Trump vs. Bernie

This is a story I’ve wanted to write for a while, but I’ve never gotten around to it, and since it’s going to take me some time to wrap my head around the Mike Flynn stories and the release of the Paradise Papers, or Panama Papers: The Sequel, I decided that I would write about Vladimir Putin’s Wet Dream.

Donald Trump vs. Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

As I discussed way back in Horseshoe Theory, parts of the Left Wing refused to follow Hilary Clinton for any reason, and the damning emails released as part of the DNC hack, which many of them were faked, helped cement the narrative that the “fix was in.”  These people would speak up during the many times that Trump did something stupid since he “won” the election, and proclaim, in the dankest of memes and most hipsterish voice possible, “Bernie would’ve won.”

No, he fucking wouldn’t.

He would’ve lost, and I doubt it would have been close.  Hell, Trump might have even won the popular vote against Bernie Sanders.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like Bernie and voted for him in the Democratic Primary, but in retrospect, if he had won the primary, it would’ve been ugly.

Why?  If America wasn’t “ready” for a woman President, what about an Atheist Socialist Jew?

Let’s take a look at Bernie Sanders.

An Independent Senator from Vermont, he’s been in the Senate since 2007 after serving as their Representative in Congress from 1991.  He’s a former Mayor of Burlington, Vermont, and has been a political outsider and champion of human rights most of his life.  He protested for Civil Rights back in the 1960’s and was even arrested.  He was there for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech in Washington.  The only time he was a member of the Democratic Party was when he ran for President in 2016 against Hilary Clinton.


The story that spread through the news like wildfire was that Bernie was kept from receiving the nomination for the Democratic Party because he wasn’t an insider, and that the system was rigged from the beginning to prevent him from winning, and had he ran, he would’ve beaten Donald Trump, and none of our problems would be taking place, because there would have been a “Blue Wave” through the Congress and Senate as well.

Let’s break that down, point by point.

First, Bernie is not, and for most of his life, was not a member of the Democratic Party.  Unlike Clinton, he hadn’t spent the last 30 years raising money for them, or campaigning for them.  So this part that he’s an outsider is true.

Second, that the system was rigged against him.  If by that they mean, “he lost to Hilary by millions of votes” then yes, it was rigged.

Next, things get interesting.  Let’s assume for a moment that Bernie had won the nomination, and he’s going up against Donald Trump, who rode a wave of racist, isolationist, populist voters to the nomination of the Republican Party.

It would have been a candidate in his 70’s, of questionable long term health, who had refused to release his tax records before the campaign started, and was elected by the fringe elements of one of the main parties in the United States, with some dubious ties to Russians…

Versus Donald Trump.

Yep.  Bernie has his own skeletons, many of which mirror Trump.  Bernie didn’t release his taxes, his wife is under investigation for fraud, he has historically not supported sanctions against Russia, and was elected by the fringes of the Left Wing, which, it turns out, was astroturfed by the Russians during the Primary, and even the General Election in 2016.


Why do I keep saying that?  For anyone that forgets Junior High Health Class, a nocturnal emission, or wet dream, is when a person orgasms in their sleep, usually from a sexual fantasy.  A good cure for it is jerking off.  Although that does make this analogy fall apart, unless one considers his work screwing with Ukraine and Brexit as foreplay for the United States.

Anyway, Putin’s ultimate fantasy is to make himself the most powerful man in the world.  He can’t do that with a strong United States aligned against him.  What’s the fastest way to erode the standing of the United States?

Make it look like Democracy and Laws don’t work by staging an election with two extremes against each other, leaving the vast majority of people out of the conversation, and twist the argument further by stoking both sides against each other.  This would create even further divisions in an already divisive situation.


So, go back to the point of “Bernie would’ve won.” Remember all of the crap that Hilary went through in the campaign?  Every move of hers was examined through a looking glass, as though she couldn’t do anything right, meanwhile Trump committed so many blunders on the trail, yet still got a free pass from the media, giving him an air of legitimacy.

Ignoring the fact that she’s a woman, Hilary Clinton was the most qualified candidate for President in a very long time.  She was an established lawyer, former First Lady, and the first First Lady to actually use her position as a political one.  She was a Two-Term Senator from New York, ran for President once before, and was Secretary of State for 4 years.  The only two nominees since the 1980’s who were more qualified were George H. W. Bush and Al Gore, and they were each Vice President for eight years.

Several dog whistles were made at Hilary because she was a woman.  Everything from “Does she have the stamina” to the Nasty Woman comments, and that was from Trump during the debates!  The vile online was hundreds of times worse.

So, imagine what the reaction from the Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis would have been to an Atheist Jew from New England.  Think they would’ve treated him with kid gloves?

Hell no.

And the media wouldn’t have given him a fair shake, either.  Atheists are historically some of the least-trusted people, simply because they don’t believe in any god.  Polls have gotten better over the years, but they’re still ranked lower on the general trustworthiness scale than pedophiles and terrorists.  Apparently, people in the Bible Belt would rather their children be left with a child molester that believes in their god than with someone who is neither religious nor touches kids inappropriately.

A lot of this came around during Barack Obama’s run with talk that he was somehow both a Muslim (a member of a religion) and an Atheist (a non-religious person).

Bernie would have been dragged through the mud for being a Jew (a person with Jewish ancestors) and an Atheist.


This past week, there was a concerted effort to bring up the DNC story, and try to have that take center stage to deflect from the negative stories coming out, and that it would distract the public from the other DNC story that came out Friday.  I covered this a little bit in Daily Check-In 11/3/2017.  What I didn’t cover were some of the reactions on Twitter.  I wasn’t on Twitter that much last year, and the few times I did use it, I wasn’t following former spies, journalists, and politicians.

The spies don’t like Bernie.  Not one bit.  They’ve seen more than a few people connected to his team that were connected to Trump’s actions, and they report that there were more than a few communications between known Russian agents and Bernie’s team. One of the more damning things that they point to was that Bernie and some of his closest surrogates were pushing the DNC Mail story the day before Wikileaks released the mails.  I think that there could be a better explanation for all of this, but then again, I try to find the simplest explanation all of the time, and “The Russians Did It” only works when it is the best answer to fit the evidence.

Then again, I’m reminded of how much Russia played both sides of every argument in the last couple years.  They would organize events for both sides of a divisive issue at the same time, and many of the people who pushed Pro-Bernie propaganda would join the Trump Train.


That’s it for tonight, I think.  I’ll try to find out more about the Paradise Papers.  This is like the Panama Papers, but also directly implicates Wilbur Ross in a deal where he owns a substantial stake of a shipping company with Putin’s son-in-law.  Also, the Paradise Papers show that Yuri Milner, a friend of Jared Kushner, was possibly a go-between for the Russian Government and investments in Twitter of $191 Million and of $1 Billion in Facebook.


Thank you, and have a good one.

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