Daily Check-In 8/1/2017

We made it to August.

A story from NPR came out today about a federal lawsuit against Fox News from one of their on-air people alleging that the cable channel conspired with the White House on the writing and release of the Seth Rich story. Seth Rich was a DNC worker who was killed in a D.C. robbery shortly before the DNC emails were released by Wikileaks. Julian Assange claimed that he was working with Sth Rich, and not the Russian government on the mails. Of course, that claim completely ignores Julian's past with Russia, his hatred of the Clinton's, and the mails timestamped after his death.

This is huge. Fox News has been acting as a propaganda center for Trump going back more than a year, but this implies coordination on story releases.

Chris Wray, former lawyer of Chris Christie, is the new head of the FBI. Passed by a 92-5 vote with 3 abstentions.

Trump still hasn't signed the Russian Sanctions law that he received on the 28th, that he said he was going to sign. 6 more days and it becomes law anyway due to the pocket veto and pro forma congressional sessions.

Trump tweeted about tweeting again. Funny, he hasn't mentioned anything about the 755 U.S. diplomats expelled from Russia by Putin.

Rex Tillerson is still MIA. So is the State Department for that matter.

Robert Mueller just added Greg Andres to the Justice League. He specializes in white collar crime and focused on illegal foreign bribery while at the DOJ a few years back. One of his biggest cases was against a Texas financier Robert Allen Stanford, nailing him for running an $8 Billion Ponzi scheme. Stanford is currently serving 110 years in federal prison.

I'll have more on the rest of the JL later.

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