Daily Check-In 8/24/2017


The phrase “Nothing much happened today” isn’t a phrase used often with Donald Trump as President. Even on the days where nothing big breaks, there’s still rumors and rumblings about what’s to come.

Take today for example. The biggest news items today were all rumors about what’s coming down the pipe.

More discussions about the new set of emails from the Trump Campaign trying to set up meetings with Putin.

More discussions about the Steele Dossier, and what’s coming to corroborate it.

More rumblings about the WaPo bombshell has that will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump was involved in the collusion.

What’s new today? Roger Stone threatening the lives of anyone’s in Congress that votes for Impeachment, and that there would be a Civil War if Trump is removed from office. If you’re if that sounds like Sedition why yes, yes it is.

What else is knew? Talk about Trump’s mental fitness to maintain the office. Talk about the 25th Amendment gets louder by the day.

Also new? There’s a category 3 hurricane headed to Texas. This is the first potential natural disaster under Donald Trump.

I’m not sure what’s coming up for the weekend. I hope to clean up the website, as well as write another article or two in the GTKYG series about removing a President from office.


Have a good one.

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