Daily Check-In 11/29/2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018



Trump attacks Mueller probe for fourth straight morning, asks if it will ‘go on forever’

Why’s he freaking out?  Does he know something we don’t know?  Maybe he does.  Tangerine Tojo’s Twitter Tirade took place around 7AM EST.

At 9AM EST, this happened…



Since entering his guilty pleas in Manhattan, Cohen has been talking with multiple agencies investigating the president, sources said. He is doing so voluntarily, without the protection of a formal cooperation agreement or the specific promise of a reduced sentence.

“His cooperation has already created the most serious federal allegations to date concerning President Trump, and more may be coming,” Coffey said.

Cohen’s interviews with Mueller’s team have also been attended in part by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York and by lawyers from the office of the New York State Attorney General, who are investigating the Trump family’s charitable organization.

“Cohen is potentially a very significant cooperator in light of his close relationship with Trump,” McQuade said.

Holy fuck on a fuck fig newton.  Michael Cohen, former personal attorney to Donald J. Trump, former Deputy Finance Chair of the Republican National Committee, and all-around mobbed up shitstain, has flipped on his former boss.   But that’s been a long time coming.  It’s WHAT he said that’s a game changer.

Mueller charged Cohen with Lying to Congress.

First, I didn’t know that anyone other than Congress could charge someone with lying to them.  And as you’ll see later on, I’m not the only one.

Second, the lies focused on Cohen’s dealings and contacts with Russia, and covering up for Trump.

Finally, the lies were about telling Congress that Trump was not pursuing a property deal with Russia during the campaign.  Cohen told Congress that they stopped talking to Russia in January 2016, before the Iowa Caucus.  In reality, they were still negotiating with Russia until June 2016.

June 2016.  The same time they were trying to get Hilary’s emails from Russian Intel.  After Trump was the presumptive Republican nominee.

Cohen said all this, and named Trump in open court. He’s referred to as “Individual 1” in the Statement of Offense.

Oh, and we found out that Cohen has spent more than 70 hours talking to the Special Counselor’s team.  That’s almost two whole workweeks.

But wait, there’s more…


Deutsche Bank

At the same time that Cohen was laying out his complicity in covering up Trump’s crimes, his long time bank and money laundering front was getting raided in connection to crimes laid out in the Panama Papers.

But that’s not all…


Ed Burke

I’d never heard of Ed Burke before.  He doesn’t show up on this site before today, but he’s an Alderman (Councilman) and Tax Attorney in Chicago.  From the mid-2000’s until this past June, Ed was Trump’s property tax attorney.  While Cohen’s talking to the judge about lying on a real estate deal for Orange Twitler, and DB’s getting their HQ raided over money laundering charges, Trump’s former tax attorney’s office was getting a visit from the FBI.

Now, I know it’s Chicago, and Aldermen being investigated for crimes there is as common as rain in April, but the timing is a bit suspect.  It could all be a coincidence that Trump’s bank and tax attorney got their shit raided at the exact same time as his former lawyer was testifying in court that he lied to Congress about Trump’s dealings with Russia, but there’s a little too much here to be a coincidence.

What else do we have today?


“Snoop DAG” Rosenstein on the case

This is very interesting, and caught everyone off guard.  Whitaker is not in charge of the day to day operations of the Special Counselor’s investigation.  He was informed of their move on Cohen, but he’s not handling approving their actions.

This tells me something.  It says that he’s either not able to handle the investigation, he’s not up to speed on everything, he’s being kept out of the loop, or he’s been told in no uncertain terms that if he interferes, he’s a party to Obstruction of Justice, and will be arrested and charged accordingly.

Speaking of Obstruction…



There’s a good likelihood that Mueller charges Manafort with EVEN MORE CHARGES as soon as Friday.  Dis gonna get good.

Anyone else having a bad day?


Stone and Corsi

A long time ago, I made a crazy prediction that someone would pull an R. Budd Dwyer, and it wouldn’t even be the craziest thing to happen that day. (Daily Check-In 03/05/2018, Indictment Eve)  At this point, Corsi’s my leading choice for a suicide via press conference.

Just when I think we’ve hit the end of the day on craziness…


Kompromat – Financial

Right after we get confirmation that Trump’s team was working on a hotel deal in Moscow WHILE HE WAS CAMPAIGNING FOR PRESIDENT, BuzzFeed breaks a story with some of the details.  Financing would be secured through VTB, which was forbidden from working with Americans due to sanctions over Crimea, but that would likely be worked around with help from Deutsche Bank.  The property in Moscow was some prime real estate, across from the Kremlin.  Team Trump, including Don Jr. and Ivanka, made multiple trips to close the deal over the years, and several members of the Russian Government had to sign off on the project.  To get Putin’s personal approval, Team Trump offered Putin the penthouse suite, to be valued at over $50,000,000.

$50 million dollars.  For an apartment?

This is what’s called a bribe.  And a ridiculously outrageous one to boot.  Especially while Trump’s trying to win the Presidency.

Now that I think about it, this explains so much.  The Steele Dossier was spot on with Putin having financial kompromat on Trump.  They strung him along for so long on trying to build a hotel in Russia that he did everything he could to make it happen, including running for President to remove sanctions.  When it looked like he was going to lose badly, who comes to his rescue?  The Russians.  Trump was willing and able to win at any costs, because he’s never suffered real consequences and the rules and laws never applied to him.  If he got in trouble, he’d slip his way out of it, buy his way out, or make the problem go away.  The presidency was a prize to him to help him make his goals of a global hotel empire come true.

But, he done fucked up.  Big time.


What’s Next?

I don’t think people appreciate yet what’s happening. If Trump was secretly working a 9-figure real estate deal with a Kremlin-connected Russian oligarch AFTER he received his August 17, 2016 classified briefing telling him Russia was attacking America—Houston, we have a problem.

2/ Keep in mind Trump KNEW his deal with Rozov involved Kremlin consent because COHEN TOLD HIM SO after speaking repeatedly with Sater. So Trump was *knowingly doing business with active enemies of the US* while promising them the most historically pro-Russia foreign policy ever.

Everyone who lied to Congress woke up in a cold sweat this morning at the sudden realization that not just Congress can charge them for their crimes.  Everyone who worked with Cohen knows that the FBI has their calls, texts, and mails.  Everyone who has even the slightest connection to Trump just checked to see if they paid their legal fees this month.

But this isn’t just about financial crimes or a land deal.  Conspiring with a foreign power to attack the United States is treasonous.  That’s the center of collusion.  The President of the United States committed Treason.  And those around him conspired to do so.  And the evidence of his crimes is coming into the light for everyone to see.
















At least five of the 37 Republican Senators who voted against advancing a resolution limiting the United States’ involvement in the war in Yemen have received campaign contributions from pro-Saudi lobbying groups.

Roy Blunt, John Boozman, Richard Burr, Mike Crapo and Tim Scott all received financial contributions from firms representing Saudi interests between 2016 and 2017, according to a recent investigation by the Centre for International Policy (CIP).

All five Republicans voted on Wednesday against advancing the resolution, which, if passed, would force the US to limit its support for the Saudi-UAE war in Yemen.

















I forgot to mention this yesterday, (Daily Check-In 11/28/2018) but there was an incident at the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony.  About halfway through, Trump gets an alert on his phone, looks at it, then grabs Melania and bolts.  I thought I saved the tweets talking about this, but they’ve disappeared into the ether.

















This takedown is WAY bigger than Trump. Hundreds – at least – in the US. Historical ramifications abroad and a alignment of power perhaps unseen since the end of WWII. Its on.

The timing of the raids in Chicago and Frankfurt together with the Cohen plea, Trump submitting false testimony last week, Manafort scheduled for sentencing as a liar … strongly indicates that SC Mueller is at the heart of a WORLD WIDE COORDINATED TAKEDOWN OF THE BAD GUYS

And we get to watch it live on twitter as he executes the greatest takedown in the history of law enforcement. Pure joy.


22 GOP Senate seats are up in 2020. Mueller is making it hard for Senate R’s to vote “nay” to convict Trump once the House impeaches. McConnell & Murdoch mtg likely was to plan timing of turning on Trump. Get him to resign or GOP Senate will get him out to limit 2020 massacre

It’s also possible McConnell doesn’t want to “protect” Mueller because he wants to give Trump enough rope to hang himself, making it easier for GOP Senate to vote to convict, thus limiting 2020 bloodshed (and beyond)

McConnell will publicly whip the votes to convict Trump so that Trump will resign, but the GOP Senators who need to be on the record that they would vote to oust Trump still can use it in their campaigns.

Very interesting point.  Out of the 33 or so Senators up for reelection in 2020, two thirds of them are Republicans, and at least 10 of them are up for a tough fight.  Per my old article GTKYG-Presidential Removal Processes, after an impeachment in the House, the Senate holds a trial.  The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court serves as judge, and the Senators comprise the jury.  A two-thirds vote is required to remove a person from office.  Assuming that every Democrat votes yes (bit of a stretch, but simple math), that leaves them 20 votes shy of removal.  One place to get those votes from is the GOP members up for reelection.  Anyone voting against removal will invite every attack ad possible about how they were protecting a criminal.

I think this ends with Trump’s resignation, but I would love to see the shitshow a trial brings.

I say that now, not realizing how much of a shitshow I’m asking for.


That’s it for Thursday.  Fuck.  Enough for today.

I’m not sure what’s coming for Friday, but if I get some time (ha ha), I’d like to clean up the site a little bit.  I’m way overdue to sort some pages.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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