Daily Check-In 7/28/2017

So far today…

Early in the Trumpcare bill died in the Senate to a vote of 49-51. Straight party lines, with Murkowski, Collins, and McCain voting against.

People are confused by McCain's actions this week. Don't be. He voted to open the debate process which brought the bills to the floor for a vote, then voted against the bills on the floor, which killed the ACA repeal. No debate, no vote, no death.

Trump went on a twitter tirade about how the Senate should destroy the filibuster. A filibuster breaking number of senators signed a letter telling him to pound sand.

Russian sanctions restrictions landed on Trump's desk this morning. In response, Russia seized two diplomatic compounds from the U.S. and demanded the reduction in the number of diplomats there.

Supposedly the Republicans are starting to distance themselves from Trump, and the ACA Repeal debacle, combined with the treatment of Sessions and Preibus, might be the excuse they needed.

Rumor has it that some big news about Trump's connections to Russia may be dropping soon. This could be transcripts of the Mayflower meeting, evidence of him dialing in to the June 9 meeting in Trump Tower, or something else entirely.

It's a little after noon as I write this. I'll update further if/when something breaks.

UPDATE: Reince Preibus resigned yesterday. It was just announced around 5pm. He will be replaced as White House Chief of Staff by the current DHS Secretary John F. Kelly.

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