Daily Check-In 11/22/2017

Wednesday, but a different kind of Wednesday. It’s the night before Thanksgiving. There were some things that happened today, but I need to keep things short tonight.

Jared Kushner is in a world of hurt.

Everything is falling apart for Jared in the White House, and he’s asking friends if Mueller’s Investigation will reach Trump.

Spoiler Alert: It will.

NYAG Schneiderman investigating FCC comments and stolen identities.

22 million people commented about net neutrality earlier this year. A lot of them didn’t know they did. Especially the dead people.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants to know why thousands of dead New Yorkers made comments. He asked them nicely six months ago, and they ignored him.

So he’s taking matters into his own hands.

Putin says Russia should get ready for war.

Putin sees that Russia needs to upgrade its equipment if it wants to keep up with the world. That, and they’re about to be at war with Europe and NATO within a few years.

Trump Organization cuts ties with SoHo project

This was the same project that Donnie and Ivanka were almost indicted over, until Trump’s lawyer made a substantial donation to the NYC Attorney General.

Kushner urged Trump to fire Comey

Jared is way out of his game.

Top Trump staffers didn’t file financial disclosures upon leaving White House


Bijan Kian, associate of Mike Flynn, under investigation by Mueller.

Bijan is an Iranian friend and co-worker from Flynn Intelligence Group. He has background information on Flynn’s Russian connections.

Moore Communications Director resigns

Maybe he got sick and tired of defending a child molester?


Mike Flynn took money from Kaspersky after being fired from the DIA. Kaspersky is a loosely affiliated arm of Russian Intelligence. This is AFTER the DIA started sounding the alarm on Kaspersky.

That’s it for today. If it looks weird, something happened with the format that I didn’t fix.

But tonight, I bake pies.

Thank you, and have a good one.

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