August 2019 Update

It’s time for a quick update.  I missed all of July, and it looks like it will be later in August that I’ll be back to posting on a regular schedule.

As I mentioned in my last post, June Announcement, my wife suffered multiple compound fractures.  Since that post, she spent a couple weeks in the hospital, a few more in rehab, and has been home for the last two weeks.  We’re still trying to get into a nice routine, but hopefully by the end of the month, she’ll be less cripply and more semi-functional.

What I’d like to do when I get back is host a Summer Recap post or series, I’m not sure which yet.  It’ll cover the bigger events of the season, like Jeffrey Epstein getting arrested for trafficking minors for sex and Robert Mueller testifying before Congress.

I miss writing every day, and I hate not being knee deep in the fight right now.  As soon as the wife is cleared for a return to normalcy, I’m back telling everyone how None Of This Is Normal.

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