Daily Check-In 7/26/2017

Not sure if I mentioned it yesterday, but Trump politicized a Boy Scouts Jamboree.

In a surprisingly well-written tweet, which means it was done by someone else, Trump announced a ban on transgender people serving in the military. This was done on twitter, not through the official chain of command. When he does something in the morning, it's most likely to deflect some incoming stuff.

Another one of Paul Manafort's associates, Dymitro Firtash, has been named by the DOJ as a high level associate and major figure of Russian Organized Crime. Firtash, who makes money from Gazprom, is looking at RICO charges and fighting extradition to the U.S.

Trump's appointment for the head of the DOJ Criminal Division represented Alfa Bank from February until June when he was officially nominated. He learned of the offer in April.

The Trump-Sessions drama continues. Not only has the Keebler Nazi not quit, but Senator Chuck Grassley just announced on twitter that there is no room on the schedule to interview any AG nominees until 2018.

The Rumor Mill is chasing two tales today. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

Louise Mensch is following up on a story about a meeting in Scotland on or around June 24, 2016. It's still in the early stages, but her and others are looking into how this meeting between the Trump Campaign, Cambridge Analytica, and a few others forged the bot and media strategy for Trump, utilizing the Russian Bot Army. More on this as it develops.

Claude Taylor continues to report that NYAG Schneiderman is chugging along with his investigation of Trump Org in New York. Several hints were dropped about the scope of the investigation (a couple hundred targets), some of the new crimes being investigated (human trafficking), and a possible timeline for indictments (6-12 months). Something interesting, Donald Trump has yet to step foot in New York since he took office.

Claude and Louise have both been wrong before, but they've also been months ahead of the curve. They've broke several stories well ahead of the MSM. I'll explain why in a later article.

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