Daily Check-In 01/08/2018

It’s Monday. I wonder what happened today?


This happened back in December, but was just confirmed over the weekend. Mueller met with Trump’s legal team to discuss how they’re going to interview the President. Trump’s lawyers want the Special Counselor to let him write answers down. Mueller wants a full interview, and may subpoena the President to get that.

Trump is fucked if he has to testify. He is a pathological liar. He can’t help but lie. He lies about stupid shit, like the weather and what time it is.


This isn’t much of a surprise, considering his bullshit tactics on Friday with Christopher Steele.

There is a workaround to get the transcript in the open. A Senator can introduce classified information into the public record by reading it on the floor of the Senate. This happened before with the Pentagon Papers back during the Vietnam War.


Something happened to Lindsey Graham back in December. He went from being a harsh critic of Trump to actively carrying his water. This all happened after Lindsey played a round of golf with Trump.


I’ve got two hypotheses.

First, the carrot. Trump’s Cabinet is falling apart, and there are several rumored positions opening up soon. Secretary of State, Interior, EPA, Attorney General, and possibly a few others. Trump gave Graham the wine and dine, and offered him a position if he’d help with the investigation.

Second, the stick. During the golf trip, Trump told Lindsey about what he knew about the investigation, including that Lindsey was implicated by accepting money from Russia, or some other Kompromat. Remember, Lindsey took $800,000 from Russian Americans connected to Putin for his re-election campaign, even though he wasn’t running for Senate in 2016. If Lindsey doesn’t want to go to prison, he’ll stop the investigation.

I think it’s a mix of these two. Lindsey’s former campaign manager, Chris Ferry, worked for Paul Manafort at the Davis Manafort consulting company, and his name is on some deals with Oleg Deripaska and other oligarchs. There is something that scared Lindsey.

I am honestly saddened by Lindsey’s heel turn. Heel turn is a wrestling term for someone becoming a bad guy. He was one of the few Senators who was putting country over party, only to go full Trump. What’s crazier is the timing. Trump is a cancer to anyone seeking re-election, and his popularity is dragging down everything he touches. Everyone he endorsed in November and December lost. Record numbers of Republicans are not running for re-election in 2018. The rays are fleeing the ship. So why join now?

That’s it for today. Things are heating up. The Rumor Mill is abuzz with activity. Each time something big happens, there’s an influx of troll activity. And things have been heating up recently. Combine this with the news of Mueller wanting to talk to Trump, and we’re in for some crazy shit.

Thank you, and have a good one.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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