Daily Check-In 11/30/2017

It’s the end of November. I wonder if the month will end on a quiet note…


Trump Asked Senators to End Russian Investigation

Over the Summer of 2017, Trump repeatedly asked Senators Richard Burr, Mitch McConnell, and Roy Blunt, and others to find a way to swiftly end the Russian Investigation.

This isn’t a “sources say” or “it was told to us”.


So did Mitch McConnell and Roy Blunt.

Other Republican Senators also had similar conversations, but none of them went on the record. Bob Corker and Lindsey Graham are likely on that list.

The excuse they gave to cover for Trump was “He didn’t know, he’s new at this.”

Bullshit. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and he’s in deep shit BECAUSE he asked the Director of the FBI to do the EXACT SAME THING!

This is textbook Obstruction of Justice, at least with corrupt intent.

Here’s the list of people he asked to end the Russian Investigation:

  • FBI Director James Comey
  • Senator Richard Burr
  • Senator Roy Blunt
  • Senator Mitch McConnell
  • Director of National Intelligence Dan Coates
  • NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers
  • CIA Director Mike Pompeo

Mercer Funded Project Veritas

The billionaire Mercer family has been funding Project Veritas, in direct violation of the groups filing as a non-political non-profit.

As if any further proof was needed, there is a direct line between James O’Keefe, Donald Trump, Robert Mercer, and Steve Bannon.

Creating propaganda for someone partaking in espionage is itself an extension of espionage, and is a capital offense.

Phillips from PV Attempted to Infiltrate Washington Post for Months

Speaking of Project Veritas, Jaime Phillips tried for months to get dirt on any journalist she could, and attempted to befriend several members of the Washington Post, each under different aliases.

This isn’t just a one-time op, this was an ongoing act of aggression and fraud, and she should be punished accordingly.

White House Leaks Plan to Replace SecState Tillerson with CIA Director Pompeo

Pompeo is a good little sycophant, and this is their attempt to embarrass Rex into quitting.

Erdogan Authorized Iran Gold Scheme


Here is a blow by blow of Zarrab’s testimony. It’s a How-To guide on laundering money using gold.

Maddow Clip with 19 Russian Contacts

From Wednesday Night.

Trump Administration Mulls Privatizing Intelligence

Team Trump is floating the idea of using a private company for various Intelligence tasks like counterterrorism efforts, rendition, and covert operations that may fall outside the definition of legal.

In other words, Trump’s personal Secret Police.

Several IC officials said this plan has no chance of getting off the ground.

One piece of the article struck me pretty hard, though.

Amyntor Group is a reclusive company headquartered in Whitefish, Montana, a town of 6,500 residents that recently gained notoriety after a company based there won, then lost, a $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto Rico’s electrical grid. There is no known relationship between the two companies.

Whitefish, Montana. Home of Whitefish Energy and Ryan Zinke.

Old Golf Interview Brings Back Shady Stuff About Trump, Epstein

There is some truly disturbing things in the article, aside from calling a passerby “First Rate Pussy.”

Trump was waiting for his buddy Jeffrey Epstein to show up, and he made some comments about him liking younger girls. He shows up in tow with a girl who is obviously underage, but dressed up to look older.

Nothing happened on the plane with the reporters present, but they did note it was creepy AF.

Epstein has been accused of running a child prostitution ring, and is a convicted sex offender.

From the Archive: Trump and Human Trafficking

Speaking of human trafficking, here is a story that got lost in the noise last year.

Roger Stone’s Time in the Barrel Coming Soon

SPOILER: He was working with the Russians.

Republican Donors Skittish about Giving Donations

Maybe because they can’t get anything to pass?

Scarborough: Trump has Early Stages of Dementia

White House staff told Joe this, which I’m torn about.

On the one hand, dementia is a terrible disease that I’ve witnessed first hand and would only wish on the worst of the worst, like Donald Trump. I used to say no one, but there are some truly evil people in the world, and he’s one of them. The thought of him losing his mind and shitting his pants as his kids ignore him fills me with glee.

On the other, I want him to stay lucid long enough to see his entire world collapse around him, and watch his empire torn down, brick by brick.

Best case scenario, both happen. He keeps his mind long enough to watch everything fall apart, and loses his mind in prison.

That’s it for Thursday. And Friday is looking to be frigging HUGE. Not just a normal news dump, either. The Rumor Mill is a little too happy for a day with a bunch of doom and gloom. They see that much of this is projection.

I’m going to try to get Friday’s post finished on Friday. Not only do I have a lot on my plate this weekend, but I’ve got a feeling I want to see what happens.

EDIT: As of Friday Morning, Mike Flynn is under arrest. More as that develops.

Thank you, and have a good one.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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