delete user data after they were done with it, per Facebook rules.  The app “ThisIsYourDigitalLife” passed user data to CA, and both entities claimed they deleted the data, but didn’t.

CA then used this data for nefarious purposes.

As far as Adrian Lamo, he was involved with the Chelsea Manning/Wikileaks job.  Manning approached him online about getting classified documents to Wikileaks.  He contacted a couple USIC friends of his, and that’s how we know what happened.



Lawyers threatening judges and witnesses seems to be a standard practice for Trump.

As far as Jimmy Kimmel goes, I’m glad he did this, because that means no one else has to buy that merchandise.



From the Mattis Story:

Mattis not only served on Theranos’s board during some of the years it was perpetrating the fraud, after he retired from US military service, he earlier served as a key advocate of putting the company’s technology (technology that was, to be clear, fake) to use inside the military while he was still serving as a general.

Funny how it is that this story comes out the same week that we’re having serious discussions about Article 5.  A while back, I heard some rumors that when Russia goes after Mattis, they’re scared shitless because all hell was about to break loose.



Jeff Flake is making a case for a Presidential run in 2020.  I’d say against Trump, but he’s not going to make it that long.  Jeff Flake has been the voice of the old Republican Party, not the Party of Trump.






Futurist Eric Garland has a great right up about what makes a country, and why Russia doesn’t meet that definition.  Russia has gone too far this time, and will lose their spot in the world community.

The New Spicy Mic Files. This one is about Manafort’s latest attempt to get the charges against him thrown out, using the same tactics that have already failed.


That’s it for today.  My next article is about the Minority Status Report from the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee.  Unless, of course, something bigger happens between now and then.  Which is almost a guarantee that something will happen.



Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur