Daily Check-In 12/28/2018

Friday, December 28, 2018





New Jersey prosecutors have collected evidence that supervisors at President Trump’s Garden State golf club may have committed federal immigration crimes — and the FBI as well as special counsel Robert Mueller have played part in the inquiry, the Daily News has learned.

Anibal Romero, a Newark attorney who represents several undocumented immigrants who used to work at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, said Friday he recently met with investigators from the state attorney general’s office and handed over fraudulent green cards and Social Security numbers that management at the club allegedly procured and gave his clients, Victorina Morales and Sandra Diaz.

Before he met with the state prosecutors, Romero said he reached out to Mueller’s office because, while he wanted to contact federal authorities, he was concerned about looping in the Justice Department, which was headed by Jeff Sessions at the time.

“I wasn’t sure, one, if they’d take me seriously and, two, if this could backfire on my clients,” Romero told The News, referencing the Trump administration’s aggressive immigration agenda.

Mueller’s office, which is separately investigating Trump’s campaign for possible collusion with Russians during the 2016 election, made contact and informed Romero the matter was not within their jurisdiction.

A few weeks later, an FBI agent in New Jersey called Romero.

“He said to me that he had received a referral from Robert Mueller’s office and that he already knew the specifics and that he wanted to meet with me in person,” Romero said.

Romero then met with two agents at a federal office in Branchburg, N.J., and outlined the same evidence he had already given the AG prosecutors. The agents said they would “coordinate” with the AG’s office, according to Romero.

Romero said he’s stayed in touch with the FBI and the attorney general’s office but declined to confirm whether either of the agencies have formally opened investigations.

“I’m confident that federal and state authorities will conduct a complete and thorough investigation,” Romero said.

Remember the story a few weeks ago about Trump’s Bedminster club in New Jersey employing illegal immigrants, and they were provided with fake SSN cards and paperwork by the resort? (Daily Check-In 12/06/2018) It’s another one of those stories that got lost in the shuffle of a crazy day, but the short version is that Trump’s Bedminster golf club and resort hired at least 5 illegal immigrants.  To get them on the payroll, the supervisors at the company produced fake paperwork like Social Security Cards for the illegals.

This is… highly illegal.  So illegal that the lawyer for the illegal workers went to the New Jersey Attorney General and Bobby Three Sticks.  Since this isn’t directly associated to Russia, they said it wasn’t their jurisdiction but did refer it to the FBI New Jersey office.

Nothing like an investigation across multiple sovereignties to raise the holiday spirits.

























56% of all abortions are by white women. 89% of which consider themselves Christian. Instead of being up in my mentions pretending you give a #%#* about black babies being aborted, you hypocritical evangelicals need to go have a talk with your own wives, daughters & mistresses.

You hypocritical bigots talking about black abortions are the same ones who want to take away healthcare & assistance programs from the Black women you want to have the babies, stereotype them as irresponsible & promiscuous, and label the kids as ‘thugs’ when cops murder them.

All while you erroneously use the ‘immorality’ of Black people to sound your fake moral alarm, you evangelical ‘christians’ are supporting pedophiles, rapists & sexual predators for elected office & think a porn star banging unrepentant racist pathological liar is God‘s anointed.

When it comes to the vile, degenerate profligacy of your morally deficient ‘anointed’ leader in the WH, you evangelical charlatans bend over backwards lowering the standards of moral living to excuse away his malfeasance in the name of grace, which you never offer anyone else.

Evangelicals use ‘Black abortions’ as a racist cudgel to delegitimize Black Lives Matter. They minimize the legitimate grievance of the extra judicial murder of Blacks by police because of abortion, a practice legalized by white Republican judges to benefit white women.

Evangelicals harp on ‘Black abortions’ but turn a blind eye to their GOP heroes like Scott Lloyd, Elliott Broidy, Tim Murphy, & Scott DesJarlais, who push anti abortion legislation while simultaneously knocking up their mistresses/girlfriends and insisting they have abortions.

There is something very wrong with your theological and political ideology when your “pro life“ champion is a POTUS who tried to have his daughter Tiffany aborted and has paid for at least eight other mistresses to have abortions.







This is gonna give me nightmares for a while.  Macs are much harder to get into and pwn, but it is possible.  The Fruitfly malware took advantage of three elements to get access to a system.

  1. Users leaving the default functionalities like Back to My Mac open.
  2. Weak or no passwords
  3. Most Mac users don’t run antivirus software.

I could go into the specific details and fill a couple papers with the security differences between Windows and MacOS, but the short version is that MacOS s a Unix operating system with a really pretty front end.  Because it’s Unix, functionality for different user roles is sandboxed off from each other.  This makes standard virus exposure just from visiting a site next to impossible, but like I’ve said before in Voter Rolls – The Easy Target, there’s more than one way into a system.

Most Mac malware infections come from either phishing attacks or trojans.  Both require the user doing something stupid.  Given a lifetime around computers and their users, I can categorically say the weakest part of any computer security system is the user.

Where Fruitfly differs is that the infector installed it directly on the computer using built-in backdoors for Apple software like Apple File Protocol or Back to My Mac.  These programs would default to a set number of ports on the computer.  The infector would scan those port numbers (which is actually pretty easy to do) and see what was there.  If they came back with the default apps, the infector would try to connect to the Mac.  If he hit little or no resistance on the user name and password, he would go in and install his little program buried so deep in the computer that nothing would find it.  He’d then use that program to occasionally connect back to his server and upload pics from the target computers.

If the port numbers didn’t have the default apps, he wouldn’t go further.  That means that either the apps he needs to use as a backdoor are either offline or moved.  If they’re offline, he can’t get in.  If they’re changed, then he’s dealing with a power user, and if they’re going to the trouble of changing port numbers, then they probably have a bunch of booby traps and tough passwords.

This also explains why Back to My Mac was discontinued in Mac OS Mojave a few months ago.

What’s Ming getting at?  I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about Republican operatives trying to use similar methods to pwn various devices of Democrats and others.

Daily Check-In 12/20/2018 first mentioned this story, but Sara breaks down a very peculiar past for Brian Kolfage.  This is definitely worth a read, but the main takeaway is that starting in 2011 he went from organizing for Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona to getting caught up in Sheriff Joe’s shenanigans in Maricopa County.  Joe Arpaio is “allegedly” mobbed up to his neck, and this Kolfage guy bounced around from Arizona to Ukraine (while Manafort was there) to Florida.

Also, this GoFundMe attracted A LOT of attention from the Russians.

This is the part that historians will point out that this is the third shutdown in 2018, and the only times that a shutdown occurred when one party had control of the White House, the Senate, and the House.  That’s like an NFL team losing a game to a High School JV team, and accusing the JV team of cheating.

This is once again splitting hairs on the Cohen Prague story, but is worth a deeper look.  Louise’s sources said that Cohen’s device accessed the hotel WiFi, but didn’t say if it was a phone, tablet, or laptop.  Other sources are saying it was one of his phones that pinged cell phone towers.  It’s possible they could both be correct.  If Cohen used his laptop at the hotel to check his mail, his phone could independently contact the cell tower.  I talked about how that works yesterday. (Daily Check-In 12/27/2018)

There is so much shady shit going on in Dubai and the related area that anyone tied to Erik Prince should be very, very worried right now.

Remember, Rand Paul hand delivered a letter from Trump for Putin. (Daily Check-In 08/08/2018)  That’s not standard operating procedure for an open and clear communication channel.  That’s the kind of shit spies and mobsters do.

I’m going to make a Jill Stein/Green Party primer, so that any time someone pulls some Pro-Stein bullshit, I can send them a list of her shadiest shit.

So, sometime in the next few weeks, get ready for this story to drop.  By the way, accepting hacked emails is a crime.  Especially if they came from a foreign government and were meant to sway an election.


That’s it for Friday.  I’m going to start on my retrospective piece in the next few hours, along with other some work on the site.  It’s time to update the Russian Hypothesis and create a page for the Grand Bargain Theory.

Like I said yesterday, I’m putting the weekend on Monday’s post, and starting fresh on Tuesday with a new year.  I also want to do some housecleaning on the site.  One idea is to go through the Daily Check-In Collection and put a quick blurb next to each day with the highlights.  It might help with navigating the site.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur



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