Daily Check-In 7/25/2017

Some of the events that happened in the last 24ish hours.

President Trump continues to berate USAG Jeff Sessions online, asking why he isn't going after HRC's emails. When Trump projects like this, it's usually because someone gave him bad news.

STAT and the APA have rescinded the Goldwater Rule in regards to Trump. This rule prevents psychologists and psychiatrists from discussing a public persons mental state without consulting with the person. The Goldwater rule goes back to the 1960's, as a direct result of doctors questioning the mental fitness of Barry Goldwater. Expect to see a lot more "Trump is sick" stories about his mental wellbeing.

The House passed their version of the Russian Sanctions bill by a vote of 419-3. Even the Falcons couldn't blow that big of a lead.

The Senate is trying to take away health care from millions of Americans to fund a tax cut.

Even more closed door meetings with Jared Kushner and the House Intelligence Committee.

Ivanka Trump lawyered up. More on why in the next session.

The Rumor Mill is working overtime today. Take everything in this section with a grain of salt.

NYAG Schneiderman is expanding the Enterprise Corruption case to include possible human trafficking charges against Trump's modeling agency. There was a significant Bust by Europol recently in which over 100 perpetrators were arrested and over 900 victims were rescued. (I'll explain how we got here in a later article.)

In the evening, an answer was given as to why Trump goes to Mar-a-lago so much … that's where his side piece lives. And yes, Melania knows. The divorce papers are already signed, and have been for a while.

As for why Ivanka lawyered up, she's in deep. She's not a bystander in this, but a ring leader. Her name was all over a bunch of shell companies that are being investigated for illegal gambling, she's involved with some of the meanest Kazakstan has to offer, and is supposedly one of the biggest money launderers for the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

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