Daily Check-In 10/30/2018

Tuesday, October 30, 2018




Ratfucking Gone Sideways

Remember yesterday (Daily Check-In 10/29/2018) how I mentioned that there were some weird rumors floating around about how someone was trying to smear Robert Mueller with a sex assault claim.  Less than an hour after I posted, all hell broke loose.

What started with a story about a woman emailing a reporter and disappearing soon turned into a dozen reporters all receiving the same information, a GOP conspiracy theorist named Jack Burkman claiming that he had a woman ready to go public with claims, another woman coming forward saying that she was approached and offered money to lie in an affidavit that Robert Mueller assaulted her, and the press uncovering that this was all orchestrated by one troll shitgibbon named Jacob Wohl.

I’ve only mentioned him  briefly once before, last week on Daily Check-In 10/26/2018.  He was one of the Right Wing people that claimed that the MAGABomber was a false flag attack.  I’ve run into him a few times on Twitter, and he’s always getting his ass handed to him.  He’s a troll, plain and simple.

He also writes for the Gateway Pundit and is the youngest hedge fund manager to ever be banned for life from the financial industry. His events in that escapade should have landed him in jail.  Now, he’s fucked six ways to Sunday.

Jacob Wohl set up a fake company called SureFire Intelligence and worked with Jack Burkman to entice women to make false claims against Robert Mueller in an attempt to scuttle the Russian Investigation.  They offered to pay at least two women to make these claims.  Wohl then published this story on Gateway Pundit, where he works as a writer, claiming that he had “inside information.”

From those couple paragraphs, we’ve got Conspiracy, Obstruction of Justice, Wire Fraud, Subornation of Perjury, Fraud, and probably a few dozen computer crimes.  And that’s just from what broke in the news.

The only reason I’m not blazing mad with this blatant attempt by a troll to try to sideline the investigation is that I’m laughing at how amazingly bad he executed his plan.

The company website was registered using his email from his banned hedge fund company.  The website’s phone number directs to his mom’s voicemail.  The employees are stock photos and celebrities.  The people he contacted immediately reached out to the press and to the Special Counselor’s office.

Yes, Robert Mueller knows.  And they immediately forwarded this to the FBI for further investigation.

Below are the Twitter threads that illustrate all of the work that the nearly dozen journalists working this story.


I wasn’t going to report on this, but I think my fears are coming true. Based on information that I am privy to, I believe false accusations will be spread about Mueller in order to discredit him and possibly the journalists who are preparing this story.

Scott Stedman added,

Jacob WohlVerified account@JacobAWohl

Several media sources tell me that a scandalous story about Mueller is breaking tomorrow. Should be interesting. Stay tuned!

Two weeks ago, I was contacted by a woman who claimed to be a former associate of Mueller who said that she got a phone call from a man working on behalf of a GOP operative who was paying women to come forward to make up sexual assault allegations.

I worked on this story and chased down leads, but found the woman to be very unreliable. She wouldn’t get on the phone, she lied about journalists she was working with, etc. Furthermore, I got in contact with the man who allegedly was offering the money….

He was extremely willing to confirm that he was indeed paying women to tell stories about Mueller. I concluded that this was an effort to discredit journalists working on the Trump-Russia story by planting a false story and see who would print it.

I still don’t know what to make of the entire situation, but I fear that this is a scheme to discredit those who are reporting on the Russia investigation. If the story coming out tomorrow matches the story I heard, I will post more details.

I know that some journalists who were contacted by the woman* are becoming increasingly worried that something sketchy is afoot here. *we have no idea who this person is

IMPORTANT: If you see a story tomorrow or anytime in the future of former colleagues of Mueller coming forward with sexual assault claims then please check in with my feed. I have receipts.

I was super hesitant to post this thread because I didn’t want to give these people any attention or put this out to the public. However based on Wohl’s tweet and some rumblings behind the scenes, I think it’s necessary to give a heads up.

Wohl just told me his info is coming from a GOP lobbyist, which makes me increasingly worried. I fear that someone covering Mueller has fallen for a fake story.

The creeps behind whatever scheme this is don’t deserve name recognition UNLESS the story about Mueller gets printed. I won’t be saying anything else on this topic if/when something develops further.


.@Jack_Burkmanis behind a GOP scheme to offer women money to make up stories about Robert Mueller’s alleged sexual harassment. The Special Counsel’s office has referred the matter to the FBI. I was privy to this scheme. This thread will detail my experience.

2 weeks ago, I, along with other journalists were set an email from a woman who alleged that she was a former colleague of Mueller. She said that Jack Burkman, via an intermediary, offered her tens of thousands to make up sexual assault claims against Mueller.

I found the woman to be unreliable, she wouldn’t get on the phone, she wouldn’t give me any other contact information. She did however give me the phone number of the intermediary who allegedly offered this money on behalf of Burkman.

The intermediary, in messages to me (see attached) confirmed the story. I don’t know the true identity of this person OR the person who sent the original email.

I discussed this with other journalists, mainly @NatashaBertrand, but I concluded that this was an effort to discredit the media. However, it appears now that Burkman is trying to move forward with these claims. The Special Counsel’s office has referred the matter to the FBI.

I don’t know what to make of what has transpired. I didn’t find the woman reliable. I found that the intermediary was oddly eager to share details. I came public with this story because Jacob Wohl teased that this was coming. He appears involved in the campaign as well.

I faced a huge internal struggle here. I didn’t want to give these people any credence, but when I learned that Burkman and Wohl were going through with this, I felt the need to speak up.

Scott Stedman Retweeted Scott Stedman

Scott Stedman added,

Scott Stedman @ScottMStedman

I want to make this entirely clear: There is ZERO evidence that a woman actually exists in this story. The only people known to be involved are Wohl and Burkman.


Today: A woman alleges that she was offered roughly $20,000 by a GOP activist named Jack Burkman “to make accusations of sexual misconduct & workplace harassment against Robert Mueller.” Feb 2018: Burkman offered $25,000 for proof of wrongdoing at FBI ()

This is Jack Burkman, the GOP operative who reportedly offered a woman $20,000 to make false allegations of sexual misconduct & harassment against special counsel Mueller. Two hours ago, he was announcing plans for a news conference to parade the woman in front of the media. 1/

And here is Jack Burkman’s Facebook announcement where he talks about his plans to bring forward allegations of sexual misconduct and harassment against special counsel Robert Mueller. He hasn’t canceled it yet, but I assume he will. 2/

Then there’s a private intelligence company called SureFire Intelligence. – A few days ago it posted about a media request from the New Yorker’s Jane Mayer, who often reports on sexual assault. -This afternoon it posted about a “flurry of press inquiries.” hmm, wonder why? 3/

My little Jacob Wohl story: August 2016, we’re sitting around the trading turrets at my office on a bored to tears slow day. Our receptionist said someone was here for his 2pm appointment. None of us had an appointment on schedule. Who is it? we ask? Some guy named Jacob Wohl 1/

Jacob Wohl, for those out of loop, gained quite a bit of notoriety for becoming the youngest guy to ever get himself barred for life from the financial industry. Now he’s waiting in our lobby to pitch something. We’re a large merchant bank. 2/

Send him in, we said. In walks young Jacob asking to be seeded with $25mm to start a new hedge fund in exchange for an ownership stake in it. Oh, & he needs an office. And a Bloomberg station. And needs to borrow staff until he can hire some guys. And he needs a leased car… 3/

And he needs an answer today. Right now. Because there’s a competing offer from Izzy Englander’s firm Millenium (we know those guys well). We fight the urge to literally start laughing, but do ask him…hey, you the same guy who got banned by regulators? He didn’t even flinch 4/

He went on about that being untrue & handed over a letter he said was from his lawyer who had confirmed he was not barred, had been vindicated but it ‘just wasn’t in the system yet at the SEC, CFTC’…whatever that means. 5/

One of my colleagues politely told Jacob that we don’t usually do seed deals & when we do it’s only after someone works here as a PM for a few years, so no. Take the deal with Izzy, kid. We ended the meeting right there. 6/

The attorney letter was on obviously forged letterhead for Davis Polk (including a wrong address). Less than an hour later we get a call from someone we know at Millenium asking who the hell this kid using our name to get a meeting is. We had a laugh. Hey, the kid tried. /fin


Update on the plot against Mueller: I can vouch for @jentauband @NatashaBertrand‘s story. On Oct. 22, Jen sent me a screenshot of this email offering to pay her for information (dirt) on Mueller, long before anyone had mentioned “Surefire Intelligence”… (i.e., @JacobAWohl)

Jed Shugerman Vote 11/6 added,

Natasha BertrandVerified account @NatashaBertrand

NEW: Another woman, @jentaub, was contacted on October 22 by a man claiming to work for Surefire Intelligence, who offered to pay her to discuss her “past encounters” with Mueller. (She’s never met Mueller.) Story has been updated: https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/10/special-counsel-refers-scheme-targeting-mueller-to-fbi/574411/ …

Jed Shugerman Vote 11/6 Retweeted Yashar Ali  🐘

2/ See also:

Jed Shugerman Vote 11/6 added,

Yashar Ali  🐘Verified account @yashar

13 days ago I received this tip alleging an attempt to pay off women to make up accusations of sexual misconduct against Special Counsel Bob Mueller. Other reporters received the same email. Now the Special Counsel’s…

Jed Shugerman Vote 11/6 Retweeted Jane Mayer

3/ From @JaneMayerNYer: @JacobAWohl, surefire criminal mastermind.

Jed Shugerman Vote 11/6 added,

Jane MayerVerified account @JaneMayerNYer

Odd. Jacob Wohl says he doesn’t know nuttin’ about Surefire Intelligence, the firm tied to the bizarre Mueller allegations. Take a look at the photos below of Mathhew Cohen, head of ‘Surefire,’ and of Jacob Wohl.

4/ Backfire Intelligence, amirite?

5/ @Mimirocah1at @MSNBCalso received this same email from @jentaubon Oct. 22d, eight days before Surefire Intelligence was in the news.

6/ To those claiming @Jack_Burkman& @JacobAWohlwere merely punking the media: I have the email to @jentaub& it debunks your theory. They were intending to pay a real woman to frame Mueller. Even a conspiracy that is too stupid to succeed is still a criminal conspiracy.

7/ Just to clarify: the email doesn’t say, “We’ll pay you to lie.” But the email shows that Surefire was looking to pay a real person for dirt. This wasn’t just a little prank to show media bias, as the Wohl defenders have asserted.







White Nationalism

Too much commentary on how the birthright thing is unconstitutional and not enough about how it is white nationalism.

What folks forget is how the premise works. First they get rid of birthright citizenship. “It only counts if one of your parents is a citizen” they will claim.

Then once they’ve done that, they will go after the people who do have a parent that is a citizen, and they will attack the basis of that citizenship.

Dear Media, here is the clear truth: Donald Trump is explicitly seeking to turn America into a white Ethnostate. He is following an openly racist plan, crafted by open racists. If you report this story any other way you are not reporting the facts or being objective. 1/

If you think this is an extreme position or an opinion, you haven’t read enough about the white nationalist movement, Stephen Miller, Bannon, Sessions, etc. Eliminating birthright citizenship is a central plank in a well-articulated, coherent movement to make America whiter. 2/

Blaming Soros is a central tool. It is part of a (crazy, wrong, but internally coherent) theory of the case: – By nature, people can only form society with their closer kin. – Yadda Yadda (the arguments are terrible) White people have certain values that non-whites don’t. 3/

(continuing the white power explanation) – All whites, by nature, would know they only want a white society. – An outside group–hint, it’s the Jews!–is tricking them into going against their nature (white nationalists think they know a lot about core human nature). 4/

(continuing views I hate to explain them) – There is an existential race to save America. By 2046, it will become majority minority and then (in this fevered nonsensical view) there will be a civil war because unlike people can’t form stable societies. 5/

(more stuff I despise, so others understand) – The solution (in their minds) is twofold: 1. Slow down minority growth through expulsion, denial of citizenship, closing borders to non-whites. 2. Awakening/uniting white identity by scaring them about brown people. 6/

The white nationalists have an open debate about the Jewish Question (they just call it “JQ”), which boils down to some think Jews are white and others think Jews are the cause of the de-whitification of America. 7/

Every reporter covering Trump should know this argument, its vocabulary and key points. You will no longer have any questions about what Trump is up to. You will no longer be able to cover this story as a case of two sides with extremists, or as a tentative debate. 8/

You will be able to cover Trump properly, objectively, truthfully. You will not see him as a nutjob who spouts off like Archie Bunker. He is a grifter con man who wants to make money and hide his ill-gotten gains and is also deeply racist. 9/

He has learned–as so many awful leaders have before–that your corruption will go unchecked if you embrace the ugliest form of nationalism. He found a coherent movement with a thickly drawn ideology and game plan, hired their proponents and applied their language. 10/

Journalists covering Trump: Please, please, please, for the sake of the country, go read, go study. Understand: – JQ – 2046 – why (wrongly) WP folks think evolutionary kinship preferences can only be racial in the modern age. It’s ugly work, but it’s your job. END

One last thing: hey @andrewmarantzcan you draw up some kind of reading list, podcast listening list for people to learn that world? I hate to promote such things but people gotta learn what’s out there.































Whitey Bulger Gets Whacked




As someone who has suffered with concussions in the past, I know how bad this can be.  My worst one came when I fractured one of the bones in my neck.  I had a third degree concussion.  I usually have a great memory, but I don’t recall much of those few days.  I was sensitive to light for months, and had to wear a horse collar for a while.  It took about 3 years before I could raise my head to look up for more than a minute at a time without having to spend hours in pain.

The problem with a concussion is that there is no linear path to recovery.  It’s not like a broken bone or torn ligament which has a set rehab schedule.  One day, you could be real, the next feel like the world’s worst hangover.  And it can be this way for months, if not years.







That’s it for Tuesday.  I might not post anything for Wednesday, since it’s Halloween.  I might combine it into Thursday’s post.  However, I did see an interesting story from Politico where they ask if Mueller has subpoenaed Trump, and they analyze a lot of small information that points to that conclusion.

Also, sorry about all of the threads.  I’ll try not to include so many next time a troll decides to rat fuck the Special Counselor.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur


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