Daily Check-In 8/25/2017

For Fuck’s Sake, it’s Friday.

Centuries from now, when someone describes a leader doing nothing during a disaster, they won’t talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns. They’ll talk about Trump playing golf while Texas drowns.

Texas is about to get hit with a Category 4 hurricane. Harvey is the name. No, not that Harvey. Or that one. Katrina was a 4 when it made landfall, and it damn near wiped out New Orleans. Corpus Christi is right in the crosshairs.

What does Donald Trump do? Well, let’s go vacation and pardon a racist sheriff who abused his power and flouted the courts.

Instead of leading by example, or trying to lead in the slightest, Trump only cares about Trump. He’ll even try to shut down the government to save his ass.

Bob Mueller’s team issued subpoenas to PR execs that worked with Paul Manafort.

Mike Flynn is being fingered as the go between for the Russian hackers and Trump’s Campaign to deliver the DNC information.

Sebastian Gorka, Fake Doctor and Actual Nazi, was fired from the White House today. When firing a Nazi from the White House isn’t even in the top 3 stories, it’s a fucked up night.

I’m writing an article about pardons and presidential powers and limits this weekend. I might include it with the removal of a President article.

Have a good one.

Daily Check-In 8/24/2017


The phrase “Nothing much happened today” isn’t a phrase used often with Donald Trump as President. Even on the days where nothing big breaks, there’s still rumors and rumblings about what’s to come.

Take today for example. The biggest news items today were all rumors about what’s coming down the pipe.

More discussions about the new set of emails from the Trump Campaign trying to set up meetings with Putin.

More discussions about the Steele Dossier, and what’s coming to corroborate it.

More rumblings about the WaPo bombshell has that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump was involved in the collusion.

What’s new today? Roger Stone threatening the lives of anyone’s in Congress that votes for Impeachment, and that there would be a Civil War if Trump is removed from office. If you’re if that sounds like Sedition why yes, yes it is.

What else is knew? Talk about Trump’s mental fitness to maintain the office. Talk about the 25th Amendment gets louder by the day.

Also new? There’s a category 3 hurricane headed to Texas. This is the first potential natural disaster under Donald Trump.

I’m not sure what’s coming up for the weekend. I hope to clean up the website, as well as write another article or two in the GTKYG series about removing a President from office.


Have a good one.

Daily Check-In 8/23/2017

HSIOW. Holy Shit, it’s Only Wednesday!

Distraction versus Disaster.

That’s today’s lesson.

I could go into all of the stuff that happened today like I normally do, but I want to change things up. Plus, after studying Donald Trump for as long as I have, I’ve noticed a few things about his behaviors.

Trump has two settings with people. Friend or Foe. He’s too simple minded for subtleties like a complicated friendship. Anyone that disagrees with him, stops him, gets in his way, or isn’t differential enough to him is an enemy. His father preached revenge as a lifestyle.

So, what does this have to do with disasters and distractions? Everything.

Trump doesn’t play defense. He’s always on the offensive. Think Patton, but with no talent, skill, knowledge, or patience. Trump goes after every enemy with full bluster, and the media eats it up like candy. But it opens Trump up to attacks on several fronts.

This wasn’t a problem for him before. In the private sector, he could bully and sue his way out of almost anything. Now, every move is scrutinized.

Trump is a wounded animal. He attacks when he feels threatened. Many times, he’ll do something outlandish to distract from the disaster he faces. Today is one of those days.

Distraction: Trump’s rally from last night, where he went off-script and blamed everyone from Obama to the Media for his remarks on Charlottesville.

Disaster: Trump getting into a fight with Mitch McConnell about the Russian investigation and the sanctions bill.

Distraction: Picks a fight with both senators from Arizona, John McCain and Jeff Flake.

Disaster: Picks a fight with two of the senators who wrote the Russian Sanctions bill.

Distraction: More members of his administration are leaving.

Disaster: His Deputy Chief of Staff, Rick Dearborn, while working for Jeff Sessions, emailed Russia to set up meetings.

Distraction: Hint about pardoning a racist sheriff who flouted the law.

Disaster: Christopher Steele gives the FBI his sources so that they can follow up and recreate his findings.

Distraction: Trump attacks anyone and everyone who doesn’t do his bidding, including fellow Republicans in Congress.

Disaster: Everyone and anyone is attacking him back, including Republicans in Congress.

Distraction: Trump has Russia on his mind.

Disaster: The Steele Dossier looks more solid by the day.

Things are ramping up. The heat, the vitriol, the fighting. It’s going to get uglier before it gets better.

Something big is about to drop, I just don’t know what yet.

Daily Check-In 8/22/2017

Another day in the tumble dryer.

The noise from the MSM early in the day focused on the wife of Steve Mnunchin attacking a woman on Instagram, and whether Trump would pardon recently convicted Sheriff Joseph Arpaio. The White House just announced that he wouldn’t, but Trump has a tendency to go off script.

Today, there are 3 big stories that need some focus.

First, The co-founder of Fusion-GPS met with the Senate Judiciary Committee for several hours. This is big. Remember The Steele Dossier? Well, the FBI remembers. Quick refresher, the Steele Dossier was originally an opponent research commissioned by one of Trump’s GOP opponents *cough*Jeb Bush*cough* to look into Trump’s dirty past. Christopher Steele, a former British spy, was digging up some truly dirty stuff on Trump when his patron dropped from the race. At that point, the Democrats picked up the bill. Steele worked with the FBI on his findings, which included several meetings between Trump and the Russians, traces of money laundering, and accusations of sexual kompromat. Not only did Glenn Simpson meet with the committee for several hours, but he also shared 40,000 documents supporting the dossier.

Next, front page of the New York Times, Trump and Mitch McConnell are in the middle of a Cold War. There is no love lost between the two. Mitch has been quiet in public regarding Trump’s antics and speaking recently, but behind the scenes he is fuming. On August 9, they had a profanity laced phone call where Trump accused of not doing enough to get health care reform passed or stopping the Russian investigations. Further, he threatened other senators who refused to do his bidding.

Notice that part in bold? Trump’s blaming Mitch for not stopping the Russian Investigations. Considering that Trump has already asked the FBI Director, the CIA Director, and the NSA Director to all stop this investigation, plus all of the shenanigans pulled by Devin Nunes, and his threatening Sally Yates during her Senate testimony, it is well within the realm of possibility that Trump asked Mitch to bury the investigation. This is yet another Obstruction of Justice charge. One more and he can fill out his punch card.

This will not end well for Trump. The true power in the United States government lies in the Senate. If an impeachment resolution passes the House, the trial is held in the Senate. 67 votes are needed to remove an official from their position. Currently, there are 48 Democrats and 52 Republicans. As of today, maybe 7 or 8 Republican senators might join the Democrats, but they’re still a dozen short. Mitch controls the largest voting block in the Senate. If Mitch supports removing Trump from office, he might as well pack his bags.

Of course, we wouldn’t be in this mess if He had put Country before Party while the Russians were attacking the United States.

Finally, this one I picked up from Twitter where The U.S. Navy is looking into whether their ships were hacked leading to two fatal collisions this summer. Four collisions have taken place in the past year, which is a little too coincidental. This Article shows that GPS spoofing has occurred in the Black Sea, and it’s not completely unimaginable that it could happen on a larger scale. The way it works is by confusing the GPS receiver, sending it a fake signal. I’m wondering how this could work without the radar picking up the other ships. This is worth keeping an eye on.