Daily Check-In 8/25/2017

For Fuck’s Sake, it’s Friday.

Centuries from now, when someone describes a leader doing nothing during a disaster, they won’t talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns. They’ll talk about Trump playing golf while Texas drowns.

Texas is about to get hit with a Category 4 hurricane. Harvey is the name. No, not that Harvey. Or that one. Katrina was a 4 when it made landfall, and it damn near wiped out New Orleans. Corpus Christi is right in the crosshairs.

What does Donald Trump do? Well, let’s go vacation and pardon a racist sheriff who abused his power and flouted the courts.

Instead of leading by example, or trying to lead in the slightest, Trump only cares about Trump. He’ll even try to shut down the government to save his ass.

Bob Mueller’s team issued subpoenas to PR execs that worked with Paul Manafort.

Mike Flynn is being fingered as the go between for the Russian hackers and Trump’s Campaign to deliver the DNC information.

Sebastian Gorka, Fake Doctor and Actual Nazi, was fired from the White House today. When firing a Nazi from the White House isn’t even in the top 3 stories, it’s a fucked up night.

I’m writing an article about pardons and presidential powers and limits this weekend. I might include it with the removal of a President article.

Have a good one.

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