Daily Check-In 8/8/2017


The big story today is all North Korea. A story came out about them being able to put a nuke on a missile.

I might be having a mini panic attack if not for Rachel Maddow. The same story came out in 2013 about NK. But this time they might actually have gotten there.

Two crazy people with nuclear weapons, engaged in saber rattling.

There's a good chance this is all bluster, trying to distract from some big shit coming down the pipeline. Then again, Trump is just crazy enough to do something.

Considering everyone in the government is on vacation, I wouldn't expect anything coming from Mueller's team until Congress is back in session.

Per Bloomberg, the Trump Campaign has turned over tens of thousands of documents to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

North Korea is ugly. There isn't a pretty solution in my opinion. They are a nation of racist midgets. Due to sanctions that have continued for generations, malnutrition has taken a toll on them. One quarter of their men are mentally challenged to the point that they can't serve in the military. They're so short that in most countries, the average North Korean would be classified as a midget. Most of their equipment is Soviet era, and not well maintained.

North Korea is like a short, drunk guy in a bar fight. Nothing too dangerous, and pretty funny to watch, but then he pulls out a gun.

I'm going to work on the UI on this site over the next week or two. I also want to fill out the Get To Know Your Government series. Let's see how that goes.

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