Timing is everything.

Act too fast, and an opportunity is wasted. Act too slow, and life passes by.

If a cop pulls the trigger too fast, they're a murderer. Too slow, they're dead. Just right, they're a hero.

Timing was never more important than in the 2016 Presidential Election.

Three events of impeccable timing changed the course of history. All three events benefited Donald Trump and hurt Hilary Clinton. All three events, the DNC mail hack release, the Podesta's mail, and the Comey letter, were all executed with precision timing.

But was it accidental timing, or intentional?

Accidental timing implies that the information fell into their hands at just the right time.

Intentional timing implies that they had it ready to go, ready for release. Intention implies collusion and conspiracy.

In late June 2016, the contents of emails from the Democratic National Committee were released on Wikileaks THE DAY BEFORE THE CONVENTION STARTED. Instead of talking about the New Democratic platform, the talk was about how the establishment didn't like Bernie Sanders. This helped solidify the Bernie or Bust crowd, and took the narrative away from HRC.

An example of perfect timing.

On October 7, the White House announced that the Russians were trying to meddle in the election. This was at 3:30PM. The Washington Post released a video of Donald Trump admitting to sexually assaulting women at will. The "Grab her by the pussy" tape should have torpedoed Trump. The story broke at 4PM. At 4:30PM, Wikileaks released a couple thousand emails from HRC's campaign.

The timing was anticipated.

On October 28th, less than two weeks before the election, FBI Director James Comey sent a letter to Congress informing them that he had to reopen the investigation into HRC and her emails as new evidence came to light. Some of her mails were discovered on Anthony Weiner's laptop. His wife at the time, Huma Abedin, was HRC's campaign chair, and was tangled up in the investigation. The mails, which were not on the laptop when it was taken into evidence earlier in the year, were "discovered" by some agents who were not involved with the case. Reportedly, those agents were feeding information to Rudy Giuliani, who hinted about a big surprise coming in the pipeline less than two weeks before this broke.

Back to the Comey letter. This letter was classified, and sent only to members of Congress. The public would never have known about this, if not for Jason Chaffetz. One of his staffers leaked the letter to the press. This forced James Comey to release an official statement regarding the HRC investigation. This may very well have cost her the election.

The timing was premeditated.

Collusion and conspiracy depend on timing just as much as secrecy. The Comey letter comes out a week earlier, there would have been enough time for either HRC to recover or for Trump to screw something up. A week later, and it doesn't make a difference.

Timing is everything.

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