Daily Check-In 01/01/2019

Tuesday, January 1, 2019



  1. Before the year is out….the evidentiary link between Wikileaks, Russian hackers, Kremlin disinformation outlet, and Donald Trump.

    In 2016, I received a phone call from someone in the intelligence world telling me to keep an eye on Sputnik that day. I did not know what….

2…it was. I was told it was a primary propaganda site operated by Russia to spew disinformation to affect global democracies, including the United States.

At this point, I am going to crush events into sequence of what happened, not what I learned when….

3…sometime before I received the call, Wikileaks had obtained John Podesta’s emails and pushed them out. One of those emails was then manipulated to make it appear as something it was not. Words from an article I wrote were placed in the mouth of a Hillary Clinton ally….

4…making it look as if even her confidantes were secretly blaming her for Benghazi. It was a fraud.

That fraudulent document was pushed onto twitter by @TEN_GOP, which posed as the Tennessee Republican Party. It was not. It was a Russian front. Mueller has since….

5…identified @ten_GOP as an account operated by Russian hackers. (It is part of indictment, see attached article.) The actual Tennessee Republican Party is a different account. I was told, in confidence by the intel guy, that the bogus document was first pushed out….

(forgot to attach article)

Fake Tennessee GOP Twitter account highlighted in indictment of 13 RussiansA defunct Twitter account is highlighted in a new federal indictment of 13 Russian nationals on Friday accused of attempting to meddle in U.S. elections.https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2018/02/16/fake-tennessee-gop-twitter-account-highlighted-indictment-13-russians/345835002/

6…now, this tweet from @TEN_GOP, the fake russian controlled account, was one of billions that day. It was traded among a group of different Russian accounts. In comes Sputnik, a Russian controlled “news” agency identified as a disinformation platform…

Nato accuses Sputnik News of being ‘Kremlin propaganda machine’Nato has accused Sputnik News of being part of a “Kremlin propaganda machine” distributing biased articles and “misinformation” to influence political opinion around the world. Oana Lungescu, the mil…https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/sputnik-news-russian-government-owned-controlled-nato-accuses-kremlin-propaganda-machine-a7574721.html

7…the writer of the Sputnik article has said that he obtained the bogus email from @TEN_GOP, a twitter account that Sputnik writers were following for some reason. The manipulated email was then used as the basis of a news article in Sputnik alleging that a Clinton confidante..

8…held her accountable for Benghazi. Since I knew the email was bogus – and that the words they were quoting out of context were mine, not the confidantes – I began to write a story.

Now, there is Sputnik (a Russian disinformation site), @TEN_GOP (part of the illegal….

9…Russian hacking effort), and the original Reddit account that pushed the document out onto the internet for the first time.

As I was typing my story, Trump was at a rally. This bogus document had been on the internet for a couple of hours. The Russian twitter accounts….

10…were pushing it around, apparently trying to make it go viral. Sputnik wrote about it.

And then, Trump read the bogus email out loud to his rally. Again, an email manipulated by Russians, pushed out by Russia, printed by Russia, into Trump’s mouth. In a couple of hours….

11…this one piece of information got from a Russian hacker to Trump.

I contacted my original source and got a few things clarified. At that moment, I understood the magnitude of what was going on involving @TEN_GOP, although I agreed not to disclose the account name….

12….I wrote the story, Newsweek printed it. And a firestorm was set off. A number of other journalists – who apparently made no attempt to contact any intelligence sources – considered it absurd that anyone would think Trump campaign had any connection to Russia. Skepticism…

13…based on personal belief, and not reporting, transformed rapidly into a coordinated defensive attack. The New York Observer, owned by Trump’s son-in-law, went after me, as did a number of other groups close to Wikileaks or Trump. In fact, according to one article….

14…about this, a number of the journalists attacking the story and me were in direct communication with each other by email, coordinating their efforts. (This attached piece is from the Daily Caller Foundation, which, whatever you think of DC, was the only publication to….)

15…do actual reporting on this matter.) Soon after, Sputnik launched an absurd attack on me, accusing me of offering bribes, lying, etc.

This ONLY ran in Sputnik. And almost immediately after it was published, the Trump Campaign emailed the link to the story to reporters….

16…covering the campaign and others. Read that again: A Russian propaganda outlet attacked an American reporter, and the Trump campaign almost immediately started pimping the story to reporters. Daily Caller Foundation is one of those that disclosed it received….

17…the email from Trump campaign. (See attached.)

18…so, here is where we stand.

Wikileaks obtains hacked Podesta emails.
Russian propagandists manipulate one email to make it say what it does not.
Russian reddit account pushes it onto internet.
Twitter account Mueller says in Russian scheme (@TEN_GOP) starts tweeting email..

19….Sputnik disinformation news service picks up bogus email from @TEN_GOPand writes bogus article.
Within an hour or so, Trump is reading the bogus email at a rally.
I write story exposing.
A group of journalists coordinate an attack on me by email….

12….Sputnik launches an attack on me accusing me of irrational crimes and lies.
Trump campaign immediately emails link to article from a Russian disinformation site to reporters, along with accusations against me.
The New York Observer, owned by Trump’s son in law Kushner….

13…picks up the Sputnik attacks and goes after me.

Reporters couldn’t see it back then. The importance of this – a back and forth link between Russian hackers, disinformation outlets and Trump campaign – seemed to unbelievable to be considered as true. But with the….

14..revelation by Mueller that @TEN_GOP was part of Russian scheme, someone must ask Trump – where did he get the bogus email? From @TEN_GOP, from Sputnik, or from some third party? And why his campaign pushing stories from a Russian disinformation site to attack the story?


ADDENDUM: Whenever I write about these kinds of issues, my feed is swarmed by Russian trolls. So, enjoy watching them appear.

This is the story of how I jumped off the fence from “Maybe there’s a bunch of coincidences” to “this is fucking treason.”

In October 2016, Trump had a campaign rally in Pennsylvania when he quoted Russian Propaganda that didn’t appear in the U.S.  This was beyond fishy, and beyond coincidence.  The chain of custody on the story went Russian Hackers > Reddit > Russian Twitter Account TEN_GOP > Sputnik and RT > Trump and Breitbart.  By the time the story hit Breitbart, it was already debunked.   And it was debunked early.  Like first thing in the morning early.  The story went from “Paul Podesta is an asshole and a liar” to “Trump is quoting doctored emails on the campaign trail.”

Yeah, the Podesta email was doctored.  That one and a few others were released with edits in them that made them especially scandalous sounding.  The RWM ran with the fakes like their lives depended on it and never once acknowledged they were fakes or that they were played for patsies.  The only reason this story was pulled as fast as it was is because Russia pulled it.  Once they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they yanked the story.  Breitbart followed suit.

What I didn’t know at the time were the coordinated attacks against Kurt by the Wikileaks crowd, led by Glenn Greenwald.  And their attack was quick.  Damn quick.  Too quick for something on the fly.  This was the kind of coordination that someone planned for, a scenario designed to protect someone or something.  And they were able to coordinate with the Trump Campaign.  Think about how well they’ve been able to coordinate ANYTHING, then realize that they were on this faster than flies on shit.

Also, remember that Breitbart was run by Steve Bannon at the time. So while he’s working on the campaign, he’s using his website to push his agenda.  Breitbart was alerted to this at the same time as Trump.

Now that we know that TEN_GOP was a Russian account, that the GRU hacked and edited the emails, they had accounts on Reddit, and that Wikileaks was the outlet Russia used to release them to provide plausible deniability, here’s the updated chain of custody.

Russian hackers from GRU> Russian account on Reddit ran from IRA > Russian Account on Twitter ran from IRA (probably same person as the Reddit account) > Russian state propaganda outlet Sputnik > Trump’s Campaign.

The only non-Russian in that link is Trump’s Campaign.  Follow that up with a coordinated email and press attack from people that were so incompetent that they could fuck up a wet dream, and we’re looking at the first evidence of treason that couldn’t be talked away as coincidence or something else.

Yes, I’m using the T word a lot more from now on.  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, swims like a duck, and tastes like a duck, it sure as shit ain’t a fucking moose.





































I’m waiting to see who else joins in the race before I throw my support behind someone, but be sure of one thing; whomever wins the Democratic Primary will most likely be my choice candidate for President.  I say most likely because I’m not sure what the political landscape will look like in two years, and I’m not sure who will be running for the Republicans in 2020.  Assuming there’s a Republican Party in 2020.





I don’t know much about this guy, or where he gets his info, but he is followed by several people that normally appear here.  My guess is that this is related to the rumored list of senators that took Russian money in 2016.  Remember that there was talk that at the RNC Convention that GOP leadership worked with the Russians there to flesh out a plan to get Russian money into the election race, and the senators that accepted that money would be complicit in those crimes.  Hell, they most likely coordinated how it was spent.


That’s it for today.   Happy New Year.

I’ve got a few stories planned coming up based on some conversations I’ve had.

One will be an in-depth description of Trump’s mob ties.  There’s probably a couple books about that subject, but it’d be nice to pull that out on demand.

Another article is a debunking of Nationalism.  Not the racist part of it, but the “America First” mantra.  The argument for Nationalism is multifaceted, but flawed.

Finally, I’d like to address the mentality of self-handicapping during a fight.  More precisely, the hypocrisy used by some in a fight where they’ll make several low-blow attacks, but use one against them and they cry foul.

Given my track record on these posts, I expect to have one of them written by 2023.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur



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