Daily Check-In 01/18/2018


Remember back in Daily Check-In 10/2/2017 when I said Fuck the NRA?

Or how about in  Holiday Weekend Check-In Thanksgiving 2017 when the Daily Caller, of all places, reported that Russians had infiltrated the NRA?

Well, consider this a confirmation post.  Allow me a moment to gloat…


The FBI is investigating the National Rifle Association for their ties to Russian Oligarchs, and their use as a middle man for the Russians and the Republican Party.

Aleksander Torshin, a Russian Oligarch with very close ties to Putin and avid gun nut, reportedly worked with the NRA to help them funnel millions of dollars into the Republican Party.  Initial reported figures are about $55 million, but this doesn’t include the $15 million that didn’t need to be reported to the Federal Election Committee since they were spent on online advertisements.

55 + 15 = 70.  $70 million.  That’s a fuckton of money.

We already know that Torshin set up a meeting with Donnie Jr. at the May 2016 NRA convention.  And we know that Sheriff David Clarke was in Russia at the same time that Mike Flynn was meeting with Putin.

Here’s David Clarke sitting around a table with the NRA President, Aleksander Torshin, Pete Brownell (President of the NRA) and Dmitry Rogozin (Russian Deputy Prime Minister).


This photo came from RT.  Here’s another version with more people identified:

Image result for david clarke torshin

The NRA is now part of the Russian Investigation.

Why is this so big?

The NRA is the largest gun manufacturing lobby in America, and the largest single donor to the Republican Party for more than 40 years.  They’re set up so that part of their group can donate money without disclosing where it came from or where it’s going, which makes it perfect for laundering foreign money into campaigns.  Plus, there’s the emotional part.

A lot of Americans are members of the NRA.  Many gun clubs and gun ranges demand that all members join.  I used to be a member of the NRA because my family had a membership to a gun club when I was growing up, and the family rates were cheaper.  Americans love their guns, and many of them equate the NRA with the right to own guns.

There’s also a lot of Americans that see them for what they are; a borderline terrorist organization that stands directly in the way of enacting any semblance of common sense laws that would prevent the countless mass murders that only occur in America.

The NRA is one of those institutions in America that people looked up to.  They trust it, believe what they said, often against their better judgement.  But many people see through it.

According to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, his research had found that Russia had infiltrated the NRA.  More on that later.



This is going to end up biting Trump in the ass.

Supposedly, Trump had a lawyer talking to Bannon’s lawyer during the testimony a couple days ago, and they were coordinating on which questions Steve would answer.

This Busch League Bullshit might work for a very partisan House Committee that doesn’t want to find the truth, but it won’t work with the Special Counselor.



It’s about fucking time.

The House Intelligence Committee voted to release their transcripts from their interview with Fusion GPS.  This was a majority vote, though I don’t have the actual numbers.

There’s bound to be quite a bit of meat in this interview.  We’ve already seen reports about Russia’s attempts to infiltrate the NRA and other conservative groups, as well as the Kremlin Purge following the release of the Steele Dossier.




Everyone’s favorite Fake Doctor Nazi has an outstanding warrant for his arrest from Hungary.  It appears to be for a weapons charge, but no other details have come forward yet.  The warrant was issued in 2016.  Seb served in the White House in 2017.

I’ve talked at length about the SF-86, the security form used by the United States Government for granting a security clearance.  There’s a section where it asks if you have any warrants out for your arrest from any government body, including foreign countries.

If he said yes, then this could explain the rumors I’ve heard about him having his security clearance pulled.

If he said no, he committed perjury, and is looking at 2 years in prison.  If he said no and they caught him, that would also explain his lack of a security clearance.



NBC reports that SCL, the parent company of Cambridge Analytica, filed a FARA registration for their work against Qatar.

SCL owns Cambridge Analytica, the data firm owned by the Mercer family that used micro targeting to precisely choose specific voters and groups to hit with propaganda, and also which voters to suppress.

They were working for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia in a campaign to smear Qatar, accusing them of being a terrorist state.  They accepted $333,000 from the Saudi government for this work.

This filing is huge, and in almost any other universe would be the biggest story of the day.  This comes after Mueller’s interviews with Brad Pascale, after the FBI acquired their emails, and before Steve Bannon talks to Mueller voluntarily.  This is a retroactive filing, which is almost always done as a Cover Your Ass (CYA) move when a party expects to get hit with the Hammer of Justice.  This is often to mitigate other sentences, or reduce jail time to a fine.

Mueller is coming for them.  No quarter will be taken, and none given.



Remember when the President having an extra marital affair wasn’t the fourth biggest story of the day?  Or how about a quaint old time when there wasn’t even a hint of incest in the air?

I no longer try to guess what’s at the bottom of the barrel.  Between Trump, Russia, Porn Stars, Human Trafficking, China, and some accusations of pedophilia, I have no doubts to the sickness and depravity of these people.  Combine that with a vivid imagination and Trump’s ability to do the absolute worth thing possible, I’m half expecting the mole in the campaign to be Tiffany Trump, and her turning him in is her revenge for him raping her as a child.

So, when I hear that Stormy Daniels had sex with Donald Trump, I’m not surprised.  There was likely some money and/or favors involved.

When I hear that Donald asked Stormy to autograph his DVD copy of “3 Wishes”, I’m not surprised.  From what I hear it’s a good movie.

When I hear that she spanked him with a copy of Forbes Magazine, I’m not surprised.  There’s some psychological thing about him and money.  Either that, or it was the only thing lying around.

When I hear that he refused to wear a condom, I am once again not surprised.  Trump admitted to not wearing condoms during the 1980’s AIDS scare.  Plus, condoms don’t work that well on a micropenis.

When I hear that Trump told Stormy that she “reminded him of Ivanka” after they had sex, I wish I could say I’m surprised.  But I can’t.  Not even close to surprised.

Don’t get me wrong, comparing someone you just had sex with to your child is pretty fucking sick.  But I’m not surprised that Donald Trump would do this.  My level of surprise at this is like when you watch a video of a kid trying to do a complicated skateboard trick, and he falls and hurts himself.  You knew it was gonna happen, but you hold out hope that maybe, just maybe this won’t end in disaster.  Then the skateboard breaks and the kid smashes his nuts on the railing.



The Wall Street Journal reports that Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, used a private company and a false name to pay the $130,000 settlement to Stormy Daniels to keep her silent during the election.

The company was named Essential Consultants, LLC.  This company was created on October 17, 2016, less than a month before the election.  The payment was made to Peggy Patterson.

Who’s Peggy Patterson?  Why that’s Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels.

Last night on Rachel Maddow, one of the reporters working this story (I think Michael Rothfield) mentioned that Stormy had given him a rider sheet for the settlement that listed the names and abbreviations used in the settlement, and who they represented in this case.  There were blank spaces for the company name and lawyer name.

This reeks of a standardized form letter, which tells me that this was far from the first time that Trump’s team paid off a woman’s silence.

How many times have they pulled this shit?


That’s it for today.  This has been one hell of a day, and there’s no sign that tomorrow will be any different.  I forgot to mention that Corey L. testified yesterday before the HIC, and pulled the same shit that Bannon pulled.  I have a special hatred for him, but I’ll go into that at a later time.

There’s a lot going on, and I need to do a sanity check.  I think what I’ll try to do this weekend is update the Russian Hypothesis, and add in what’s changed, what I’ve learned, what has been confirmed, and what’s been rumored.  One of the problems with running this site is trying to keep track of everything, but at the same time, not sounding like a complete and total lunatic when describing what’s going on.  Sometimes I feel like I’m 2 minutes away from arguing for 12 foot tall Norsemen that live in a hole under the North Pole.  But then I see the shit that’s going on and remember how when I was a kid in elementary school, one day we were told the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.  After going through the whole story, we got to the point where the kid pointed that he was naked, and all of the adults berated him.  I didn’t understand then why they were mad at a kid for telling the truth.  It helped build a healthy skepticism in me, and I’ve never been one to avoid calling bullshit when I see it.

Right now, we’re living through that story.  For the past couple years, the sycophants are telling Trump how great he is, how amazing he is, and how blessed we are to have him.  I’m still that kid pointing and saying he’s naked.  Now, I’m older, fatter, balder, uglier, and screaming “THAT LOOKS LIKE A PENIS, ONLY SMALLER!”


Thank you, and have a good one.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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