Daily Check-In 8/7/2017

It’s Monday.  I wonder what could possibly go wrong this week.

First off, get ready for something big to hit this week.  Why?  Donald Trump went on yet another tweetstorm where he decried all of the media as “Fake News.”  It wasn’t all CAPS like his rants that occurred before the Jared Kushner bombshells and the details of the Comey leaks, but Trump did list every news organization that has wronged him at some point recently.  ABC, WaPo, NYT, CNN, CBS, NBC.  I’m half surprised he didn’t mention the CBN or QVC.

Also in his tweetstorm, Trump attacked Senator Blumenthal for some comments he made about Trump.  Trump attacked Blumenthal’s military service when he served during Vietnam, and was once misquoted as “in” and not “during.”  This from a man who received 5 draft deferments in college.  4 were for being and college, and the last was a medical deferment for bone spurs in his feet.  Funny, he had the courage to play multiple varsity sports in college through the “agony” of bone spurs, but couldn’t serve his country when they called.  At least Blumenthal was in the Marine Reserves.

On the propaganda front, TrumpTV hired Kayleigh McEnany from CNN to host his attempt at state run media.  If anyone ever claims to be the “Real source of truth”, question everything they say.  This is a classic tool used by propagandists to discredit and defame the sources of news coming against them, in an attempt to manipulate the perception of events.  On top of that, she’s also landed a job with the Republican National Committee.  This is some straight up Communist Party shit right here.

There’s an interesting development in the Bot War.  Looks like the Russian Bot Net is setting its sights on members of the Republican Party.  Within the last couple days, tweets with #ResignPaulRyan, #TrumpTV, #Magnitsky, #Fake and #ConfessYourUnpopularOpinion have skyrocketed in use, and almost completely from twitter users identified as Russian Bots.  It’s interesting that Trump’s team has turned their attention towards his own party.  A twitter fight, Trump’s ravings, combined with a propaganda initiative, almost sounds like they’re getting ready for something.  What is that something?

Several stories and op-eds were released today, talking about how the Russian Investigation is heating up, Mueller’s team gets closer every day, and how it’s only a matter of time before the fecal matter hits the spinning mechanical air cooling device.  On top of these pieces, the Washington Post released a large story about how Trump is personally profiting off of the Trump Hotel at the old Post Office Building at 1100 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, D.C.  The reporters spent six months studying the hotel, and found some very interesting back-scratching going on, like fundraisers thrown for the chairman of the congressional committee that holds the lease to the hotel and Putin’s favorite congressman, Dana Rohrbacher.

The Rumor Mill’s firing on all cylinders today.  The inside staffers were talking about some unusual activity in the White House, there was a considerable amount of chatter about Russian Bots, and then there’s Claude and Louise.

As always, take everything from them with a grain of salt, but Claude reports that his source with the NYAG says that Schneiderman has impaneled a grand jury against Trump Organization for Enterprise Corruption charges.  Enterprise Corruption is the state version of RICO in New York.  RICO, Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, is the mob breaker.  These are the statutes that allow the state or federal government to charge the heads of an organization with benefiting from the crimes committed by those under their employ, even if they didn’t do the crime themselves.  This has been used to take down several mob families and gangs.  Claude pointed out how unusually fast the state process was moving.

For Louise, she released a story today about how Rex Tillerson is about to go up shit creek without a paddle.  New York is looking at him for his “Wayne Tracker” emails.  Short version:  While CEO of ExxonMobil, Rex Tillerson ran a second email account under the name of Wayne Tracker that he used to harass climate scientists who were hurtin ExxonMobil.  These mails, which were not originally identified as belonging to Rex, and were not handed over when originally subpoenaed.  When they were handed over, many were missing.  According to Louise’s article, New York is looking at him for criminal fraud charges.

Remember, State charges cannot be pardoned by the President of the United States.

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