Daily Check-In 7/27/2017

For Thursday …

New White House Communications Director Anthony Scarmucci continues to be a loud distraction for the administration. For Trump, that's a good thing. Keeps the eyes off the other crimes.

Jeff Sessions may have struck a deal to stay in his position. The deal isn't with Trump, but possibly Mueller's team.

The Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke just threatened the state of Alaska over the health care bill. Senator Lisa Murkowski voted no on the Republican health care bills so far. Zinke, almost certainly acting on orders from Trump, threatened Alaska with further isolation. That's like threatening a German with more efficiency.

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina just threw down the gauntlet. He's looking to introduce legislation that makes it illegal to fire a Special Counselor without judicial review. He said to the press afterwards that any attempt by Trump to fire Jeff Sessions or Robert Mueller would "be the beginning of the end of Trump's presidency."

Everything above this line happened before Noon EST. It's gonna be one of those days.

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