Daily Check-In 08/15/2018

Wednesday, August 15th.



The Manafort Trial

Both the prosecution and defense gave their final arguments on Wednesday.  For the prosecution, they outlined several instances of Manafort’s knowingly breaking the law.  The defense tried to make the claim that Manafort may have been less than forthright or honest, but the government had failed to make their case that what Manafort did was intentionally wrong.  In other words, they tried to blow some smoke up the jury’s ass.

There are two things that people need to remember for this case.

First, this is not a case about collusion, conspiracy, treason, or anything like that.  This is a white collar crime case.

Second, and this was laid out by Greg Andres, but this is actually two cases in one.  This is both a tax avoidance and money laundering case and a bank fraud and wire fraud case.

These cases can be broken down into the “Salad Days” and the “IOU” days.  The Salad Days are when Manafort was working for former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovitch and the Party of Regions.  In those days, he was making money hand over fist, and got used to living the high life.  That case is about him lying about his money, hiding how much he made, burying it in offshore accounts, and avoiding taxes on it.  The IOU days are after Yanukovitch left office in disgrace and Manafort was left owing a lot of money to Oleg Deripaska and the Russian Mafia.  Manafort could no longer afford to live like a prince, so him and Rick Gates came up with some interesting funding methods.  This included a buttload of loans and at least one pay for play scam with a Trump supporter.

The jury begins deliberation on Thursday.  I have no clue how long it will take them to return a verdict.  It could be hours, days, or weeks.  As soon as there’s an update, I’ll post it to this site.





Remember a few weeks ago when Orange Julius got all butthurt about Former CIA Director John Brennan saying bad things about him and he threatened to take away his security clearance? (Daily Check-In 07/23/2018,Daily Check-In 07/24/2018,Daily Check-In 07/25/2018)  Turns out that Trump did revoke his clearance back on July 26th.  Sarah Hucakbee-Sanders read a statement from Trump describing this action, how John Brennan said mean things about him, and he totally didn’t do this because of Russia.

NARRATOR (V.O.): He did it because of Russia.

I’m not going to talk about how much of a dickbag authoritarian strong man move this is.  It is, but I don’t think that’s the big story here.  There are two elements that deserve a deep dive.

First, the timing.  This statement was dated July 26th.  That was a few weeks ago.  Why wait until now?  Because this is Trump trying to distract from something else.  Could it be the Omarosa Shit Storm?  The N-Word footage about to drop like a Drake mix tape? How about the Manafort Trial?  Or how about his total fuck-you to Congress with his signing state where he’s sucking Putin’s dick… again?  Or, is someone close about to get indicted?  This release is meant to distract from that.

Second, the delivery was interesting.  Wall-eye didn’t mention it off the cuff, or say “We’re pulling the security clearance” or “The White House decided”, but she said this came directly from Trump.  She then read a statement, word for word.

I found that to be very unusual for this group, and it tells me that no one in that building wants anything to do with this.  No one else wants to get wrapped up in this mess.  This is the bridge too far for the staff.  They don’t want to be associated with this clusterfuck.


Russia and Crimea




Random Shit on a Wednesday



I’m a dog person.  I’ve had a few over my life, and used to volunteer at an animal shelter as a dog walker.  Dogs have an uncanny way of sensing through bullshit and evil.  If my dogs didn’t like you, you weren’t welcome back, because there is something seriously wrong with you if a dog doesn’t like you.

Dogs hate Donald Trump.  That says all anyone needs to know about his character.

According to this site, only 3 presidents before Trump did not have pets at the White House (or Executive Residence).  Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and Chester A. Arthur.  Just as many presidents had bears as pets.



Why do I have a feeling Dana Rohrabacher is involved?

WASHINGTON — FBI agents in California and Washington, D.C., have investigated a series of cyberattacks over the past year that targeted a Democratic opponent of Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA). Rohrabacher is a 15-term incumbent who is widely seen as the most pro-Russia and pro-Putin member of Congress and is a staunch supporter of President Trump.

The hacking attempts and the FBI’s involvement are described in dozens of emails and forensic records obtained by Rolling Stone.

The target of these attacks, Dr. Hans Keirstead, a stem-cell scientist and the CEO of a biomedical research company, finished third in California’s nonpartisan “top-two” primary on June 5th, falling 125 votes short of advancing to the general election in one of the narrowest margins of any congressional primary this year. He has since endorsed Harley Rouda, the Democrat who finished in second place and will face Rohrabacher in the November election.

Yep.  Not surprised.


Rand Paul

I asked the Senator on Twitter what this sound like in the original Russian.  He hasn’t responded yet.












Alex Jones




Roger Stone















Pedophile Priests










That’s it for Wednesday.  We’re still waiting on news about Paul Manafort.  Like I said earlier, this could take hours, days, weeks…

On Thursday, newspapers and journalists around the country are speaking out against Trump’s attacks on the press.  I’m joining the fight, to talk about how important what the press does is for a free society, especially from my point of view as one crazy guy trying to make sense of it all.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur



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