Daily Check-In 8/16/2017

Holy Shit, It’s Only Wednesday!

Fallout from the most racist political speech of the 21st century continues. The Joint Chiefs of Staff all repudiated Trump’s comments about Nazis, as did almost everyone with a pulse, except the Republicans in the House of Representatives. Some did, but not many.

That list of repudiations included more CEO’s from Trump’s two business councils. This afternoon, both councils voted to disband. As the manufacturing council was wrapping up their conference call, Trump announced on Twitter he was disbanding them.

Trump rage quit his own ceremonial advisory councils. I guess the tutorial level of POTUS 45 was too hard.

Vice President Mike Pence cut his European trip short and is heading home. Not sure why, but it could be that Trump is circling the wagons. Talk about 25th’ing Trump has intensified.

Of course Pence “stands by Trump.” Closer to put the knife in his back.

Everyone clamorous for Pence, realize he is straight up evil AND competent. And complicit.

Yesterday I reported about a rumor about Mueller issuing two subpoenas to Trump, one as an individual, the other as the CEO of Trump Org. I’m still vetting that source, but supposedly he’s ex-Secret Service. If I hear more, I’ll say more.

One weird story from an hour ago, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was reassigned from Mueller’s team to the HR department. That’s a weird move. It’s not uncommon for people under investigation, awaiting a new assignment, or on someone’s shit list to get assigned this way, but this move sounds a little too peculiar. Especially since a move this high profile would require sign-off from the new FBI Director, Chris Wray. Let’s see what happens.

A big story broke from the NYT from Ukraine. There is a witness that ties the Russians to the DNC hacking. Who is this witness?

Profexor. The hacker who wrote the tools that did the job.

He sold the scripting tool to a hacker associated with Fancy Bear, one of the main GRU teams, along with Cozy Bear. They used the tool to hack the DNC.

When Profexor heard that his tool was used to hack the United States, he turned himself in to Ukraine Police back in January. They made him available to the FBI for interviews. At the same time, an FBI Special Agent who is an expert on Cyber Security. I’m sure it was a complete coincidence …

Russia’s favorite Representative, Dana Rohrbacher, has met with Julian Assange. No Russian collusion there. Just a random politician with a Pro-Russian stance meeting in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London with the head of Wikileaks, a supposed front for releasing intelligence gathered by the Russians through illicit means. Nothing to see here…

According to Claude, Deutchebank and their connections with Trump are under investigation by Mueller.

How in the fuck does a President have their worst week ever while on vacation?

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