Daily Check-In 01/16/2019

Wednesday, January 16, 2019



The day after the two meetings, as Mr. Trump was on Air Force One taking off from Germany heading back to Washington, he telephoned a Times reporter and argued that the Russians were falsely accused of election interference. While he insisted most of the conversation be off the record, he later repeated a few things in public in little-noticed asides.

Let’s think back to July 2017.  Trump meets with Putin at the G20 summit with Rex Tillerson and a translator.  Rex gives one description of the events.  Trump gives another to the reporters.  While this is going on, the New York Times prepares to launch the June 9th Meeting bombshell.  Trump finds out about this after his first meeting with Putin.  Later, during dinner, Trump moves over to Putin’s seat and they talk for 30 minutes with no Americans present.  Afterward, Putin says they talked about “adoptions.”

Adoptions are the code word for sanctions and the Magnitsky Act.  After the act was passed in the United States in December 2012, the Russians retaliated by preventing Americans from adopting Russian children.  However, the only children available for adoption at that time were critically ill or disabled.  So, all this did was prevent their most vulnerable children from being taken in by families.

Back to the events at hand.  The New York Times reaches out for comment on their upcoming story, and the press office says nothing.  Then, after dinner, Trump calls a reporter for the New York Times **cough**Maggie Haberman**cough** and tells her that the Russians are being falsely accused of attacking the United States, but it’s off the record.  Of course, Trump then repeats this shit over and over, so it’s not really off the record anymore.

Over the span of a couple days, everyone by Trump Jr. kept his mouth shut about the meeting.  That’s because Daddy wrote Jr.’s alibi and press statement.  This evolved over the next few days until Donnie Jr. released his email chain, implicating everyone involved.



Real simple: They were still taking cues from an admitted foreign agent who worked with and for Russian spies. These are foreign-backed traitors, and they must be removed at once.

They conspired – together as Americans, and with their Russian spy counterparts – to cover up their obligation to the foreigners who helped them get elected.

Manafort worked on behalf of hostile foreign powers, including transnational organized crime, to control the Executive Branch. He picked the VP. His plea deal, though heavily redacted, admits he’s been a foreign agent the whole time.

Republicans denied it, fake opposition Leftists said it was unimportant, media obscured it, regularly libeling the people trying to warn the world. But there it is in court documents. The worst case scenario. Foreign enemies seizing power.

There are no other convenient narratives. Take back your country from these criminals, or you’ll lose it. </>




Whenever I say “Peace Deal”, think “Selling out Ukraine to the Russians and trying to prop up Viktor Yanokovitch.”


Colludy Giuliani’s “Lubing the Truth” Tour

I’ve got $20 that says even more hard proof of the henchmen conspiring with Russia will be coming out in the next few weeks.  I’ve also got money riding on it snowing in this month, too.


Remember, The Justice League contains experts in everything from money laundering to cybercrime to terrorism to pulling tags off of mattresses and selling them on the black market.

In short, we’ve reached a point in the Mueller probe where there are only two scenarios left: Either the president is compromised by the Russian government and has been working covertly to cooperate with Vladimir Putin after Russia helped win him the 2016 election—or Trump will go down in history as the world’s most famous “useful idiot,” as communists used to call those who could be co-opted to the cause without realizing it.

We are now at the point where there is so much evidence of a conspiracy with the Russians that we’re left with only two conclusions.

  1. Trump is a witting Russian asset.
  2. Trump is the world’s biggest useful idiot.



Gee, what a surprise, someone screwed up and didn’t think that Trump would use his hotel to solicit bribes.
































Whatever you think of Kirsten Gillibrand, she is not responsible for Al Franken’s behavior nor his resignation. Chuck Schumer reportedly told him privately to resign before Gillibrand said anything. She was the 1st to publicly call for his resignation – by a matter of minutes. 1/

Kirsten Gillibrand doesn’t have the power to force another senator to resign. Al Franken chose to resign; he was not forced out by one senator’s statement. Or maybe you don’t like the way the accusations were handled … but Gillibrand isn’t responsible for that, either. 2/

We live in a society that minimizes sexual violence and punishes both victims & those who stand with them. Men’s careers & reputations are assigned more value than women’s lives. Think about the message you’re sending by punishing Kirsten Gillibrand for Al Franken’s behavior. 3/

The message you’re sending, whether intentional or not, is that women who speak out against men who are credibly accused of sexual assault should expect to be vilified, disparaged, and used as an example to warn others to stay silent — or face the same consequences. 4/

Our culture doesn’t like powerful women (2016? anyone?), so when a woman like Kirsten Gillibrand dares to wield any power, her motives are called into question; her courage portrayed as “opportunism”; her strength framed as ruthlessness; her conviction cast as selfishness. 5/

And for many of those replying to this thread: Remember when Republicans attacked Christine Blasey Ford? Why, when it comes to our own, do you suddenly find it acceptable to shame the woman who spoke out about the problem? You’re not an ally if your support is conditional. 6/

Again, regardless of what you think of her candidacy, Gillibrand is a leading voice on sexual assault. Her call for Al Franken to resign was entirely consistent with her principles. You say you want principled leaders, but then you vilify Gillibrand for being too principled. 7/

And for those who don’t think the allegations against Al Franken (by 8 different women) were credible: Why are you lashing out at Kirsten Gillibrand? Why aren’t you angry at Al Franken for resigning before an investigation? Perhaps because you know he resigned for good reason. 8/

Gillibrand knew she was taking a risk when she spoke out about Al Franken. Our culture reserves a special type of rage for women who report sexual violence, & it extends to women who publicly stand with victims even when it means speaking hard truths to a colleague and friend. 9/

The true test of our principles is whether we apply them to our friends just as we do our adversaries. Kirsten Gillibrand could have saved herself a lot of trouble by staying quiet about Al Franken. But that would have impeded her efforts to help survivors. So she spoke up. 10/

I was devastated when the accusations against Al Franken came out. But I was more devastated when I realized that so many self-declared progressives were willing to overlook those accusations to save a man’s career — and to ruin a woman’s career for not overlooking them. 11/

Al Franken *admitted* to wrongdoing. He said his behavior “crossed a line.” Yet Kirsten Gillibrand is receiving more anger for saying his behavior was wrong than the man who said it himself. If you don’t see a problem with that, well, maybe that’s because you’re part of it. 12/

For those who like Al Franken and blame Kirsten Gillibrand for his resignation: Have you ever considered that Franken believed resigning was the right thing to do? That maybe he didn’t want the Democratic Party to lose all credibility on matters related to sexual assault? 13/

I just hope those of you who are channeling your anger over Al Franken’s resignation at Kirsten Gillibrand will consider the bigger picture. Do you think it’s acceptable to encourage women to stay silent to protect men? Because that’s what you’re doing. 14/

Here’s the thing: Al Franken resigned. He’s gone. Blaming Kirsten Gillibrand is not going to bring him back. But you know what it will do? Unnecessarily create a rift among Democratic voters & provide a perfect target for any bad actors looking to divide the left in 2020. 15/





That’s it for Wednesday.  Thursday brings along a new revelation about Michael Cohen’s work for Trump, and ties together two questions.  How are the megachurches involved, and what did Cohen do with that $50,000 he spent on campaign IT work?


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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