Daily Check-In 10/24/2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018



We’ve talked about this a while back, and it was a running joke in Rick Wilson’s book, but Trump uses an old, unsecured iPhone to talk to his “friends” like Sean Hannity.  What are the odds that a foreign government figured out how to listen in on those conversations?

About 100 fucking percent.  Now, we have proof.

U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller pushed back against a company owned by Yevgeny Prigozhin, a Russian oligarch known as “Putin’s chef,” telling a federal judge that the charges filed against the firm — conspiracy to defraud the U.S. — aren’t dependent on proving that election interference is a crime.

The company, Concord Management and Consulting, and 13 Russian nationals, including Prigozhin, were charged in February with conspiracy to defraud the U.S. by mounting social media campaigns in 2016 designed to help the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, and hurt his competitor, Hillary Clinton, a Democrat. The indictment also included charges of wire fraud and identity theft, as the Russians allegedly adopted American identities as part of their effort to influence the election.

Neither Prigozhin nor the other Russian nationals have responded to the charges, but Concord Management has fought back. The company’s lawyer, Eric Dubelier of Reed Smith, has argued that Concord’s failure to register as a foreign agent or report campaign-related expenditures doesn’t constitute a crime.

Last week, the federal judge overseeing the case asked Mueller’s team to respond to that claim.

Michael Dreeben of the special counsel’s office replied that prosecutors only need to show that Concord and its co-conspirators agreed to engage in conduct that violated their duties to register as foreign agents and report campaign expenditures. “The government is not required to prove that the conspirators actually violated” federal election and campaign finance laws, he wrote.

The February charges described a wide range of coordinated conduct designed to influence voters’ attitudes toward the U.S. presidential candidates.

“The indictment alleges that a purpose of these manifold acts of deception was to frustrate the lawful government functions of the United States,” Dreeben wrote. “Those allegations are sufficient to support the charge of conspiracy to defraud the United States regardless of whether the defendants agreed to engage in conduct that violated” the election and campaign finance laws.




There’s too much here to break down into sections in a timely manner while keeping my sanity, so here’s the short, short version.

Following the attempt on George Soros’s life in the last couple days (Daily Check-In 10/22/2018Daily Check-In 10/23/2018), several other bombs, bomb-like items, and suspicious packages have been sent to several enemies of Trump.  Pipe bombs were sent to Bill and Hilary Clinton’s home, the home of Barack Obama, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and John Brennan at CNN Headquarters.  Furthermore, suspicious packages were gathered at the San Diego Union-Tribune building where Senator Kamala Harris has an office, and to Representative Maxine Walters.  At the time of this writing on Thursday, three more identical packages were delivered to Joe Biden, Robert DeNiro, and Rachel Maddow.  Another package was sent to Eric Holder, but was instead delivered to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the former head of the DNC.  Her office in Sunrise, Florida was the return address for each of these packages.

All of the targets that received these packages had the same return address, the same typos, the same font used on the labels, the same design, and the same paraphernalia.  So far, the bombs have all been duds or fakes, and they’ve been packed with fake ISIS flags that became popular on fringe Right Wing sites, where some of the members thought it was a real ISIS flag, and others thought it looked real enough to scare people.

See below in Spicy’s thread for pics of the CNN bomb and packaging.

Something interesting with the packages in New York, they were hand delivered by couriers, and the stamps were not cancelled.  That means they didn’t go through the normal package routing process, which means no tracking numbers.  It also tells me that this bomber likely has to be close to New York, or has an accomplice close enough to hand deliver them.

The San Diego threat was also interesting.  5 priority mail boxes were dropped off very early in the morning, under the cover of night.  Later on, when someone noticed them, they were examined by the bomb squad.  They were all filled with random junk.  If this was an innocent accident, why drop these boxes off in the middle of the night?

The talking heads on the Right Wing immediately called this whole thing a false flag operation, saying either it was a coordinated hoax or that the Democrats sent themselves bombs.  Funny, they usually blame Muslims first.

I’m hoping the MAGABomber is one lone idiot.  Most of the evidence that I’ve seen points to this, but it’s still early in the investigation.  All of the typos, errors, and “owning the libz” mentality of these attacks SCREAMS a single red hat, but this San Diego connection has me worried.  It’s possible that the MAGABomber talked a friend into staging those packages to scare people and distract them, or they just thought it would be funny.

And let’s be clear, these were not random people, but people Trump has attacked many times before.  His rhetoric, talking about violence, is becoming real.  As much as people will want to trip over their dicks to praise whatever half-hearted call for unity he’ll spout, that Orange Shit-Gibbon will blame the media for these attacks.

What, really? Oh, FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!!

This shit ain’t funny anymore.  Someone is going to get killed because one of his low-IQ deplorables believes everything the Cult of Trump tells him.



Trump has stoked a cold civil war in this Country. His rallies brim with menace and he has labeled journalists as enemies of the people. That someone would seek to kill their political enemies is not aberrational but rather the inevitable consequence of Trumps incitement.

The targets are political not coincidental. Trump, the greatest demagogue in American history has celebrated violence over and over again. It looks like someone finally took Trump both literally and seriously. The WH will feign outrage when this obvious point is made.

No journalist or commentator should be intimidated from making this point. The stoking of hatred and sundering of the American people was always going to lead to terrible consequences. Chief amongst them would be the initiation of partisan or sectarian violence within our country



A downtown San Diego building that houses the San Diego Union-Tribune and other businesses was briefly evacuated Wednesday morning after a stack of suspicious looking packages was spotted near the front doors, San Diego police said.

A bystander flagged down a San Diego police lieutenant after spotting five boxes on a table in front of 600 B Street about 8:15 a.m., police said. The building houses law firms, co-working, media and technology companies. Sen. Kamala Harris and the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department also have offices at the address.

The discovery quickly prompted the closure of several busy blocks. But about an hour later, with aid from an X-ray, police determined the packages were filled with everyday items.

San Diego police Lt. Kevin Wadhams said the unaddressed boxes contained: one shoe, two children’s books, one football, one empty bag of chips and one hat. A red air pump was located behind the packages.














































That’s it for Wednesday.  For a moment, I thought it was going to be a quiet day.  That didn’t last.

I probably won’t have as much for Thursday.  I’m operating on fumes, and need a few hours of sleep.  That might cut into my research, writing, and hypothesizing time.  Sorry about that.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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