Here are some of my articles that focus on politics, media, or Russia, but are not DCI’s.

Horseshoe Theory


Rumor Mill

The Russian Hypothesis, Version 0.1

Lateral Movement

2016 GOP Primary

The Changing Narrative

Racism And Politics Today

Fox & Friends – 10 Minutes Is Enough

Drip, Drip, Drip

Money Laundering

Did Pence Flip On Trump?

The Multi-Party System

Obstruction of Justice

Keeping Hope Alive

Indictment Eve

Trump vs. Bernie

Screwing Up Turkey Day

Flipping Flynn

2017 Retrospective

What Did I Miss?

It’s A Feature, Not A Bug

The Justice League

Voter Rolls – The Easy Target

No One Plans The Cover-Up

Scandal Speed Run

Casting the Russian Investigation Movie

Three Stooges Syndrome

Unfinished Business

Thoughts on Gun Control

Cast of Characters

The Ultimate Heel

Cooperating Witnesses

The Indicted