The Attempted Coup

What’s going on, internet world?  Anything interesting happen in the last couple months since the election?  I’m sure it was quiet, right?


Oh, fuck.

So here’s the short, short version.  After everyone who is not trapped in the RWM Echo Chamber realized that Joe Biden beat the shit out of Donald Trump, good ole Adolf Twittler screamed about fraud, stolen elections, bad counting, and inciting violence.  MAGA challenged the results of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia repeatedly.  After going 1-70 in like 71 court cases and losing each and every recount, Cult45 doubled down on the crazy, convincing themselves that there must be some massive conspiracy against them involving stolen ballots, shredded papers, chem trails, and whatever the fuck else they believe in.  I’m not completely sure, most of my MAGA Facebook friends went to Parler.  Good, fuck’em.

Well, last night was the Georgia Senate Run-off, and both Democrats won.  But that’s another story that ends with the Democrats controlling the Senate.

In the last few weeks, a bunch of MAGA-Lite politicians have tried to tap into the barely literate mob for their own purposes.  This includes about 70 House members and Senators Hawley from Missouri and Ted Cruz.  After today, their names need to go down in history with Benedict Arnold and Judas.  That’s how bad things went today.

I guess I should talk about what happened.  It was a two-front assault on Democracy.

On the civil front, a few dozen self-serving Republicans decided to drag out the certification process of the Electoral College’s vote.  This was after a last-ditch effort by them to have Mike Pence bypass the results and just anoint Trump the winner.  In what could best be described as the stupidest argument since my kid argued for cupcakes for breakfast since they’re shaped like muffins, Representatives like Goehmert argued that the Vice President doesn’t have to read the actual results as they were certified by the EC and laid out in the Constitution, but could just read what he felt like. Yeah, that fucking stupid.  Anyway, these ambitious dipshits decided that they would work together in both houses of Congress to delay the certification by lodging challenges to each state that Biden won in 2020 but Trump lost based off of even worse logic and disingenuous arguments.  They got to Arizona, when the shit show started.

Now on to the not-so-civil shit.

Down the street, Trump hosted the “Stop the Steal” rally, where he instructed about a thousand of his most crazy cult members.  The Snowflake-In-Chief had his feelings hurt when Pence said he wasn’t going to try to start a coup to maintain their positions.  So Trump told the crowd to march down to the Capitol and show them what you think.

Fast forward about an hour or two, and this group of maybe 1500 white nationalist terrorists breech the perimeter of the Capitol, break down the doors, and invade the building.  Shots were fired while the joint session of Congress was in session and the Capital Police (yes, different spellings because reasons) let the terrorists in.

Yes, they let them in.  Some even took selfies with the mob.

This mob trashed the building, stole shit, smashed windows, and attacked people.  Congresspeople and press were evacuated, and one member of Cult45 was shot and killed.  I don’t cry for terrorists.

This mob wrecked the Capitol with the main purpose of preventing Congress from certifying Joe Biden’s win.  And wrecking shit.  And killing Libs.

One traitor was killed, and the FBI diffused at least two bombs.  A pipe bomb was dropped off at RNC HQ, and the DNC HQ was evacuated.

Everyone with even a semblance of a conscience called this what it was: an insurrection.  Trump praised them and called them patriots. 

This was an attempt at a coup.  

The National Guard wasn’t deployed until Pence returned to the White House.  Twitter suspended Trump’s account, there have been some immediate resignations in the White House including Melania’s Chief of Staff, some of the objections have been withdrawn, and that’s just for starters.  The talk for most of the day has been “Impeach and Remove” and “Invoke the 25th.”  The list of names calling for these actions is too long to list but includes all the heavy hitters in the Democratic Party and more than a few Republicans.  I’ve gone over how the 25th works in Hypotheticals, so no need to go over that.  As far as impeachment and conviction go, a resolution can be brought to the floor of the House right away (after the certification of the Electoral College business) and receive an Up or Down vote right away.  It would be nice to have the charges read into the record, but not completely necessary.  At that point the bill can be taken to the Senate where a trial should take place, but we saw how that worked last year.  At this point, 16 Republicans would need to join the 50 Democrats (after the Georgia senators are sworn in shortly) to vote to remove Trump from office and to bar him from ever holding office again.

There needs to be consequences.  Big fucking consequences.  Like, death penalty charges and 20 years to life sentences for members of the crowd and Trump dying alone in prison.  If not, then this shit will only get worse.


Thank you and… wait, what?


Just as I was about to sign off and enjoy some AEW, CBS News is reporting that the Cabinet and Pence are discussing invoking Article IV of the 25th Amendment, and it’s not so much a ‘should they’ conversation but a ‘how do we do it’ conversation.  That’s interesting.


Thank you and have a good one.

Election Eve 2020

Hello everyone.  It’s been a while since I’ve written here.  Hypotheticals came out a month ago back when Tangerine Tojo tested positive for COVID.  What’s happened since then?

  • Polls are leaning heavily towards Biden across the country, and in most of the swing states.  Biden has outperformed HRC everywhere.
  • Nate Silver of 538 puts Trump’s chances of a legitimate victory at 10%.  This time 4 years ago he was at 35%.
  • Notice how I said legitimate victory?  The Republicans have given up trying to fight to win through their normal means of voter suppression and intimidation and now are trying to use the courts to have votes thrown out.
  • The Republicans pushed through a new SCOTUS nominee, giving a middle finger to 2016.
  • Early voting is off the hook this year.  More than 93 million Americans have voted so far, and there’s still a couple days left before the election.  138 million voted in 2016.  The early voting numbers have crushed any previous year.
  • Giuliani tried to kick off an ‘October Surprise’ by going after Hunter Biden in a plot that so badly developed that no one wanted to touch it except the New York Post.  The Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch.  Apparently Fox News had too much integrity for this story.
  • Rudy was also caught by Borat jerking off to a woman pretending to be 15, and Rudy’s source on the Hunter Biden story is a Russian spy.
  •  A group of Cult45’ers tried to drive a Biden bus off the highway in Texas.

Oh, and there’s a bunch of intimidation, craziness, and assholes running around.  But enough of that.  Let’s talk about what’s been happening, and what I’m planning for the next couple days.

I’d like to write about the election on Tuesday.  I have no clue what will actually happen, but anything short of a blowout in either direction means this will be an ugly couple months.  Like, 2020 fucking sucks but we’re about to get to the shit sundae of the year.

I haven’t let myself feel complacent or happy about the numbers at all this year.  This isn’t going to be over on election night unless we vote in numbers so overwhelming that there is no chance of fuckery.  I have too much PTSD over the last few years to get hopeful or optimistic.

This fight to save democracy doesn’t end tonight, this week, or on January 20, 2021.  The fight for democracy can never end.  We’ve come too close to the brink of losing everything just to give up the fight after one battle.  My fight for a better world ends when I’ve handed it off to my kids and their kids, and they take up the fight.

My fight with Trump and his cronies will end when I’m a grown man and I’m busted for pissing on his grave.  His perp walk will be a poster in my office for years to come.  By then, hopefully we’ll be on to a better world.

As far as his followers go, it’s taken me years to realize it but I think I finally have the best comparison to explain why they act the way they do, and it came from understanding my own upbringing with a narcissistic father.  Cult45 members are the abused children and spouses of the Narcissist.  Specifically, the Golden Children.

Allow me to go on a tangent to explain to normal people what it’s like growing up with a sociopathic narcissist as an authority figure.  Unlike most normal families where love is unconditional and you don’t have to ask if you have any worth beyond what you can immediately provide, living with a narcissist is a constant battle.  It only ends when one of you is in the ground.  Or, in my case an urn in a storage bin.  Children are pitted against each other, and against parents to see who is worthy of the narcissist’s love and adoration today.  The child that gains the love today is the favorite today, while the others are cast aside and scorned.  The child that consistently receives this love is the Golden Child.  They can literally do no wrong in the eyes of the nParent.  Meanwhile, the child that is the constant target of the attacks is the Scapegoat.  Nothing the scapegoat does is ever good enough.  The Scapegoat can get accepted into Harvard University, but if they didn’t get a full-ride they’re a failure.  Of course, the nParent will take all of the credit for ANY successes their kids have.  They will also blame the kids for every mistake and problem they’ve had, too.

Sound familiar?

Cult45 is filled with abused children and spouses.  They will fight and die and scratch and bully and kill, all for a modicum of Daddy’s love, no matter how fleeting it is.  Trump only loves those who love him in the moment, but only when they’re useful.  In the past week, Trump hosted two rallies where people were bused to a remote site but were stranded.  Because the Trump Campaign didn’t pay the bus companies, and they don’t work for free, people in Omaha, NE and Butler, PA had to walk home. Butler wasn’t too bad since it was on a warm Halloween night (warm by PA standards), but Omaha was in the middle of a rainy snowstorm.  At least 30 people were hospitalized.

In classic abused child mentality, the Cult45 members blamed the sick and the weak for not being prepared for being stranded for hours in the cold during a blizzard.  This is standard behavior for children dealing with an abusive parent.  The constant abuse means that you can’t depend on anyone but yourself, since you don’t know who will play what role tomorrow.

Knowing how to react is one thing.  Taking the effort to do so is a different story.

I’m tired.  Really tired.  So sick and tired of fighting and battling for so long.  I’ve seen people I once considered friends show me their true colors, and I don’t know if I want them in my lives going forward.  Fortunately most of them are far enough removed that I don’t have to interact with them daily, but 2020 has shown me I have a finite amount of energy to put up with other people’s bullshit.  But I’ve also grown closer to others.

Something that I will have a hard time with after this election is looking at people the same way again.  There are too many that turned a blind eye to the rise of fascism in this country.  Hell, they outright supported it.  A lot of changes will need to be made to save this country going forward.  But I’ll talk about those changes at a later date.

Right now, I’m going to spend the next couple days in a nervous panic, being completely inundated with political ads because I live in a swing state.  One reason I’m a major proponent of the Presidential Popular Vote initiative is that I shouldn’t be the only one suffering from constant political ads simply because Pennsylvania is Pittsburgh and Philly with Kentucky in the middle.

I’ll see everyone Tuesday Night.  I hope.  I have no plans to drink this year.  I want to remember this.

Thank you and have a good one.

The George Floyd Riots

Sunday, May 31st, 2020.

My last post was back in early March, in the days before The Rona.  God, that feels like a lifetime ago.  I’ve really wanted to write about COVID and all the craziness with that, but even that can wait.  To say that the fecal matter hit the mechanical air circulation device in the past week is a major fucking understatement.  But to cover that, I need to touch briefly on COVID-19, or the Coronavirus.

I talked about it a little in my last post Super Tuesday Preview about how we were on the verge of a pandemic, and that it would be a good idea to study the Spanish Flu to see what was going on.  What happened after that can best be described as either a monkey paw wish for clean air and no more school shootings, or some mother fucker out there is playing Jumanji.  Yes, I’m like 4 sentences in and I’m already dropping a few f-bombs, that’s how fucked things are.

Here’s the short, short version of the last 3 months, more or less.  A virus named COVID-19, short for Coronavirus Disease 2019 spreads, well, the fucker goes viral.  It’s an airborne disease that can be spread through droplets in the air and while it has a 95-99% recovery rate, that 1-5% is a literal fucking killer.  As of this writing, at least 106,187 Americans have died from this disease.  That number only counts the confirmed cases, those people that died in hospitals or nursing homes and tested positive while alive.  It doesn’t include the tens of thousands of people that died at home or before they got tested.  It doesn’t include the people that died from other diseases or trauma but couldn’t get treatment because the hospitals were overwhelmed, and it doesn’t include the suicides and homicides from stress.  We also don’t have a clue how many people died at home alone during quarantine.

Oh yeah, quarantine.  In the days after my last post, the world went into quarantine to flaten the curve.  That sentence had no meaning 3 months ago.  Now, everyone knows what it means.  Everything shut down.  Schools, parks, offices, restaurants, movie theaters, sports, even Disney shut their parks down.  The states led the charge because Trump is a fucking waste of space on a good day and actively fucking things up on a bad one.  Everyone had to shelter in place.  What does that mean?  STAY THE FUCK HOME!  And this wasn’t just a few cities, this was EVERYWHERE.  Some states, all of them Red, chose not to, but for the most part the entire world has been on pause for the last few months.  This also fucked up the economy, too.

Ever wonder what 40 million unemployed and nearly 25% unemployment looks like with damn near no help from the federal government?  Welcome to the United States 2020.  When everything shut down, a fuckton of people lost their jobs.  The stock market crashed, unemployment surged and keeps going up.  Another new term popped up: essential workers.  These are the people that do the real fucking work in our society but are shunned or looked down on by the Karens of the world.  Think grocery workers, garbage men, janitors, and first responders.  By the way, Karen has become a meme.  It represents the middle aged white lady, often with a short femullet hair cut that makes a stink about every tiny issue and demands to speak to the manager.  Their white privilege knows no bounds.  It’s not socially acceptable to call them a cunt to their face, but Karen works in its place.  Not that you can see what they could say through the masks.

One cool thing that came out of this is wearing masks.  Since the disease is airborne, it spreads easily.  The best way to prevent the spread of a deadly airborne disease is for everyone to wear a mask that covers the nose and mouth.  This can be a surgical mask, respirator, bandanna, or some improvised or homemade masks.

The first couple weeks of quarantine weren’t bad.  It was rough, but people genuinely tried to pull together and be better.  That was until a bunch Russian bots and insurrectionists funded by the DeVos family astroturfed a bunch of Conservatives into thinking that wearing a facemask in public is tyranny and a plot by the “libtards” so they put on their best ill-fitting tactical cosplay, grabbed their AR-15’s, and marched on state capitols.  It got so bad in Michigan that the government closed their session.  Not a single one of those terrorists was charged.  Meanwhile, not a week went by where a black person was killed by the police for being black and a bullshit excuse being given to justify it.  Through all of this, medical staff still can’t get proper PPE, personal protective equipment.

Fast forward to this past week.  Tensions were already running high with people at each other’s throats on social media, Conservatives going completely nuts over their “freedoms” being infringed all the while the death toll keeps climbing, and Trump attacks everyone from reporters to women and Twitter for fact checking him.  He even retweeted a video that said “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”  Enter Minneapolis and George Floyd.

George was a black man who had the cops called on him for allegedly writing a bad check.  The cops arrested him, then Officer Derrick Chauvin violated every rule of engagement and handling prisoners and kneeled on George’s neck for 9 minutes, all while three other officers stopped onlookers from offering assistance or even stopping their fellow officer from trying to kill this man.  George was pronounced dead by the time he arrived at the hospital following his injuries.

Since this is 2020 and cameras are everywhere, this went viral in a heartbeat.  The officers tried to say that George resisted arrest.  Security cameras showed that the claim was bullshit.  They said he was violent.  He wasn’t.  It didn’t take long for the anger to rise, but it took too long for the Minneapolis Police Department to do anything.  It took a day to fire the four officers involved and a few days to charge Chauvin with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.  The other three officers are still free.

That did it.  Thursday night members of George’s community marched peacefully to the police station where those assholes worked.  The police fired teargas and rubber bullets at the protesters.  The protesters tried to run, but were fired upon.  Eventually, some accelerationists started smashing windows and while the black people tried to find things to defend themselves, white people looted the stores.  Within a couple days all hell breaks loose and it turns out that White Nationalists, aka Trump Supporters were out trying to cause violence to blame it on black people.  The police then attacked the black protesters, and full blown riots break loose.

This scene was repeated all over the country.  Peaceful protests turned violent by agent provocateurs looking to start a race war.  In Detroit, Trump Supporters opened fire into a crowd from inside a van.  In Salt Lake City a Trump Supporter fired into a crowd of protesters with a bow and arrow.  In Pittsburgh, a group of Anarchist Cosplayers smashed out the windows of a police van and set it on fire.  In New York City, cops ran over people with their police cruisers.  Louisville Police fired at a news crew.  Minneapolis PD fired paint canisters at people standing on their own porches.

So, let’s do the math, shall we?  We have a pandemic that has killed over 100,000 Americans, quarantines that put more than 40 million of them out of work, a piss poor government response to rampant unemployment, a complete lack of PPE for the first responders facing diseased patients, a Federal government led by a narcissist who only cares about people who like him, a generation of people who have shit upon their whole lives because of their skin color, a bunch of Conservatives who think they’re being bullied by libtards and want to hurt anyone they can, a bunch of Neo-Nazis looking to start a race war, and every police department in the country with access to military equipment but no proper training on their use, and what do you get?

The definition of a clusterfuck.

I don’t know what happens next, but it’s not pretty.  Real change is never pretty.  As I’ve said before, I live in Pittsburgh.  I could see the police helicopters over the riot from my porch.  I loaded the magazines in my guns for the first time.  As if I didn’t already have anxiety issues before, this puts the cherry on the turd sundae.

Here’s what I do know.  I no longer will maintain respect for anyone who pushes the Blue Lives Matter or All Lives Matter hashtags, or tries to act like #BlackLivesMatter is bullshit.  I have no problem with cutting people out as friends over “political differences” because those differences mean that they are a racist dick.  I will do what I can when I can to support people of color, as that is literally the least I can do as a crakity-ass cracka.  If I were any whiter, bitches be callin’ me Casper.

I’m here to help, as much as I can.  I may look like I’m a fat middle-aged white guy whose never seen shit, but I’ve seen some shit.  I’ve worked in places where white people fear to tread.  I’ve lived in places where white people wouldn’t dare set foot.  You know the old joke “if you can count how many black people have been in your house you’re racist?”  Well, back in the day, I was the white guy on the block.  I’ve been in the car when the driver was pulled over for DWB, Driving While Black.  I’ve seen how the cops acted when a white guy answers the door and how they react when a black guy does the same thing.  I’m here to help us get to a world where we are both treated equally.  And I hope you’re along for the ride, or at least not getting in the way.


Thank you and have a good one.

Super Tuesday Preview

Welcome back.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made a post of any kind (It’s Been A Long Time), and even longer since I made a political post (Check-In 06/11/2019).  I think it’s time I get back in the saddle and ride.

What’d I miss in the last few months?  Apparently everything.  I’d love to go into detail on the Ukraine Impeachment and the aftermath, but here’s the short version: Trump is a criminal and the Republican Party proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would rather serve the interests of said criminal than uphold their oaths to do their jobs or represent their voters.  For the first time in American history, the Senate voted against hearing witnesses in an impeachment trial.  It was a gross miscarriage of justice and emboldened Tangerine Tojo to go even more authoritarian and go after those that oppose him.  And he’s doing so with William Barr and Mitch McConnell having his back.

Oh, by the way, in the last month there’s a possible pandemic breaking loose with the Coronavirus.  No, this isn’t the shits you get in the morning after drinking cheap knock-off Mexican beer that requires a lime in it to be palatable.  Coronavirus is a version of SARS called COVID-19.  It spreads faster and is deadlier than SARS, and like the previous versions it started in China.  Cases have spread across the world and are now being reported in several areas of the United States, with the first confirmed death happening on February 29th and the second today.  This wouldn’t be so scary if the White House still had a rapid response team in place to handle a pandemic, but Trump fired them a couple years ago and never replaced them.  Why?  Because it was an Obama thing, that’s why.  The Daughter Fucker put Mike “Pray the AIDS away” Pence in charge of the government’s handling of COVID-19.

We’re fucked.

So, assuming that any of us live long enough to get to November, there is a presidential election scheduled where Donald Trump will run as the Republican nominee against the winner of the Democratic National Convention.  How is that figured out? Who will be the nominee?  Good questions.  I’ll start with the How, then go to the Who.



The way that the nominees are chosen is by this cryptic and byzantine system of acquiring delegates to represent them at the convention.  Each state, territory, and even ExPats living abroad have people that travel the convention in the summer to represent their chosen candidate.  These delegates are split how each state party committee feels like splitting them.  Some states are all for one, but most break them down to a total for the whole state and then by congressional district.  As long as a nominee receives at least 15% of the vote, they can get delegates to the convention.  Whoever wins the state gets the most, and then whoever gets the most districts gets those, too.

Ballotpedia has a good description on how this works.

In 2020, there will be 4,750 delegates3,979 pledged delegates and 771 automatic delegates—more commonly known as superdelegates.[3]

To win the Democratic nomination, a presidential candidate must receive support from a majority of the pledged delegates on the first ballot: 1,991 pledged delegates.[4][5] If the convention is contested and goes to a second ballot or more, automatic delegates will be able to vote and a candidate must receive majority support from all delegates—2,375.5 votes.

Make sense so far?  Don’t worry, it gets more confusing.

Automatic delegates are unpledged delegates to the Democratic National Convention. Automatic delegates, who are often called superdelegates, are not required to pledge their support to any presidential candidate. Automatic delegates include members of the Democratic National Committee, Democratic members of Congress, Democratic governors, or distinguished party leaders, including former presidents and vice presidents. They are free to support any presidential candidate of their choosing.[9]

The 2020 Democratic convention will be the first to operate under new rules surrounding automatic delegates which the DNC adopted in August 2018. Under the new rules, automatic delegates will be prohibited from voting for a presidential nominee in the first round of voting unless that nominee has enough support to win the nomination in the first round with pledged delegates alone. Although automatic delegates will be free to vote for any candidate in subsequent rounds, no major party presidential convention has gone to a second round of voting since 1952.

Now that that’s clear as mud, here’s how that works in English.  In the first round, the only delegates that count come from those won from elections.  The Superdelegates don’t get to vote in the first round unless there are enough votes for one candidate and the party as a whole thinks this would be such a monumental disaster to nominate them.  It’s the party’s way of say “Ah, fuck no.  Not them. No fucking way.”  It could be attitude, health, or some terrible secret comes out that destroys their chance at winning the presidency, but this mechanism in in place to protect the party.  These rules came around following the Bernie Bros getting their panties in a twist in 2016 after he lost to HRC.  Even with the new rules in place, she’d still beat him.  Don’t worry, I’ve got more to say about Bernie later on, and some of it is actually good.

If a candidate does not have a majority after the first round, then anything goes.  This is called a brokered convention.  What happens is the delegates are “free” to vote how they want on the second and consecutive ballots, and the Superdelegates get in the game, too.  This is when deals are made.  Let’s say one candidate came up a few hundred delegates short of winning.  Say, they had 1700 of the 1991 needed.  The fourth place nominee had 300 delegates.  They might make a deal with each other.  The fourth place nominee would pledge their delegates to the person with 1700 in exchange for a big favor, like the Vice Presidency.  The last time this happened was in 1952 for the Democrats.  Adlai Stevenson was nominated but lost to Dwight Eisenhower in the general election.  Presidents who won after being nominated in a brokered convention were Harry Truman and Abraham Lincoln.

How does one win delegates?  Win elections.  The more primary races they win, the more delegates they win.  The more delegates they win, the more likely they are to receive the nomination.  And one day has more elections than any other day.  Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is the name given to the first Tuesday in March when the restrictions on which states can have their primaries or caucuses is lifted, and every remaining state can get in the fray.  Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina got to go first.  Now the bulk of the country goes.  15 states and territories hold their elections on Super Tuesday, including California and Texas.  1357 of the 3979 pledged delegates are up for grabs.  That’s one third.  If one candidate has a great showing they could wrap up the nomination before Spring starts.  If one bombs here, it’s all over but the crying.  It’s possible to recover, but not likely.  It’s like being down by ten points in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl.  Unless Kyle Shanahan is on the other sideline, you’re screwed.

Super Tuesday’s races consist of Alabama (52 delegates), Arkansas (31), American Samoa (6), California (415), Colorado (67), ExPats (13), Maine (24), Massachusetts (91), Minnesota (75), North Carolina (110), Oklahoma (37), Tennessee (64), Texas (228), Utah (29), Vermont (16), and Virginia (99).



Now that I’ve gotten us lost in the weeds of why Super Tuesday is important, let’s talk about the participants and the recent drop outs.  One of the things I regret during my absence was not doing a deep dive on all of the candidates that ran for President for the Democrats.  Most of my top ten have already dropped out of the race, and the couple that are left are either on the ropes or not looking too good.  I’ll start with the recent drop-outs.

Tom Steyer – Billionaire.

Tom was one of these “outsiders” who has more cash than sense and wanted to give it an honest shot to win the presidency.  He’s been running ads against Trump since 2017.  Instead of throwing his money behind one nominee that he liked, he ran in a crowded field.  He was out of his element.  He dropped out of the race on the 28th without any delegates earned.  Due to the firehose of money he can launch in the general election, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him “honored” with some ambassadorship down the line if the Democrats win.

Pete Buttigieg – Mayor of South Bend, Indiana

Mayor Pete’s going back to South Bend.  The 38 year old openly gay and married mayor of one of Indiana’s most progressive cities called it quits on Sunday, March 1st.  He was a moderate choice from Middle America that was safe like Helman’s Mayonnaise.  But just like mayo, it shouldn’t be the base of the dish, just a condiment.  He “won” the Iowa caucus and earned 26 delegates so far.  He’s still very young for politics and after he gets some experience could be a leader in the party for years to come.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see his name brought up for a Cabinet position in the future, like the Secretary of the Interior.

Amy Klobuchar – Senator from Minnesota 

The senior senator from the state of Minnesota is polling far behind the rest of the pack at this point, and nothing short of a miracle will push her into the top 3.  She’s expected to carry her home state, but that’s about it.  She’s running on a centrist platform and currently has 7 delegates.  She could easily pick up another 40 from Minnesota, but outside of her home state, she’s not looking good.  I’d expect to see her drop out of the race as early as Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Elizabeth Warren – Senator from Massachusetts

Senator Warren is a favorite of mine, and her more liberal platform intrigues me.  She takes no shit from anyone, and will throw down with anyone at a moment’s notice.  Her ideas actually make sense, and she’s been one of my favorites since day one.  Unfortunately, she’s losing the progressive vote for the most part to Bernie Sanders and the experienced safe vote to Joe Biden.  I’d really, really like her to pull something off and move forward, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen.

Mike Bloomberg – Billionaire Former Mayor of New York City

FUCK. MIKE. BLOOMBERG.  Fuck his stop and frisk policies, fuck his buying every ad in existence, fuck his stupid face, fuck his stance on women’s rights, fuck his greed, fuck his sexual harassment cases that make Trump look like a choir boy, fuck his Wall Street cronies, fuck his greed, fuck anyone who looks like him.  He wins my “Hoping he has a heart attack before July and reconsiders his choices in life and quietly retires” award.  He’s trying to buy the presidency and instill his form of fascism into our lives.  My doomsday scenario involves Bloomberg and Trump fighting for the White House.  Whoever wins, we lose.

Joe Biden – Former Vice President

Joe missed his window in 2016.  We wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in if he decided to run back then.  Instead, he’s giving it a shot in 2020, and that extra four years has caught up to him.  He’s 77 years old, and every time I see him on screen he looks older and older, like he’s running out of energy.  I’m hesitant as fuck to vote for a man in his late 70’s, knowing that statistically speaking he’ll be dead soon.  He’s still my “Name recognition and the safe vote to beat Trump’s ass in November” vote, but I’m not sure how viable he’ll be come the summer.

Bernie Sanders – Senator from Vermont

Time to open a can of worms.  This one is complicated.  I’ve made no secret about how much I don’t like Bernie Sanders the man (Trump vs. Bernie ) and how I like the early Bernie Bros even less (Horseshoe Theory).  But at the same time, I’ve professed how much I like his policies and how I identify as a Democratic Socialist.  It’s a very simple concept on how Democracy should help the people, not the corporations or the powerful.  It consists of little things that help society like providing health care to everyone, fire departments, or ensuring that people have a fair chance.  You know, LIKE THE REST OF THE CIVILIZED FUCKING WORLD!!!

Democratic Socialism scares Boomers because they grew up with the boogeymen of Socialism and Communism during the Cold War.  Even though the Soviet Union was neither truly socialist or communist but cronyism based on a top-down economic model which used names opposite of its meaning to confuse.  Sort of like how the despotic state of North Korea is called the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.  The only words used correctly in that sentence were “of Korea.”  What’s fucked up though is while Boomers were running from the Red Scare, they ran straight into unabashed capitalism.  The kind of capitalism that lies and cheats and steals to make the rich richer and poor poorer.  They’ve done a great job of convincing the Boomers that helping your neighbors is bad because fuck’em, that’s why.  It’s like why I left Libertarianism: I developed empathy for my fellow humans.  As I’ve gotten older, I see that our job is to leave the world in a better place than we found it.  If only our parents felt the same, we wouldn’t be in this mess.



So that’s why Super Tuesday is such a big deal.  It’s the make or break moment for most candidates.  By Wednesday we’ll have either one or two viable candidates, or a clusterfuck ready to go.  That all depends in my opinion on how well Mike Bloomberg does.  I hope he gets dunked on like LeBron James playing against a racist white midget.  Bloomberg doesn’t give a shit about anyone but himself.  Most of the people voting for him would vote for Biden instead, and I’d genuinely rather see a Bernie vs. Biden battle than have Bloomberg in the race for more than few hours.  Bloomberg’s only shot at the nomination is to win out across the board and hope the fervor for Bernie dies off.

I live in Pennsylvania and won’t vote in the primary until April 28th.  By that point, it’ll either be a foregone conclusion or a clusterfuck.  Either way, I still plan to vote.  We don’t have ranked choice voting in my state, but if we did, here’s how my top 5 would look like.

  1. Elizabeth Warren
  2. Joe Biden
  3. Bernie Sanders
  4. Amy Klobuchar
  5. Donald Duck
  6. Daffy Duck
  7. Fuck Mike Bloomberg
  8. A Ham Sandwich
  9. The random guy next to me at the polling place
  10. Not Mike Bloomberg

Spots 2 and 3 are likely a coin toss, but I’m not thrilled about voting for a man in his late 70’s.  The actuary tables are not kind to men their age dealing with the stress the job entails.  Like I said, I prefer Bernie’s policies but I don’t like him as a person.  That could change in a few months, but I’m getting behind whomever the nominee is, as long as it isn’t Bloomberg.  Even then it’ll be a vote while holding my nose and hoping for the best kind of moments in life.

I hope to get back to regularly posting.  I’m no where near ready to come back to a daily schedule, but I’ve got some things I want to talk about, like the results later this week, how things might go, and how tax brackets work.

Thank you, and have a good one.