Daily Check-In 09/28/2018

Friday, September 28th.



Yes, shit other than Kavanaugh happened on Friday.  To be honest, I’m surprised more things didn’t come out since everyone was distracted.

Devin Nunes and the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence decided to release some of the transcripts from their hearings.  They’re not releasing the transcripts from all of the interviews, and I’ve got $20 that says the stuff they do release is heavily redacted.



Ok, a metric fucktonne of things happened from Thursday to Friday, and there is no way that I’m going to organize all of the stories below into subcategories and sub-subcategories, so let me sum up what happened.

After Brett’s temper tantrum in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, everyone and their mother came out either against him, or at least in favor of an investigation.  When the American Bar Association and your alma mater revoke their endorsement, you done fucked up.

The Judiciary Committee voted 11-10, completely on partisan lines, to approve Brett Kavanaugh for a floor vote for the Senate.  However, Jeff Flake of Arizona had a moment of conscious guilt.  Maybe he’s angling for a POTUS run in 2020, or getting stopped by the rape survivors on his way to the elevator shook him, but he recommended that the committee reopen the FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh, and that they should be given at least a week.  Senators Lisa Murkowski fo Alaska and Jon Tester of Montana also endorsed this plan.

So, we’re looking at one week for the FBI to investigate the claims against Brett Kavanaugh, and possibly the claims that he perjured himself as well.  There’s rumors going around that they’ll look into his debts and who paid them, too.

Of course, count on the White House to try to stymie this investigation.  Over the weekend, a memo leaked from to the press that White House Counsel Don McGahn gave orders to the FBI to only investigate the claims of Dr. Ford and Deborah Ramirez, not Julie Swetnick or any of the other women.  This is the dumbest thing they could do, so therefore, going by the Rule 45, [Out of all of the available options, pick the dumbest one.], they would try to reign in the FBI.  I’m hesitant to believe that the FBI would listen to that order, and that they told McGahn to pound sand.  Countercheckist and Louise Mensch hold the same opinion as me.

Why would that be the dumbest decision that Trump could make? Michael Avenatti represents Julie Swetnick, and Trump is afraid of him.  So far this year, Avenatti’s work against Trump and Cohen helped lead to a felony conviction and plea deal for Micheal Cohen, Trump’s long time personal fixer.  Trump is afraid that these claims carry weight, and that if they talk to the FBI, then Kavanaugh is toast.  Instead, this plays right into Avenatti’s hand.  By trying to curtail the FBI from investigating those claims, that forces him to take the claims of his client and the witnesses public, and with a gang-rape allegation and a stymied investigation, Trump loses the PR war.  His only course of action then will be to continue to attack the lawyer, the victim, and the witnesses, creating an even bigger shitstorm.  During this shitstorm, I’d expect another woman or two to come forward, alleging that they too were also drugged and raped at parties where Brett and his buddies were present.

Also, check the Rumor Mill section on how they think they’ve reverse engineered the time, date, and location of Dr. Ford’s attack.  It gets weird.



LINT. I keep hearing from retired Bu folks who did/do background checks that they aren’t cumulative – meaning they don’t start from scratch each time. That means only the first check of the 6 would have even been in the ballpark of catching K’s high school/college behavior.

2. In addition, background check questions specifically ask about alcohol use/abuse (remember the third “A” in CARLA F. BAD). So that check is the one which would contain “derogatory” information on that front, if there was any.

3. I’m not sure who the consumer/custodian is of that first check (when K worked for Starr), but that could at least shed some light on his drinking habits then. (Of course these are expanding references from ppl K would have initially suggested for interviews, so who knows).

4. The main point is that saying he went through “6 background checks” is misleading, since each subsequent one would have covered a later and later portion of his life.








The last few weeks have been agonizing. The Kavanaugh hearings dredged up so much that was buried, badness all around…hearing all of the “Why I Report” stories, and then watching Kavanaugh’s angry pouting,…I’m a combination of nauseous, angry, exhausted, and resolute.

I want to take this pause in the proceedings to thank all of the women who came forward, and Dr. Ford especially. We are all in your debt. This is a crisis point in our democracy, and you delivered, at great personal risk, and I’m grateful.







The past two days I’ve watched police stop reporters from doing their jobs by kicking them out of an area where a meeting was being held, and I’ve been physically pushed away from following a senator through a public Capitol hallway. Mobility has been severely limited.

In all instances, no protesters were present. It was just reporters, staff, and senators. I understand a need for heightened security. But some of this was just nonsensical. I’m not sure who is making these decisions, or how long it will last. But it’s not ideal.

One of the best things about the Capitol is the extraordinary level of press freedom here — you can catch up with any member of Congress as they’re walking to a meeting or going to votes and ask them questions. They get to decide if they want to answer or not. It’s great.

Part of why we’re able to do that is because Capitol police do an excellent job of protecting members, staff, and press. I appreciate the important work they do. I also know they’re not to blame for the changes with regard to press. I’m simply saying this can’t become the norm.














Wait, what?


[In response to This tweet form Bernie Sanders talking about the partisanship of the Judiciary Committee]

Yes, Bernie. Because of you. Now, let’s see all the Russian trolls and paid shills show up to defend you. They always do.

You sullied the First Republic and Fourteenth State. I’ll be pleased when you’re at Ft. Leavenworth, KS, or ADX Florence, Colorado. Both suit you better than the Champlain Islands.

I can’t wait for the Grand Jury to explain to America why Jane wanted to use Burlington College money to buy up that Diocesan building so damn quickly. With your help. You know what I mean. Oh, and funnel money to her kids for “woodworking.”


The Date of the Attack

The good folks on Twitter think they figured out when the attack on Dr. Ford took place.  Let’s take this from the top.

According to Dr. Ford’s opening statement, she mentioned that 3 boys were at the party where she was attacked; Brett, Mark Judge, and PJ Smyth.  Using Kavanaugh’s own calendar from the summer of 1982, those three names line up with July 1, 1982. Daily Check-In 09/27/2018 has a link to the Annotated Calendar from WaPo.  The entry from that day is “Tobin’s House — Workout / Go to Timmy’s for Skis w/ Judge, Tom, PJ, Bernie, Squi”.  PJ is only mentioned one other time in the calendar.  They saw Rocky III on June 13th.  They went to Timmy’s house for “ski’s”.  Considering that the waterskiing sucks around Maryland, jet skiing was still taking off, and there isn’t snow for hundreds of miles in the Maryland summer, it’s more likely that “ski’s” are Brewski’s, or beers.  Considering how much of a frat boy jock meathead he is, this is almost a certainty.

Why does it say “ski’s” on the calendar, and not “Party” like it did back in May?  Brett was grounded for a while after that party.  When he tried to deny it, his parents probably looked at the calendar and said “You wrote Party on your calendar.”  Since Brett is not a complete fucking idiot, he tried to find a less stupid way of writing his plans down on the calendar.  Beers, bottles, bongs, and brews are all stupid things, but he hoped that Ski’s was innocent enough to get away with it.  If his parents asked, Timmy got a new jet ski and they were riding it.  Plausible deniability.

If Brett’s calendar is as accurate as he claims, the only night that all three boys were together was July 1, 1982.


That’s it for Friday.  I’m closing out today with a quote about memory, and why the people crying about how Brett doesn’t remember it should be a big deal.

From “Street Fighter”

Bison: For you; The day Bison graced your village was the most important day in your life. But for me… it was tuesday.

Our brains are wired to survive, and if we have a traumatic experience that almost kills us, we will remember as much as possible as time slows down.  This is our brains way of survival.  If we’re encountering these elements later, we can avoid them.  I’m scared shitless of heights because I almost fell off of a very tall height.  I can still remember the “oh shit” feeling right now as I type this, and that was more than 20 years ago.  I can describe other times I almost died and my mind went into hyper mode.  Time stands still, and you try to gather all of the information to keep it from happening again.  Those traumas also shape our futures.  I avoid tall overlooks and structures as much as humanly possible.  Hell, I don’t even like climbing a step stool unless absolutely necessary.  And I’m not even going to get into the other near-death experiences I’ve had.

The person perpetrating the trauma on the other hand might not remember.  For them, their behavior could be run of the mill or not as traumatic, or a response to trauma. The first person to pull a gun on me likely wouldn’t remember me at all, but I still remember the gray sweatsuit he was wearing that day.  The second person to pull a gun on me probably won’t remember the events of that day, but I still remember catching the look of the pistol out of the corner of my eye and hearing the opening of “Elaan of Troyius” playing in the background.  The person who drove into my lane causing me to wreck my bike in a ditch doesn’t remember what happened.  Fuck, they didn’t even slow down to see if I was still alive.  I remember, though.

Saying that an attempted rape didn’t place because the rapist, who has a history of getting blackout drunk and being an asshole” doesn’t remember it as well as the victim is bullshit.

Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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