The Upcoming Week 7/30/2017

As I'm sitting here on a Sunday night, waiting to watch Game of Thrones, I thought, "what's coming up this week?"

While it is impossible to accurately predict the future, here's a few stories that I think will draw attention, from the MSM, the Rumor Mill, and everything in between.

John Kelly's appointment as WH Chief of Staff will be scrutinized and analyzed, and some pundits will talk about how this will add a layer or responsibility and accountability. Except this narrative to last three days until something breaks.

With Reince Preibus gone, the only Washington insiders around the President are James Mattis and Jeff Sessions, and no one of power in the Republican Party is around to speak in Trump's ear. This could lead to Donald being "without a party." Expect this narrative to dominate the MSM for the week.

Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, is on "extended leave" and has been rumored to be sick of Donald's crap.

Anthony Scarmucci exists to distract. If the administration is serious about becoming respectable, they'd fire him Monday. Expect his antics to continue all week.

The Republicans in Congress are getting fed up with Trump as well. They've given him 6 months, which was 5.75 months more than he received from Liberals due to the Muslim Ban. This will develop into a full blown battle by the end of the week.

Putin expelled 755 US diplomats from Russia on Sunday. This was in response to the strengthening of sanctions by the Congressional bill currently sitting on Trump's desk.

North Korea is being all North Korea. Expect them to pick up their craziness when Trump needs a distraction. It's almost like they were receiving orders on when to do this…

On the Rumor Mill, there are three stories developing this week. Remember, take all of this with a grain of salt.

Rumor has it the FinCEN Death Robot of Death is loading up on Trump and camp based off of the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers were a treasure trove of financial data released in 2016 about shell companies, money laundering, celebrities using LLC's to purchase property, and the like. 2.6 TB of data. For someone as shady as Trump, having the Treasury Department investigating your finances is slightly less comfortable than a nuclear warhead suppository.

Louise is following up on the June 24th meeting in Scotland. I'm wondering, if that meeting happened, was it a setup of the media campaign, building to the Rosneft meeting in Moscow with Carter Page, if both?

Claude is going pretty dark. He's pulling on the human trafficking thread pretty hard, and according to his sources, things are moving fast. Some of the girls from Trump Modeling were sent to a party in California to "entertain" the guests. The California AG is getting the same information that the NY AG has. He's reporting that some people close to Trump are looking for plea deals. Remember, Presidential Pardons do not work for state level crimes.

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