Daily Check-In 8/15/2017

There are some decades where nothing happens. And then there are weeks where decades happen. – Lenin

All you need is love. – Lennon

So, where to begin? Hmmm… oh, I know, the Nazi Sympathizer in the White House. No, the other one. No, that one. No, the OTHER ONE.

You'd think at this point we couldn't be any more shocked at President Trump's behavior, but then he opens his mouth.

There are three basic rules of government speeches. Nazi's are bad, Founding Fathers are good, don't play the victim after a national calamity.

Trump, moments after being very wishy-washy about whether or not what James Fields did was terrorism, promptly blamed the victims for the violence against them, tried to claim that they were the real threat, said that there were good people on "all sides", especially the Nazis, and attacked George Washington and Thomas Jefferson for owning slaves, then somehow turned it over to how he was a victim because he owns a winery in Charlottesville.

Let that sink in for a moment. Think about what I just wrote. Then, imagine for a moment on how hard it has to be to fuck up that big.

The President is, on top of being a traitor, a rapist, a criminal, and a complete idiot, a blatant racist and Nazi Sympathizer.

I'm wondering what the polls will look like next week. They were already trending to historic lows before Charlottesville.

More members of the Trump Manufacturing Board left today. Trump attacked the AFL-CIO, Merck, Intel, and Under Armour faster than the KKK.

More details are coming out about how the emails released yesterday tie the campaign closer to Russia.

So, back in the day, Trump tried to open a casino in Sydney. Our cousins down Under said "crikey no, you're all wallabalooed with the mafia." Ok, they probably didn't say that, but they refused to let him build a casino due to his mafia ties. More info Here.

The Rumor Mill had two bigger stories today. Take all of this with a grain of salt.

Claude posted a story earlier about how Mueller's team is looking into Wilbur Ross, Secretary of Commerce, for connections to money laundering through Duetche Bank and the Bank of Cyprus.

Louise posted a long story going into about JetStreamer, or StreamJet, and their connections to Trump Modeling, Russian Mafia, and Putin. This was the airline that she claims was used to shuttle the women and girls from Europe to the United States. There were lots of shared web hosting, addresses, P.O. Box's, and contact information. There's a big, tangled web.

I'm wrapping this up before Rachel Maddow starts.

Good night.

EDIT: So, huge grain of salt with this one, but according to another twitter source that I need to check, Mueller served Trump with a subpoena yesterday. Two, actually. One as Donald Trump, and one as CEO of Trump Org. We'll see what happens.

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