Daily Check-In 01/22/2019

Tuesday, January 22, 2019




This is coming from CNN and it cites Sam Nunberg as the source, but it lines up with what we’ve been reporting since at least November 2017 (Daily Check-In 11/20/2017).  Special Counselor Robert Mueller’s investigative scope includes the Trump Campaign’s ties to the National Rifle Association and their role as a middleman for Russian influence and money.

Let’s cover this with a brief history lesson.  Back in the fall of 2012, the U.S. was in an election between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  While this was going on, the Senate was debating the Magnitsky Act.  Putin really didn’t want this to go forward, so he would need to find a way to kill this if it became law.  The Russians realized that both parties could be influenced through their donor networks, but the Republicans were more susceptible than the Democrats.  Plus, Putin didn’t like Obama or anyone he surrounded himself with.  Russia sends Alexander Torshin to become best friends with the head of the NRA, and even gets invited to watch the election with the NRA leadership.  Over the next few years, Torshin and his protege Maria Butina wiggle their way into the NRA, and find out how to get direct influence over the Republican Party.

Money.  Lots and lots of money.

The NRA helps the Kremlin launder a lot of Russian money into the Republican Party by the use of it’s lobbying groups, PAC’s, and Super-PAC’s.  Especially the ones that aren’t required to disclose who donated to them.  The Russians gave money to stand-ins in the United States like Len Blavatnik, a Ukrainian-born American citizen, and those stand-ins take the money from Russia and donate it to the NRA.  The NRA then doles out that money, along with other funds they’ve accumulated to hide the source, out to Trump and other major GOP candidates in 2016.  This is done in coordination with the GOP leadership, like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.

What’s interesting about this isn’t that Mueller is looking into the NRA, but we have confirmation that they’ve known for a while.  Sam Nunberg interviewed with the grand jury back on Daily Check-In 03/09/2018.  That’s almost a year ago.  Since then, Maria Butina was arrested for being a Russian spy and a whole lot of other insidious connections between the Russians and the GOP have come to light. (2018 Retrospective)  If they knew this 9 months ago, they’ve only learned more information since.

Personally, I look forward to the destruction of the NRA, at least in its current form.


Nine days after Donald Trump won the presidency, as scores of supporters clamored for meetings with his transition team, the Hollywood producer of “The Apprentice,” Mark Burnett, reached out to one of Trump’s closest advisers to see if he would sit down with a banker who has long held ties to Russia.

The banker, Robert Foresman, never got the role he was seeking with the fledgling Trump administration. But he has recently attracted the attention of congressional investigators as one more name on an expanding list of Americans with established ties inside the Kremlin who appears to have been seeking access to the newly elected president’s inner circle, according to three sources familiar with the matter.

Foresman, who is now vice chairman of the Swiss bank UBS’s investment arm, lived for years in Moscow, where he led a $3 billion Russian investment fund and was touted by his new company as someone who maintains connections to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. Reached by phone, Foresman declined to comment. Attorneys he has hired, including one in Washington who was hired to deal with the congressional probe, also declined to discuss the matter.

Remember the name Robert Foresman.  I’ve got a feeling we’ll hear more about him in the future.  As well as Mark Burnett’s shenanigans.


What’s the BuzzFeed?

On Monday, his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said “the proposal was in the earliest stage,” and he went on to tell the New Yorker that “no plans were ever made. There were no drafts. Nothing in the file.”

However, hundreds of pages of business documents, emails, text messages, and architectural plans, obtained by BuzzFeed News over a year of reporting, tell a very different story. Trump Tower Moscow was a richly imagined vision of upscale splendor on the banks of the Moscow River.

I’m waiting for Colludy to say “We drew plans, but nothing else was done,” only for that statement to be followed with a BuzzFeed report that they obtained construction permits, financing, and started selling condos.

These aren’t just a few sketches done by the art department, these are full-on plans.  An architectural firm was hired, locations scouted, financing settled.  This wasn’t a spur of the moment event, this took time.


Colludy Giuliani’s Lubing The Truth Tour




Roger Stone says on Instagram that Jerome Corsi has told Mueller the following:

-Corsi told Stone that John Podesta’s emails were stolen -Stone knew about the Access Hollywood tape in advance and told Corsi to “do something about it”

-The memo that Corsi wrote about the Podesta’s business dealings in Russia was a cover up. -Corsi’s InfoWars job was a hush money agreement.

Of course this comes from Roger Stone so take it with a huge grain of salt – but he clearly believes that Corsi has flipped on him and is cooperating with Mueller.

This follows Stone going after and others who have cooperated with Mueller.

Take everything Roger says with a grain of salt.  The only reason it’s here and not in the Rumor Mill is that it’s being reported by Scott Stedman, who has broken a few major stories of his own.  Plus, I think there’s something to this, that Stone is using this as a signal to others on Team Trump.  If you can’t whisper a secret without being caught, scream it out so loud others ignore it.













Here’s my really hot take on these kids:

They’re assholes.  Racist, misogynistic, privileged assholes.  And most of them will almost certainly grow up to be bigger assholes.  A few of them might not become bigger assholes when they’re older, and for them, I have hope.







BREAKING: Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approves Magnitsky Report 95-3 calling on all Council of Europe member states to pass Global Magnitsky Acts in their countries to sanction human rights abusers

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe report also calls on the EU to keep Sergei Magnitsky’s name on their EU Magnitsky Act initiative, and not appease Russia by deleting it as currently proposed by the Dutch government

The PACE report also chastises Russia for their persistent abuse of the Interpol Red Notice system targetting me and my campaign for justice for Sergei Magnitsky


























That’s it for Tuesday.  Expect the trickle of Trump-Russia news to continue from BuzzFeed over the next few days.  I have nothing to base this on, it’s just a hunch.  They got called out for being inaccurate, and will counter that by providing every receipt they have.

Also, I’m trying to track the Ming-Lindsey Graham stuff.  I have no clue who or what Ming is, but it has made it its mission over the next month to blow him out of the water.  I’ve talked about the rumors surrounding the Senator before, but if something arises from this, I’ll report on it here.

Quick spoiler for Wednesday: Everyone hates Trump.  New polling numbers are out, and even the generous ones show his popularity slipping.  It’s still in the 30’s, but sliding further each day.  If his support drops below 30%, expect the GOP Establishment to abandon him like they do a new black mother who they kept from getting an abortion.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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