Daily Check-In 11/12/2018

Monday, November 12, 2018



Former Republican Party Finance Co-Chair and convicted felon Michael Cohen traveled to Washington to meet with the Special Counselor’s team.

On a holiday.

That’s pretty weird.  Was this the only day that everyone was available?  Did some lawyers want to charge more for government holiday pay?

Or, is something big in the works?  Something so big that working on a federal holiday is worth it.

Stone and Corsi

THREAD: What does news that Roger Stone’s friend Jerome Corsi will be indicted for perjury tell us about the state of the Mueller investigation?

Renato Mariotti added,

Ken DilanianVerified account @KenDilanianNBC

BREAKING: Roger Stone pal Jerome Corsi tells my colleague @annaschecter that Mueller’s investigators informed Corsi about a week ago he will be indicted for perjury. “When they have your emails and phone records…they’re very good at the perjury trap,” he says.

1/ Over the past several months, it appeared that Mueller’s team was focusing on building a case against Roger Stone. Several of Stone’s associates were reportedly interviewed by Mueller’s team, including Corsi. Stone himself has publicly stated that he expects to be indicted.

2/ For that reason, many observers expected an indictment of Stone now that the midterm elections are over. Corsi was interviewed two months ago regarding his communications with Stone, which suggested that he could be a witness for Mueller in a case against Stone.

3/ Today’s news indicates that Corsi will *not* be a witness for Mueller against Stone and is not “flipping” against Stone. It suggests that, instead, Mueller believes Corsi lied in order to help himself or Stone.

4/ To bring a case against Corsi for making a false statement to federal agents (which is what the “perjury” charge would be if he did not testify before the grand jury), Mueller would need to prove that he did so knowingly and willfully.

5/ If Mueller does bring a charge against Corsi for making a false statement, it indicates that Mueller has evidence that directly contradicts Corsi’s statement and that there is evidence that would contradict any allegation that Corsi merely made a mistake or misremembered.

6/ Mueller’s decision to prosecute Corsi could mean that Corsi’s statement (if left unchallenged) would make it more difficult to bring a case against Stone by contradicting key evidence. That would help explain why Mueller is spending resources to indict Corsi.

7/ Alternatively, Mueller could believe he needs Corsi’s cooperation to indict Stone. Indicting Corsi could give him a strong incentive to flip on Stone. We should know soon. Typically, in a white collar case, the defense is notified not long before an indictment is sought. /end

Jerome Corsi, the supposed founder of the Birther movement and one of Roger Stone’s friends, is allegedly about to get indicted.  The only question is when.  Assuming that Corsi is telling the truth, I’d assume this was soon.

This is pretty weird to me, but in many white-collar cases, it’s considered polite to inform a target of an investigation that they will likely be indicted soon.  I assume they don’t do this to people who are immediate flight risks, as it would seem a bad idea to tell someone rich guy with a private jet that he’s about to be arrested and definitely shouldn’t flee to a country without an extradition treaty.

We’ve mentioned Corsi a few times before, starting with Daily Check-In 09/05/2018.  He’s a known associate of both Roger Stone and Alex Jones, and was one of the founders of the racist as fuck Birther movement.  For those lucky enough to not know what that was, this was the crackpot conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States but in Kenya, and that his birth certificate, birth announcement, and all documentation surrounding his birth was faked as part of some vast government conspiracy to groom him to be the first black president.  Trump jumped on this shit in like 30 seconds, and all of the old white racists that couldn’t find a better reason to hate Obama and who watched too much Fox News or listened to too much Right Wing Media ate this up like mac and cheese.

It almost feels like something’s building.


Strange things are afoot at the Circle K. Let’s sort it out. [THREAD]

1/ Two nights ago, Rupert Murdoch called on Mitch McConnell, after hours. Since then, two Fox News-related Twitter accounts have not tweeted.

2/ Trump fired Sessions on Wednesday, replacing him with human dildo/Putin collaborator Matt Whitaker. Sessions had asked to stay until Friday and was told to leave immediately. So there was clearly some urgency to install the dildo…er, puppet.

3/ The Democrats won the SHIT out of the Midterms. Come January, the House check on Trump will leave him so hobbled, he’ll be like the dude from Misery.

4/ Trump went to Paris, ostensibly for an Armistice Day centennial event. He skipped the event, and much of the dinner tonight, because of “weather,” which everyone seems to agree is a bullshit excuse.

5/ Tomorrow, Trump is meeting with Putin, who pwns him. There are reports of House Repubs in Paris, just there for no good reason.

6/ Whitaker has no authority as “acting AG.” Also, he’s been called “a crackpot” and “a fucking moron,” and he was a key player in a company that bilked veterans out of their savings. Trump CLEARLY picked him b/c he thinks Whitaker will help him cashier Mueller. WRONG!

7/ Junior thinks he’s going to be indicted any day now. With the election over, OSC is free to resume busting collaborators.

8/ Kushner is rumored to be cooperating with Mueller since last December.

9/ The WSJ broke a story saying Trump AUTHORIZED and DIRECTED the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels and the Playboy model he’d boinked. That’s a felony, all by itself.

10/ New York AG has Trump’s longtime mob accountant under immunity, and the case will eventually take down ALL the Trumps, including Ivanka and Eric. Assets will be seized.

11/ Trump’s usual deflections are not working. He’s scared, literally holed up in a hotel room, waiting to meet with the man who pwns him…and could end him in the blink of an eye. The meeting will be recorded by every intel agency under the sun, BTW.

We are all impatient. We all want justice. We WILL get it. And then some. Soon. Be patient, stay frosty, and don’t lose faith. Shit is about to get VERY real. WE SHALL PREVAIL. [END]



I’ve waited a long time to use that gif.  It’s from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan.  Responding to a weird call from a science station, the Enterprise runs into another Starfleet ship, the Reliant.  However, instead of the customary greetings, the Reliant runs silent.  What Kirk doesn’t know at this time is that the Reliant was taken over by his old nemesis Khan.  This is the moment that Kirk realizes that something ain’t right.  About 15 seconds later, the Reliant opens fire on the Enterprise.

I feel like we’ve finally reached the Damn Peculiar moment.  Let’s go over the events of the past week.

  • Democrats win the House. Daily Check-In 11/06/2018
  • Trump attacks the Press in an off the rails conference. Daily Check-In 11/07/2018
  • Jeff Sessions is told to quit, and a completely unqualified lackey is named as his replacement. Daily Check-In 11/07/2018
  • Protests start across the country, and news comes out Trump’s dragging his feet on submitting answers to Mueller about the Russian Investigation.  Also, Donnie Jr. is scared shitless about getting arrested. Daily Check-In 11/08/2018
  • Mueller’s team is running out of patience with Manafort. Daily Check-In 11/09/2018
  • The Wall Street Journal says that 36 people went on the record to say that Trump was heavily involved with the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal payoffs, and that the only reason his ass isn’t indicted right now is that he’s the President. Daily Check-In 11/09/2018
  • Fox News, Wikileaks, KimDotCom, and the National Enquirer all go radio silent.  Matt Drudge from the Drudge Report deletes ALL of his tweets.
  • Trump skips the centennial remembrance of the WW1 Armistice.  He claims bad weather, but that doesn’t stop anyone else but Putin.  Trump supposedly meets Putin while the rest of the world’s leaders are out doing their job.
  • Trump and Pence both skip going to Arlington National Cemetery on Veteran’s Day.  This is literally the easiest thing that a person can do to look presidential, but they both skip it.
  • The press is finally questioning whether or not he’s losing his mind.  SPOILER: He is.
  • Trump has allegedly locked himself in room like Howard Hughes.  Thanks for the image of his fat ass pissing in cans of Diet Coke with his mushroom shaped pecker, Tea Pain.
  • CYBERCOM releases examples of Russain Spyware for the world to see.
  • Rumors of legal proceedings continue to ramp up.

I don’t know exactly what is on the horizon, but stay frosty because I think something’s going to happen soon.  There are too many coincidences here for this to be coincidental.





Veteran’s Day Observed
















Had a patient who was shot right in the belly. So much blood rushed out of his abdomen when we made our incision that it spilled all over the surgical field and onto the floor. We transfused as much blood as we could while removing his spleen. He didn’t make it. #ThisIsOurLane

I had another patient who got shot in the head. It was touch and go until her brainstem herniated. Her family was at her side when we took her off life support. She was an organ donor and she gave the gift of life to so many others despite having her own ripped away by a bullet.

Sometimes gun violence isn’t even intentional. On my first overnight call as a surgical intern, a nine-year-old girl was rushed into the trauma bay. It was the 4th of July and people were shooting their guns straight into the sky. X rays showed a bullet lodged in her back.

Every doctor of every medical specialty must deal with the heavy emotional and physical toll of mass shootings. This is not only our lane, but the lane of our patients and the lane of every single American who is sick of this out of control epidemic of gun violence.





One last point on the Tucker Carlson protest, you don’t wanna believe the protestors, why not go with the police version of events? Cause there is a police report. I’m gonna say that’s a more reliable source than Mr. Carlson. And it completely contradicts him. Here goes.

First, the police interacted w/ the protestors as they were leaving & they didn’t arrest anyone. They actually saw the person spray-paint the anarchist symbol on the driveway. The protestors were walking away slowly. Two walked with canes (yes). No one tried to run.

BTW there were 4 legal observers at this protest. People going to someone’s house to break in, don’t usually take legal observers.

The police talked to the protestors about not having a problem w/ them exercising their first amendment rights but that spray-painting the driveway was crossing the line. That was the issue.

If the police had received a frantic 911 call from Mrs. Carlson saying she was terrified, had locked herself in her pantry & people were trying to break into her house, there is no way that the police would have let the protestors go. They would have made arrests.

They would have sent so many squad cars to that location if she represented what was happening in that way. Police tend to over-react. They didn’t here. That tells me Mrs. Carlson did not call & say she was being terrorized.

In the police report, there is no mention whatsoever of any damage to the front door of Mr. Carlson’s residence. Not a scratch. This is consistent w/ protestors’ saying they simply knocked on the door and then left a placard resting on it before retreating to the street.

There is no mention in the police report of anyone chanting anything about pipe bombs or chanting any sort of threats against Mr. Carlson.

What the police appeared to be focused on was the spraying of the anarchist symbol on the driveway of the residence by one person. That was the extent of the property damage. That was the extent of the activity that could possibly be construed as unlawful.

Even when it was reported that the incident was being looked at as a hate crime, it appears that this was the focus of the investigation.

(How that could in any way be prosecuted as a hate crime is a subject for another day.)

What is of concern now is that, since there has been such misreporting to which unfortunately people on the left like @StephenAtHomehave given credence, there will be political pressure to bring criminal charges for activity that is not criminal.

I hope those people will take the time to reconsider and correct their misstatements.

I was at the protest outside Tucker Carlson’s house. Here’s what actually happened. – ThinkProgress

Oh, hey, let me add, I’m not one to point to the police as a credible source. I am a public defender, people. But they are a more credible source here than Tucker Carlson. I am also trying to beat the MAGA folks at their own game. Like, what, you don’t believe law enforcement?

P.S. And, yes, for those who have asked, I have a copy of the actual police report.
























I recommend checking this video out.  It helps lay out the cult-like mentality that many of Trump’s ardent supporters show.  It talks about shared group delusions, or the folly of many.  There’s a french term for it, but je ne no pas parler francais.

Ok, I only know un petite francais.  Enough to understand a Montreal Canadians hockey game, and if the word is close to the Spanish version, I can read it and guess the context as well.

Never underestimate Spicy.


That’s it for Monday.  I’m not sure what’s happening this week, but it feels like something different is going this week.  I can’t put my finger on it, but things feel… different.  We’re past the moratorium on screwing with the upcoming election, so Mueller’s team is free and clear to start putting bad people in jail.

Trump won’t go softly into the night.  He will fight and claw, destroying everything in his path to protect himself.  That includes burning down every institution around him.

Stay frosty, and keep your head on a swivel.  Shit’s about to get weird.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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