Daily Check-In 8/22/2017

Another day in the tumble dryer.

The noise from the MSM early in the day focused on the wife of Steve Mnunchin attacking a woman on Instagram, and whether Trump would pardon recently convicted Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. The White House just announced that he wouldn’t, but Trump has a tendency to go off script.

Today, there are 3 big stories that need some focus.

First, The co-founder of Fusion-GPS met with the Senate Judiciary Committee for several hours. This is big. Remember The Steele Dossier? Well, the FBI remembers. Quick refresher, the Steele Dossier was originally an opponent research commissioned by one of Trump’s GOP opponents *cough*Jeb Bush*cough* to look into Trump’s dirty past. Christopher Steele, a former British spy, was digging up some truly dirty stuff on Trump when his patron dropped from the race. At that point, the Democrats picked up the bill. Steele worked with the FBI on his findings, which included several meetings between Trump and the Russians, traces of money laundering, and accusations of sexual kompromat. Not only did Glenn Simpson meet with the committee for several hours, but he also shared 40,000 documents supporting the dossier.

Next, front page of the New York Times, Trump and Mitch McConnell are in the middle of a Cold War. There is no love lost between the two. Mitch has been quiet in public regarding Trump’s antics and speaking recently, but behind the scenes he is fuming. On August 9, they had a profanity laced phone call where Trump accused of not doing enough to get health care reform passed or stopping the Russian investigations. Further, he threatened other senators who refused to do his bidding.

Notice that part in bold? Trump’s blaming Mitch for not stopping the Russian Investigations. Considering that Trump has already asked the FBI Director, the CIA Director, and the NSA Director to all stop this investigation, plus all of the shenanigans pulled by Devin Nunes, and his threatening Sally Yates during her Senate testimony, it is well within the realm of possibility that Trump asked Mitch to bury the investigation. This is yet another Obstruction of Justice charge. One more and he can fill out his punch card.

This will not end well for Trump. The true power in the United States government lies in the Senate. If an impeachment resolution passes the House, the trial is held in the Senate. 67 votes are needed to remove an official from their position. Currently, there are 48 Democrats and 52 Republicans. As of today, maybe 7 or 8 Republican senators might join the Democrats, but they’re still a dozen short. Mitch controls the largest voting block in the Senate. If Mitch supports removing Trump from office, he might as well pack his bags.

Of course, we wouldn’t be in this mess if He had put Country before Party while the Russians were attacking the United States.

Finally, this one I picked up from Twitter where The U.S. Navy is looking into whether their ships were hacked leading to two fatal collisions this summer. Four collisions have taken place in the past year, which is a little too coincidental. This Article shows that GPS spoofing has occurred in the Black Sea, and it’s not completely unimaginable that it could happen on a larger scale. The way it works is by confusing the GPS receiver, sending it a fake signal. I’m wondering how this could work without the radar picking up the other ships. This is worth keeping an eye on.

Daily Check-In 8/21/2017

It’s Eclipse Day in America. Sure, a total solar eclipse happens about once every two years, but it’s America dammit. This is special.

This is going to be a short one today.

The Secret Service is broke. They’ve blown through their budget for the year because Donald Trump has a massive family of scumbags, and he’s constantly on vacation.

Stories are coming out of the White House about how they treat Trump like a toddler. Maybe because his mental development stunted before then? He is incapable of learning new things, doesn’t weigh options, and is a general embarrassment.

On the same page, another report claims that White House staffers are killing more stories than the public thought possible about Trump. They range from temper tantrums, conspiracy theory stuff, being openly racist and sexist behind closed doors, and just being a general dick.

It’s still too early to see what Steve Bannon will do now that he was fired from the White House, but reports from Breitbart staff indicate that he’s taking aim at Jared Kushner and preparing his staff for a fight against Donald Trump.

Ten sailors went missing following a collision between the USS John S. McCain and a Japanese cargo ship. Trump’s response was “That’s too bad.”

Don’t let the fact that it’s been relatively quiet about Russia the past few weeks be confused for being wrapped up with nothing found. I saw a meme over the weekend talking about the “panic of the week” coming from liberals about Trump. Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Nazis.

Here’s something to think about…

We have a President who is unable to execute the duties and responsibilities of the office, who has violated his oath to protect the Constitution many times, who worked with Russia to steal the election, who used nuclear war to distract from his personal legal troubles, and last week came out in support of the Klan and Nazis.

And you want to make memes cause “librul tearz, ‘Merica”?

I wrote and deleted several responses here, all of which were vulgar, offensive, and some that may not be anatomically possible. I do have restraint after all.

Expect the next week or so to have some scathing articles coming from Breitbart and the Right Wing Media. Some of these will bring into question Trump’s fitness. The case for the 25th Amendment will start to be made on the Republican side of the aisle. There’s been no news from Mueller’s team, which is par for the course. His team is very quiet. All of the info gathered to this point has come from the defense team.

I’m calling it a night. Trump is supposed to have a speech about increasing troop levels in Afghanistan, but I’ve got a bad feeling it’ll go south, and I’ll cover it tomorrow.

Have a good one.

Daily Check-In 8/18/2017

Friday is here! Nothing happens on a Friday.

Oh, what was that?


Steve Bannon is one evil fuck. And a traitor to the Republic. He was, and is going back to, Breitbart, a Right Wing Media outlet that pushes a nationalistic and white supremacist agenda. They are one of the largest and most influential voices of the Alt-Right.

And now he’s officially out of the White House. At least officially.  It’s kind of weird how things are working out, and how the chips are falling, but anyone who’s watched the past 2 years with Corey Lewandowski, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, and everyone else Trump has separated himself from, there’s still some contact.

This puts Steve Bannon in a dangerous position.  He’s back at Breitbart, with Mercer money, and Trump fame, to spread his message of hate.  Assuming that’s what he wants to do.

That assumes he’s interested in it.  He might just want to attack Trump for leaving him twist in the wind.

It’s going to be interesting to see how this falls.  Bannon’s past is one gigantic pile of pain.  Nothing good comes from him.  He’s been accused of domestic abuse, committed voter fraud, used a meth den as a permanent address, and no one really knows why he had a bathtub full of acid.  He’s had a hand in many evil practices, from Gamergate to Russia, and that doesn’t even include the racist or sexist stuff.

I’ll go into more detail on Bannon later, since that sick bastard deserves several write-ups, and I need to get to a couple other things today.

Everyone’s most hated Vulture Capitalist, Carl Icahn, quit as Trump’s special economic advisor.  Moments later, the New Yorker released This Story about whether he was in the position to improve the country, or line his pockets.  My guess, based on past behavior, was that his actions were as American as Vodka in the morning.  I think he used Trump’s racist behavior as a cover to escape when he did.

Several other groups and people resigned today.  Kal Penn, along with 15 others resigned from the President’s Committee on Arts and the Humanities. One of the best trolling moments of this mass resignation, is that the paragraph’s starting letters spell RESIST.  The White House’s response was childish at best.  Trump’s answer: I was going to terminate the council anyway.  This is three times in as many days that councils disbanded, and he pulled the “You can’t quit because I’m firing you” routine.  The Unemployment Board must love him.

There was a big pow-wow at Camp David today, where Eric Prince was supposed to pitch to the Joint Chiefs a proposal for having him run the Afghan war for $10 Billion a year using a private army, reporting to him as a Viceroy of Afghanistan.  Fortunately, with Bannon’s firing, H.R. McMaster prevented Prince from entering the meeting.  Eric Prince is the human excrement behind Blackwater in Iraq and the mercenary armies in Libya.  He’s also Betsy DeVos’s brother, and was the go-between in the Seychelles Islands backchannel meeting in December 2016.  Not only would his plan make him a very wealthy man, but would essentially set him up as a…, well, a Prince.

On the Mueller front, rumor has it that he’s looking to interview a bunch of people in the West Wing, current and former staffers.  This could explain some of the erratic behavior.  He’s close to Trump.

I’m not sure what the next week will hold.  Hell, I’m not sure what tonight holds.  Bannon’s firing puts a lot of things in motion.  The Mercer’s, SCA, and Breitbart on the playing field, but we don’t know what side they’re on.  If they’re even on a side in the first place.  Trump’s support is very low, and the official poll numbers won’t come out until early next week.  Impeachment talk is becoming louder from the Democrats and Independents, and even the Republicans are using the word.

We’ll just have to  keep our mind in the middle while our butt spins round and round. Cause there sure as hell ain’t no clown on this bull ride.

Daily Check-In 8/17/2017

Thursday, Thursday.  I’ll try to make this shorter today, as I just finished up an article about Fox & Friends – 10 Minutes Is Enough

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning and… Does this sentence ever end well?  If I make this a multiple choice question, can you guess at this point?

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning and…

  1. Talked about how beautiful the statues to Traitors to the United States are.
  2. Directly compared Robert E. Lee and George Washington.
  3. Attacked the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee for not standing by him as he defended Nazis in public.
  4. Advised our military leaders to perform war crimes and crimes against humanity, based on a debunked story.
  5. Engaged in secessionist rhetoric with his base, hoping to scare anyone looking to remove him from office.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait.

Having a hard time with today’s question?  I’ll give you a hint.  It’s Donald Fucking Trump.

That’s rigth, 6.  All of the above.

After studying Trump for the last couple years, when Orange Julius goes off like this, shit’s about to hit the fan.

What could that be?

First, Congressman Steve Cohen promises to introduce Articles of Impeachment.  He doesn’t say what charges specifically, but at this point, there’s enough to go around.

Steve Bannon had  this interview where he proposed a trade war with China, smeared Trump on North Korea, proposed raising taxes on the rich, and about some of the infighting.  Here’s a summary on Axios.

Speaking of Bannon, over the last few days, a couple rumors have been floating around about Bannon’s connections to Gamergate, World of Warcraft, and Russia.  I need to find more details on it, but the short version is that Bannon and the Alt-Right stoke the hate that occurred in Gamergate, especially the Anti-Feminism, Anti-Women stuff, to a bunch of men that have been getting real good at doing some low-level coding to mine in WoW and other games.  With a little bit of proper encouragement, these men were pushed to some hacker forums on the dark web, where they were likely frequenting anyway, and urged a few of them to take on work outside of gaming, making malware and other stuff.  Eventually, they were radicalized, and started working with state-sponsored hacking groups like Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear.

Speaking of Fancy Bear, they’re still at work.  Remember when Diaper Donny released his mails to the world showing that he wasn’t colluding with the Russians when the email chain said flat out he was?  Well, around that time, the White House started pushing a story about the “Real Collusion Story” between HRC and Ukraine?  The White House started talking about this on July 10.  Fox News picked it up on July 12, referencing a website from some group called Cyber Berkut.  Who are they?  Fancy Bear.  That site went up on July 12, claiming to have emails between HRC and Ukraine.

Yesterday, Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith both reached out to any and all Republicans they could, looking for anyone to defend Donald Trump.  No one agreed to come on their shows.

Newt Gingrich said that there are no very fine people that are Nazis on Fox News.

The Dow Jones fell 150 points today over fears that as long as Trump is in office, Republicans won’t get their tax cuts.

Republicans across the country are doing the slow dance away from Donald Trump, but not fast enough or hard enough.  When more than a couple openly ask for him to step down, call it a game for Donald Trump.

That’s it for today’s update, unless something big happens between 18:20 and 22:00.  I’m going to work on a couple of the GTKYG series, starting with the Federal System, The Branches, Impeachment, and Pardons.  I’ve got a feeling they’re going to be in the news quite a bit coming up.

Daily Check-In 8/16/2017

Holy Shit, It’s Only Wednesday!

Fallout from the most racist political speech of the 21st century continues. The Joint Chiefs of Staff all repudiated Trump’s comments about Nazis, as did almost everyone with a pulse, except the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Some did, but not many.

That list of repudiations included more CEO’s from Trump’s two business councils. This afternoon, both councils voted to disband. As the manufacturing council was wrapping up their conference call, Trump announced on Twitter he was disbanding them.

Trump rage quit his own ceremonial advisory councils. I guess the tutorial level of POTUS 45 was too hard.

Vice President Mike Pence cut his European trip short and is heading home. Not sure why, but it could be that Trump is circling the wagons. Talk about 25th’ing Trump has intensified.

Of course Pence “stands by Trump.” Closer to put the knife in his back.

Everyone clamorous for Pence, realize he is straight up evil AND competent. And complicit.

Yesterday I reported about a rumor about Mueller issuing two subpoenas to Trump, one as an individual, the other as the CEO of Trump Org. I’m still vetting that source, but supposedly he’s ex-Secret Service. If I hear more, I’ll say more.

One weird story from an hour ago, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was reassigned from Mueller’s team to the HR department. That’s a weird move. It’s not uncommon for people under investigation, awaiting a new assignment, or on someone’s shit list to get assigned this way, but this move sounds a little too peculiar. Especially since a move this high profile would require sign-off from the new FBI Director, Chris Wray. Let’s see what happens.

A big story broke from the NYT from Ukraine. There is a witness that ties the Russians to the DNC hacking. Who is this witness?

Profexor. The hacker who wrote the tools that did the job.

He sold the scripting tool to a hacker associated with Fancy Bear, one of the main GRU teams, along with Cozy Bear. They used the tool to hack the DNC.

When Profexor heard that his tool was used to hack the United States, he turned himself in to Ukraine Police back in January. They made him available to the FBI for interviews. At the same time, an FBI Special Agent who is an expert on Cyber Security. I’m sure it was a complete coincidence …

Russia’s favorite Representative, Dana Rohrbacher, has met with Julian Assange. No Russian collusion there. Just a random politician with a Pro-Russian stance meeting in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London with the head of Wikileaks, a supposed front for releasing intelligence gathered by the Russians through illicit means. Nothing to see here…

According to Claude, Deutchebank and their connections with Trump are under investigation by Mueller.

How in the fuck does a President have their worst week ever while on vacation?

Daily Check-In 8/15/2017

There are some decades where nothing happens. And then there are weeks where decades happen. – Lenin

All you need is love. – Lennon

So, where to begin? Hmmm… oh, I know, the Nazi Sympathizer in the White House. No, the other one. No, that one. No, the OTHER ONE.

You'd think at this point we couldn't be any more shocked at President Trump's behavior, but then he opens his mouth.

There are three basic rules of government speeches. Nazi's are bad, Founding Fathers are good, don't play the victim after a national calamity.

Trump, moments after being very wishy-washy about whether or not what James Fields did was terrorism, promptly blamed the victims for the violence against them, tried to claim that they were the real threat, said that there were good people on "all sides", especially the Nazis, and attacked George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for owning slaves, then somehow turned it over to how he was a victim because he owns a winery in Charlottesville.

Let that sink in for a moment. Think about what I just wrote. Then, imagine for a moment on how hard it has to be to fuck up that big.

The President is, on top of being a traitor, a rapist, a criminal, and a complete idiot, a blatant racist and Nazi Sympathizer.

I'm wondering what the polls will look like next week. They were already trending to historic lows before Charlottesville.

More members of the Trump Manufacturing Board left today. Trump attacked the AFL-CIO, Merck, Intel, and Under Armour faster than the KKK.

More details are coming out about how the emails released yesterday tie the campaign closer to Russia.

So, back in the day, Trump tried to open a casino in Sydney. Our cousins down Under said "crikey no, you're all wallabalooed with the mafia." Ok, they probably didn't say that, but they refused to let him build a casino due to his mafia ties. More info Here.

The Rumor Mill had two bigger stories today. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

Claude posted a story earlier about how Mueller's team is looking into Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, for connections to money laundering through Duetche Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

Louise posted a long story going into about JetStreamer, or StreamJet, and their connections to Trump Modeling, Russian Mafia, and Putin. This was the airline that she claims was used to shuttle the women and girls from Europe to the United States. There were lots of shared web hosting, addresses, P.O. Box's, and contact information. There's a big, tangled web.

I'm wrapping this up before Rachel Maddow starts.

Good night.

EDIT: So, huge grain of salt with this one, but according to another twitter source that I need to check, Mueller served Trump with a subpoena yesterday. Two, actually. One as Donald Trump, and one as CEO of Trump Org. We'll see what happens.

Daily Check-In 8/14/2017

New week, next on the mechanical bull.

The big news of the day is Trump's utter clusterfuck of how he handled Charlottesville. While everyone else and their mother distanced themselves from racist domestic terrorists, Trump managed to spend three days avoiding any negative comments about the Alt-Right, read a weak-kneed response that he didn't want to read that didn't really condemn anything, and ended the day floating the idea of pardoning Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was recently convicted for violating court orders multiple times in his extremely racist persecution of hispanics in Arizona.

Condemning Nazis is a political gimme. It's the Empty Net Goal of politics. You say "Nazi bad, violence bad, America good" and call it a day. What Trump did was turn around, fire it at his own goalie, cross check him away from the rebound, shoot it in, then tomahawk slash everyone on his team.

Almost like Donald Trump is an actual, honest to goodness racist.

John Schindler released This Article going in depth about the ties between Russia and the Neo-Nazis. Very interesting.

It took Trump three days to release a half-hearted rebuke against Neo-Nazis, but about an hour to attack Kenneth Frazier, CEO of Merck, for stepping down from Trump's business group in defiance of Trump's inaction on Charlottesville. Ken is black. He also attacked the media and Democrats for the violence.

WaPo released this story About Staff Members Looking to Work With Russia. This shows intent from the Russians, as well as some staff being cautious. Keep in mind, these were emails released by the Trump Campaign. They'll try to spin it as if this is all there is. Interesting note is the date of some of these emails, April 27. The same day of the Mayflower Meeting with Trump, Sessions, Kushner, and Ambassador Kislyak, this particular staffer talks about how Putin wants to meet face to face with Trump. A little too particular for my taste.

Trump interrupted his vacation by returning to the White House for half a day in the middle of a renovation. Reddit was theorizing why. One weird one could be that he was in town for an interview with Mueller's team, or even testifying in front of a grand jury. I don't think it's likely, but Bill Clinton did so over a secured line from the Oval Office. Weirder things have happened.

North Korea was quiet today, but expect something later this week.

Anti-hate protests are heating up across the country. Stay safe out there.

The CEO for Under Armour, Kevin Plank, just joined Kenneth Frazier and Elon Musk in leaving Trump's manufacturing council. Let's see how long until Trump attacks the white guy.

Trump's approval ratings are slipping. Gallup has him at 34-61% approval vs disapproval. That is 34%, polled before Charlottesville and his cowardly response. This is record low territory in a good economy, low gas prices, no disasters, and no military action. Expect to see more Republicans distance themselves from him. If that rating hits 25%, the pressure to remove him will be smothering.

Mueller wants to interview people in the West Wing, including Reince Preibus. That could explain some of the noise.

Jared Kushner could be tied up in a bribery case in Israel. The billionaire he was working with was arrested today. Part of that includes money laundering via real estate.

Fuck, just Read this.

The last few items was basically a live blogging of Rachel Maddow. I highly recommend watching her program. She does what I attempt to do here, but she's much better at it.

That better be it for tonight.