Daily Check-In 7/31/2017

We're almost out of July.

There are some decades where nothing happens. Then there are some weeks where decades happen.

WaPo broke the story that Trump wrote the press release that Junior used to explain the June 9, 2016 meeting in Trump Tower with the Russians. This could be huge. More to come.

Scarmucci was fired, after either 10 days, or -16 days. His start date was August 15th. He takes the record for shortest stint of this job. The previous record was held by John Koehler, who was fired after 11 days. John was a member of the Hitler Youth growing up in Germany, but it wasn't on his security clearance.

Scarmucci was fired quicker than a Nazi.

Yes, I know he had no choice in joining the Hitler Youth program. It makes a better joke this way.

2 thoughts on “Daily Check-In 7/31/2017

  1. I had no idea there WAS a previous record. Part of me leans toward it being a quick way to get rid of Spicey, like they knew he’d walk if Mooch was brought on board.


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