Daily Check-In 8/9/2017

HSIOW. Holy Shit, It's Only Wednesday!

Today's big story, the FBI executed a search warrant on Paul Manafort's home in Alexandria, VA., on July 26th. This raid was conducted at 02:frigging-early, before the sun came up. This was the day after he testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee. According to the report from the Washington Post, Mueller's team didn't trust that Paul would hand over all of his documents.

Yes, Robert Mueller's team executed the warrant.

The theory being thrown around is that Mueller's team is coming after Manafort for other crimes, and will use that leverage against Trump. This could be a possible Ponzi scheme involving his son-in-law, tax matters, financial disclosure issues, or just some unpaid parking tickets.

The National Enquirer attacked Paul Manafort. Why is that even a thing? The family that owns the NE? Kushner. Yep, that Kushner. On top of that, Trump uses the tabloid to attack everyone from HRC to Kim Jong-Un. What does this mean? I think it means that he's cutting Paul loose, letting him twist in the wind.

North Korea is still a thing. Following yesterday, that's a good sign.

Per Rachel Maddow, Trump is trying to fill Eastern New York US Attorney with a partner of Mark Kasowitz, and Southern New York with a partner of Rudy Giuliani.

Back to Manafort. The search warrant was executed on July 26th. That was the morning of the Transgender Military Ban tweets. Also that morning, Trump bitching about how Acting FBI Director McCabe should have been fired.

A couple nights ago, a story broke about how two Republican Congressional staffers were sent to Britain to find Christopher Steele. None of the Congress members on the Intelligence Committee investigating Russia knew about this trick. Turns out it was Devin Nunes. One of Special Agent Dipshit Cowpoke's staffers authorized the trip, using committee funds. Devin is making it Mueller's case on him pretty easy. These are the actions of a conspirator attempting to obstruct an investigation.

A major climate change article was leaked to NYT. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, let alone comment on it. I hope to soon.

A large chicken with a bad combover was inflated behind the White House.

Recently, Jeff Flake, the other Republican Senator from Arizona, released an op-ed lambasting the Republican Party and its embrace of Trump. Flake has been a constant target of Trump's bullying, and is up for reelection in 2018. Trump's team has already threatened to "primary" him. Flake could simply be doing the math about whether dealing with Trump's bullshit is worth it, or this could be the signal that the GOP needs to separate itself from the MAGA crowd.

Remember, it's only Wednesday.

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