Daily Check-In 01/19/2018


It’s satisfying when previous reporting gets picked up by the Main Stream Media.

Following up on the release of the House Intelligence Committee’s interview transcripts with Fusion GPS, news organizations are parsing through the 10+ hours of Glenn Simpson’s testimony.  There are several juicy nuggets in there.  Among them, Simpson goes into detail about Trump’s connections to Russian Organized Crime, and how his resorts and golf courses are giant money pit.

Back in Money Laundering I described Donald Trump’s business empire like The Producers; he makes money when his projects fail, and only makes something when he has to.  This applies double to his resorts and golf courses.

When a normal, law-abiding citizen wants to build a golf course, they’ll do their research, see if it’s a viable option and if they would make money, then raise capital and/or take out loans to fund the construction.  They would usually pick a place that either doesn’t have a golf course but has expressed a desire for one, or pick a place where there aren’t enough golf courses.  The quality of the course will be determined by the prices they wish to charge, the services they offer, and the clientele they wish to draw.  The same thing goes with resorts.  It doesn’t make monetary sense to put a fancy, high priced club in the middle of a dozen other clubs that are more prestigious, better adorned, and cost less to use.  Construction costs are kept as low as possible, all debts are paid at the end of the project, and quality people are hired to fill key positions.

When Trump makes one of his money laundering deals with an Oligarch, the mission isn’t creating a successful club, but making as much money as possible, and getting out quick.  Trump’s team will pick a location that is usually overwhelmed with better golf clubs and has shown no desire for his brand of “luxury.”  They will build average or below average courses, at least compared to the local competition, and they will set a ridiculously high price point while either using lower quality construction crews that were cheap, or he’d stiff his contractors claiming they did a lousy job.  Debts are accrued at a record pace, funding brought in from illegal sources, then the money is distributed among Trump and his Oligarch investors while everyone else that joined on gets screwed.  Trump will take out a mortgage or two on the property with crazy terms, with no intention of ever paying the money back.  The reputation of the course craters, and eventually he declares bankruptcy while his investors are left holding the bag.

That’s Trump’s resort business in a nutshell; a front for money laundering.

It’s even more obvious when the money comes from a Russian bank, which became Trump’s primary source of financing in the late 2000’s.

The more attention this aspect of Trump’s behavior gets public scrutinization, the sooner he’s removed from office.



Speaking of money laundering, DB’s back in the news.  This time, they’ve informed Robert Mueller and federal authorities about unusual transactions for Jared Kushner.

Jared is in some very deep debt that is due soon, and is up to his eyeballs in all kinds of legal matters, including money laundering, perjury, obstruction of justice, and possible espionage charges.



Dipshit Cowpoke is at it again.

This time, Devin Nunes circulating a memo around Congress trying to lay out all of the ways that Obama and crew abused FISA and 702, and that the bill that just passed both houses of Congress needs to be vetoed by Trump.

This is complete and total bullshit.  How do I know?  Let me count the ways…

  • Representative Devin Nunes has no credibility.
  • Everyone who saw it that isn’t one of his pals says the memo is a crock of shit.
  • FISA subsection 702 covers surveillance on foreign nationals located on foreign soil.  Not foreigners in America, or Americans outside of the country.
  • Russia, specifically Putin, does not like 702.
  • WikiLeaks, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden have been attacking this bill and pushing for this memo to be released.
  • The #releasethememo hashtag is being pushed almost entirely by Russian bots and trolls.
  • Nunes has run interference for Trump on several occasions.  Unmasking, 702, Trump Towers “wiretap”, hamstringing the Russian Investigation, blocking the Fusion GPS transcripts.

Nunes is complicit, and in WAY over his head.



Leave it to the current version of the GOP to fail to keep the Government operating while they are in control of everything.

It’s 4pm EST right now.  I’ll update this later in the night, see how this goes.



That’s 73 percent of weekends in his first year as President. Remember when he said Obama golfed too much?

38 weekends.  Each one of them at taxpayer expense.  Each one them charging the United States Government for use of his facilities to ensure that he received the protection required by law.  He made money off of this by forcing the Secret Service and other agencies to use his equipment.

What makes this worse than it sounds is that out of the remaining 14 weekends, 5 of them were at Camp David, the secured facility traditionally used for Presidential retreats, and another 4 were on foreign trips.

14 – 5 – 4 = 5.  5 weekends in the White House…almost.

On those weekends, he’d usually go down to his club in Sterling, VA. for a round of golf during the day, or the Trump International Hotel in D.C. for a fundraising dinner.

Plus, most of those were 3 day weekends, and he refuses to do actual work on those trips unless absolutely necessary.

Remember, there’s a large group of people out there praising his work ethic.



Take this with a grain of salt, but this might explain a few things.

So, Omarosa, Trump’s black friend from The Apprentice, worked in the White House doing… no one has a clue what she did.  But she was there.  Until she wasn’t several weeks ago, when she was fired while quitting, and reportedly escorted off of the premises.

Around the same time, there was a new security policy announced that personal cell phone use would not be permitted in work areas.

Supposedly, Omarosa would use her iPhone to record conversations as her way of taking notes.  Word got around that she was doing this, and planned to sell her story when she left.



This is a thread that needs to be tugged.

This post includes a very in-depth timeline of Russian interference and infiltration into the National Rifle Association going back to 2011.  This lines up with the introduction of the Magnitsky Act into Congress.  Putin made stopping this bill the centerpiece of his administration.  He saw how much damage it could do to him and his allies, and wanted to prevent it at all costs.

The timeline really picks up in November 2012, when Torshin was invited by G. Kline Preston to observe the 2012 elections.

Torshin was charged with money laundering in Spain, and only avoided arrest because he was tipped off by a corrupt Russian prosecutor.

Let’s see where this leads us.



Time for another update on this universe’s 6th biggest story of the week. The President had an affair with a Porn Star.

This time, it’s regret.  According to her 2011 interview, Stormy later felt regret at her affair with Trump, and she also felt sorry for what she did to Melania.

I’m going to assume that she’s not the only woman who ever felt regret at having sex with Donald Trump.  Disgust, fear, and loathing are probably other common reactions.

Another tidbit of information.  Remember in Daily Check-In 01/18/2018 when I mentioned she was spanking him with a rolled up Forbes Magazine?  Turns out that it had his face on it, and he brought it with him.  He was getting spanked with his own likeness.

I’m pretty sure that this clicks a checkbox or two on the Narcissistic Personality Inventory Test.


That’s it for now.  I’m publishing this earlier in the day, knowing full well that I’ll likely be back later tonight with some crazy shit.



Thank you, and have a good one.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”  –

Katy Tur

3 thoughts on “Daily Check-In 01/19/2018

    1. One group that I’ve been following for the last year is Run for Something at https://www.runforsomething.net/ They focus on getting younger people to run for office for the first time.

      Part of the reason we’re in the craziness we’re in today is that there’s not enough people involved in politics, and it’s left to the same old people causing the same old problems.

      They may not have an immediate impact, but several of their candidates have won across the country, and they’ve helped put people on ballots all over. These people running for office today for the first time will be running for Congress or Senate in 10 years.


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