Daily Check-In 01/25/2019

Friday, January 25, 2019 and the weekend



Roger Stone

“Roger’s relationship with Trump has been so interconnected that it’s hard to define what’s Roger and what’s Donald,” Manafort told a Netflix film crew during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The documentary, “Get Me Roger Stone,” was released in April 2017, but filmmakers followed Stone and his associates around as they managed Trump during the 2016 Republican primary and general election.

Manafort added later in the film that in terms of “Roger’s relationship with Trump, they both see the world in a very similar way.”

“If Trump is elected president, I think Roger will see one more very significant impact he’s had on world history,” Manafort said.

Looks like it’s Roger Stone’s time in the barrel.  This comment comes from a tweet he made in August 2016 where he claimed it would soon be John Podesta’s time in the barrel.  This was shortly before WikiLeaks released a bunch of mails the Russian GRU stole from him.  Several of the emails were edited to make Podesta’s statements look worse.  Roger coordinated the release of these mails with WikiLeaks, who stood in as a front for Russian Intelligence.

I reported on Thursday Daily Check-In 01/24/2019 the existence of a sealed indictment from D.C., and the Rumor Mill got all atwitter.  Turns out, it was for good reason.

At 6 AM EST, a small CNN crew was camping out in front of Roger Stone’s house.  His neighbor Chad Johnson formerly Ochocinco, was getting ready for his morning jog.  Suddenly, several FBI agents wearing bullet proof vests approached the house with weapons drawn.  They knocked on his door, yelling “FBI, OPEN THE DOOR!”  After a moment lights turned on and the door opened.  Shortly after, the FBI agents escorted Roger Jason Stone, Jr. from his house and arrested him.  He was released on a $250,000 promise bond.  Must be nice being rich.

Roger is charged with seven felonies.  One of them is Obstruction of Proceeding, since his lies impeded Congressional investigation.  Counts two through six are his various lies to Congress, and one count of Witness Tampering.  The lies are documented below:


False Statement

page22image1098533392 page22image1133611232


STONE testified falsely that he did not have emails with third parties about the head of Organization 1, and that he did not have any documents, emails, or text messages that refer to the head of Organization 1.



STONE testified falsely that his August 2016 references to being in contact with the head of Organization 1 were references to communications with a single “go-between,” “mutual friend,” and “intermediary,” who STONE identified as Person 2.



STONE testified falsely that he did not ask the person he referred to as his “go-between,” “mutual friend,” and “intermediary,” to communicate anything to the head of Organization 1 and did not ask the intermediary to do anything on STONE’s behalf.


STONE testified falsely that he and the person he referred to as his “go-between,” “mutual friend,” and “intermediary” did not communicate via text message or email about Organization 1.



STONE testified falsely that he had never discussed his conversations with the person he referred to as his “go-between,” “mutual friend,” and “intermediary” with anyone involved in the Trump Campaign.


His witness tampering charge stems from Roger Stone telling Randy Credico to ‘Stonewall it. Plead the fifth. Anything to save the plan.’  Stone also threatened Credico multiple times, including at least one attempt on Randy’s dog.  That’s fucked up.

I’m not going to go through this indictment line by line, but let me cover the basics.

Roger Stone, a senior official on the Trump Campaign until August 2015 and an unofficial  advisor throughout the election, worked with Organization 1 (WikiLeaks) through Person 1 (Jerome Corsi) and a contact of Corsi’s in Britain (Nigel Farage) to acquire the stolen emails from the Clinton Campaign from. the Head of Organization 1, who lives in the Ecuadorian Embassy (Julian Assange).  Stone was in contact senior Trump Campaign officials, and one of them inquired directly about the timing of the email releases (Steve Bannon).  After one of these conversations with Person 1 (Corsi), it was suggested by their “friend in the embassy” (Assange) that “Would not hurt to start suggesting HRC old, memory bad, has stroke – neither he nor she well.”  Immediately after that, the Right Wing Media and the Trump Campaign began hammering home the point that HRC was old, sick, etc.  Communications between Stone and Senior Advisor (Bannon) continued throughout the campaign.

After the election, Stone claimed that Person 2 (Randy Credico) was his point of contact with the Head of Organization 1 (Assange), and completely hid his dealings with Person 1 (Corsi).  Stone did his best to keep Person 2 (Credico) quiet, including threatening to kill his dog, have his attorney disbarred, and threatened physical harm to him.

I truly appreciate a few things with this indictment.

First, it directly references the Russian GRU case from last summer.  In a way, it’s part of that case.

Second, it’s all low hanging fruit.  Sure, a couple conspiracy charges would be nice, but each of these charges is very easy to prove.  For witness tampering, all they would need are phone records and acknowledgement that it was Roger who sent the texts.  For the lies, all it would take to prove the lies are the transcripts from his interview and his emails and texts.  Obstruction could be a little harder, but if Mueller has proof that Stone was trying to hamstring the invetigation by lying or chording lies, they’ve got him on those.

Next, the charges are both directly related to collusion and aren’t at the same time.  The MAGA Hat crowd will gladly point out that Stone wasn’t charged with anything conspiracy related, and their cult leader will gladly go through the cycle of “No collusion, Witch Hunt, Stone had little contact with the campaign” cycle that he went through with Manafort, Cohen, and Flynn.

Further, Stone was treated like the common criminal that he is.  Mueller didn’t give him any advance warning.  He didn’t tell his attorney to have him show up at the courthouse at 9AM. He didn’t give a courtesy call minutes ahead.  Mueller felt that if Stone knew he was going to be arrested, he would likely try to flee, destroy evidence, or make some kind of crazy last stand.  For people who’ve never seen an arrest warrant being served, this was pretty tame.  At least Roger’s door is still standing.

Finally, during all of the coverage, it came out that Mueller has not interviewed Roger Stone at all.  Not once in 20 months.  That tells me two things.

  1. Mueller was waiting until he had Stone by the balls before even approaching him.
  2. Stone was a target from day 1.

There are different rules for dealing with targets as opposed to subjects.  Investigators can’t directly interview targets without jumping through a lot of hoops.  If he was that big of a target, then he was screwed from the beginning.

As far as the timing goes, I’ll talk about that in the Coda.


Paul Manafort

Stone and Manafort are tied at the hip.  And Manafort’s looking at dying in prison.


Oleg Deripaska

Remember that they did this on a Sunday afternoon to avoid press coverage.


Jared Kushner


Chris Christie


100 Contacts







Undocumented Workers

Remember when it came out that Trump hired a bunch of illegals to work at his golf courses last month? (Daily Check-In 12/07/2018). It looks like during the shutdown, many of them were fired.  Keep an eye on this.



Flights Grounded


Shutdown Ends






Glenn Greenwald















January: Utah man, 27, threatened mass shooting because he was a virgin and had never dated Florida man, 21, executed five women in a bank New Jersey man, 39, opened fire at UPS and took two women hostage Louisiana man, 21, fatally shot girlfriend, parents and three others

Pennsylvania man, 21, fatally shot 3 men and injured an ex-girlfriend before shooting himself. California man, 48, ambushed and fatally shot a woman officer as she adjudicated a traffic accident. Pennsylvania man, 27, bludgeoned, stabbed and shot a woman who broke up with him.

Florida man, 60, fatally shot ex-girlfriend and shot her friend, saying he was trying to “get rid of the Devil” Oregon man, 36, fatally shot a woman on a first date after meeting online New Mexico man, 33, fatally shot his 3-year-old one day after missing a custody hearing

Florida man, 39, shot his wife and her parents after accusations of of adultery Louisiana man, 26, shot and killed his girlfriend, a police officer, while she was preparing to leave for work Florida man, 21, shot 3 family members who didn’t want him dating their 15-year-old

Still doing January…

Alabama man, 19, shot a woman he was simultaneously assaulting while driving. Four women shot at a Newark candlelight vigil for teen car crash victims. No arrests made. Ohio woman fatally shot while walking dog. Her body was found by a woman shot in the head a few months prior.

Two Louisiana women were fatally shot near an apartment complex. No suspects arrested North Carolina police found a woman shot to death after responding to a domestic violence call. A suspect is in custody A New York woman was shot on a Buffalo metro bus. No suspects arrested

Gun violence is a women’s issue: An American woman is fatally shot by a current or former intimate partner every 16 hours; most mass shootings involve domestic violence; American women are 11X more likely to be murdered with a firearm than women in any other developed nation.

Text JOIN to 644-33 to help @momsdemandfight domestic gun violence.



























  1. I have been watching the DC dockets since late 2017. There are a lot of reports today of multiple new cases filed in DC. The last case number filed is 19-cr-20. Stone, that was filed yesterday, is 19-cr-18. There is one remaining sealed docket in the 2019 dockets. 19-cr-9.
  2. I recall spotting some new number prefixes. I have to research when but today I saw an account posting a report of multiple sealed dockets in the prefix “sc” presuming it to be the Special Counsel. I went to the dockets and none appear in 2017 with the “sc” prefix.
  3. Then I looked at 2018. Here is the last one that all appear to be sealed noting that I just checked about 20 to arrive at this as the last one. It could mean that there were 3,580 separate filed dockets under the “sc” prefix for 2018. I that is likely.
  4. Here is the last “sc” prefix that I can find for 2019. 163 through the current time. So what could they be? I looked at the CM/ECF handbooks and can find no report of the prefixes. If you file in Federal Court your are accustomed to
  5. these prefixes: cr=criminal cv=civil mj=magistrate judge gj=grand jury mp= miscellaneous proceeding. (I think but have to check) So what could “sc” be? My first thought was “sc” was a Show Cause for things like contempt proceedings related to jurors who didn’t show up.
  6. The “mj” filings are often search warrants. Also arrest warrants. So as of this time, the last 2019 “mj” number is 19-mj-18 that shows is sealed. The last “mj” docket I can fine in 2018 is 18-mj-166 that was originally filed on Dec. 28, 2018. That was the year with “sc” cases
  7. Now how about 2017 when the there was no “sc” prefix? The last number for “mj” filings in 2017, is 1,022. So what does this all “possibly” mean? My best analysis: In 2017 when the scope of the mj filings was becoming apparent the Clerk’s created the “sc” prefix. Because “mj”
  8. numbers are often later exposed to the public they would show the scope of the warrants that have been issued. So during 2017 there were possibly 1,022 warrants issued. 2018 they may have issued 3,580. And so far in 2019 they have issued 163.
  9. So they averaged 9 a day during 2018. And about 7 in 2019. As I have reported the scope of Mueller’s task is huge. He needs to essentially bring down the entire Russian mob in the US. From the number of warrants it looks to me he may be doing that.


It’s Barrel Time!

Just as a reminder to everyone, encrypted messaging doesn’t mean that it’s secured, or even encrypted from endpoint to endpoint.  Remember how Paul Manafort got screwed because he uploaded his messages to iCloud to back them up?  That backup unencrypted them, and made it very easy for law enforcement to get their hands on them.



Fuck Bernie.  Trump vs. Bernie is an older article, but still accurate.  Plus, Bernie’s actions toward Russia, or lack thereof to be specific, leave much to be desired.



That’s it for the last few days.  Yep.  That all happened.  And things are gonna get crazy from here on out.  Like Chief said above, we’ll see some crazy, horseshit moves to delay investigations and protect Trump.  He looks weak and vulnerable right now, and it’s only going to get worse as we get deep into phase three.

Oh, let me explain the phases.  Spicy came up with them as an explanation of how the Mueller Investigation would proceed.

Phase I – name Russians
Phase II – detail methods used
Phase III – Indictment – American Confederates who aided and abetted Russians
Phase IV – Trump & Family

Phase I and II were the first few indictments.  Indicting the IRA, the GRU, and describing how the Russians interfered with the election are the basis of these phases.  There were a few Americans indicted up to this point, but all of them were either flips for other crimes like Sam Patten, or were rolled up to set up future work like Flynn and Cohen.

Roger Stone changes that.  His indictment has been widely viewed as the beginning of Phase III.  Roger was the ring leader of the Trump Campaign’s work with WikiLeaks, and by extension the Russians.  Stone was one of the main architects of this conspiracy.  With Stone getting indicted, it sends a signal that we’re entering the phase where the traitors that worked with Trump and Russia will get arrested.  Some of the small fish will be given a choice to either flip on a bigger fish or go down hard.  The bigger fish won’t get that choice, and the worse they did, the more they’ll need to deliver to save their asses.  Look at Mike Flynn, for example.  The guy committed espionage and treason against the United States, but could get off with time served and probation.  That only happens if he delivered more than FedEx.

For Roger Stone to have a chance at saving his hide, he’d have to deliver Assange, WikiLeaks, Bannon, Hannity, Alex Jones, Fox News, all of his henchmen, and several others.  And the Trump family, too.

I don’t know if he will flip, but either way I look forward to it.  If he does flip, it will be on some bigger fish that authorized his dirty tricks.  If he doesn’t, then he can see how popular his Nixon back tattoo is in the prison shower.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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