The Last Few Days – 03/27/2019

March 22 to March 27, 2019.  My last post before this was Daily Check-In 03/22/2019 right after news broke that Mueller submitted his report to the Department of Justice.



Barr Submits His Summary

Welcome to the crazy spin and deflection part of the investigation.  William Barr, Attorney General for Trump, released a summary that Mueller didn’t find evidence of collusion with Russia, nor did he find enough evidence for an obstruction of justice indictment.

So yeah, the fix is in.

Barr’s summary, which was less than four pages, contains no quotes from Mueller’s report longer than a sentence fragment, has minimal sourcing, and is designed to obfuscate and distract.  It defines collusion so narrowly that only direct and knowing coordination between the Trump Campaign officials that were members of the campaign at the time and direct members of the Russian government, the Internet Research Agency, or the GRU count.  This would not include Roger Stone, who talked with Wikileaks and the GRU since he was not an official member of the campaign at the time.  This doesn’t include Erik Prince or George Nader’s work since they weren’t members of the campaign at the time.  This doesn’t include Paul Manafort or Rick Gates working with Konstantin Kilimnik, since “Kostya from the GRU” isn’t an active member of the GRU.  Their work with Oleg Deripaska doesn’t fit this definition since he isn’t a member of the Russian Government.

So, actions that meet the legal definition of a criminal conspiracy don’t fit for Barr’s definition of collusion.

As far as obstruction goes, Mueller left that to Barr to choose whether to charge Trump.  Barr, who has gone on the record many times saying that a President cannot obstruct justice, did not elect to charge Trump.

Any idea that William Barr is not a bad actor went flying out the window with the appearance of the rule of law.


Tweets and stories from before the summary was released

Narrator: We’re still stuck in bad-takesville.


Shock and Confusion


The Cover-Up

Remember the names of those blocking the release of the report.


Congressional Reactions


We Want To See The Report


Reactions from the Rumor Mill and Beyond

Check the Rumor Mill for the full text of this thread.


The Beat Goes On…

We still haven’t seen the report, but it’s important to remember that there is a ton of other work going on.  Including the grand jury investigating Russia, multiple states investigating the Inaugural Committee, 4 or 5 Congressional investigations, and enough work in the state of New York to drown Trump and his family for decades.


Supreme Court

































NRA Australia Interference















Avenatti Charged
















I’m not gonna lie: with the possible exception of Kavanaugh’s confirmation, yesterday was the worst I’ve felt since Election Day 2016. I barely slept, tossing & turning & doubting my own sanity. Which is EXACTLY what these traitors want. Some thoughts: [THREAD]

1/ Obvious: Barr’s summary is NOT the full report. People much smarter than me pointed out all the strange things about it:

Greg Olear added,

2 Ari Melber notes there is not a single full sentence quote from Mueller. Neal Katyal tore it to pieces on MSNBC. Barb McQuade said “I’ve never seen anything like this before”. Unbelievably, Mueller was not even consulted about the letter. …

2/ The likeliest explanation is that Barr is a bad actor. I mean, he DID write that asinine attack on the OSC, which prompted Trump to hire him. Maybe he really does feel that way. At best, Barr was a very conservative establishment Republican. At worst? He’s a traitor.

3/ Barr’s absolution does not change the facts on the ground. Trump & his minions REALLY DID meet with Russians—many, many, many times—during 2016. If those meetings don’t constitute coordination/conspiracy/collusion, then what do those words even mean?

4/ At the time, Steve Bannon said they couldn’t collude with the GOP in Pennsylvania, let alone the Kremlin. So: Trump’s excuse for all the Russia meetings is that he’s a stupid, disorganized, ineffectual dipshit. If that’s the case, this is almost worse than him colluding.

5/ But let’s look at what Barr asks us to believe…and Mueller, too, if Barr’s summary winds up being delivered in good faith. [Note: there were reports last week of a squabble between Barr & Mueller…now we can guess why].

6/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Trump hired Paul Manafort, well known to him as a Russian mob actor, to run his campaign.

7/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Dimitri Simes, a top FSB agent, recruited Jared Kushner and organized the Mayflower Hotel event of 27 April 2016, so Candidate Trump could meet Sergei Kislyak in person.

8/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Maria Butina, a Russian spy, infiltrated the NRA’s leadership and slept her way through lower-rung GOP.

9/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Junior, Jared & Manafort met at Trump Tower with two Russian agents and a money laundering expert to discuss “adoptions.” (Bonus: IT WASN’T OBSTRUCTION when Junior and Trump both lied about it).

10/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Carter Page, one of Trump’s foreign policy advisers, spoke at the New Economic School in Moscow, meeting with the Russian Deputy Prime Minister (!) and the CEO of Rosneft (!!).

11/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chair, shared US polling data with a Russian spy.

12/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Kislyak met with Jeff Sessions, JD Gordon, and Carter Page at the RNC in Cleveland—or when they changed the language in the Republican platform, at Trump’s request, to align the GOP position on Ukraine w/Putin’s own position.

13/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Michael Cohen went to “Prague” (or someplace near there) to pay off Russian hackers.

14/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Jeff Sessions, the first Senator to endorse Trump, met with Kislyak in his Senate offices. IT WASN’T OBSTRUCTION when Sessions lied about this meeting to Congress.

15/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Kushner and Mike Flynn snuck Kislyak into Trump Tower for a secret meeting, and IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Kush suggested having a backchannel through the Russian embassy, so Trump & Putin could communicate privately.

16/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when a big-wig at a Qatari shell company met with Trump, Flynn, and Cohen at Trump Tower, in the wake of the Rosneft deal mentioned in the Steele dossier. (Qatar helped facilitate the deal w/the Russian company).

17/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Kushner met Sergei Gorkov, VEB president, at Newark Airport in December 2016, even though VEB was on the sanctions list. IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Gorkov left the meeting and flew directly to Putin to report back.

18/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Erik Prince and Elliott Broidy, shadow reps of Trump, met with a Russian wealth fund manager in the Seychelles.

19/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Cohen and Felix Sater met with a Putin agent at the Loews Regency in NYC in January 2017 to negotiate the lifting of sanctions.

20/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION OR OBSTRUCTION when Trump met with Kislyak and Sergei Lavrov, the chief FSB spy in the US, in the Oval Office the day after he fired James Comey for Russia-related reasons—and at Kushner’s urging.

21/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Roger Stone coordinated with WikiLeaks, a Russian intelligence cut-out, to help Trump in the election. Junior and Senior Trump extolling WikiLeaks was also not coordination.

22/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when the Trump campaign worked with Cambridge Analytica (#CamAnal) to sabotage the election. Or when Trump ordered Bannon to bring Brittany Kaiser from Cambridge Analytica to the US immediately (h/t @TomJChicago).

23/ IT WASN’T COORDINATION when Trump went on TV and begged Russia to hack HRC’s emails.

24/ The obstruction examples are even MORE egregious, and I won’t bother with them here.

25/ Any document, whether authored by Barr, Mueller, or the reincarnated spirit of Otto von Bismarck, can’t JUST tell us there wasn’t coordination. It MUST explain why ALL of these examples listed here ARE NOT coordination. If it can’t, it’s just Vichy PR.

26/ The bad guys are going to gloat today. It’s going to be awful. It’s going to make you want to vomit. Try not to take it in. Try to ignore it.

This is NOT over, no way, no how. The traitors WILL pay for their crimes. SDNY, EDVA and the NY AG are ready to roll. OSC still has Stone, Gates, Flynn to handle. Justice deferred is still justice. WE SHALL PREVAIL. [END]


That’s it for the last few days.  More like the past week.  Like I said in my last post, I’ve got my hands full dealing with some family issues.  I hope to get back to a somewhat regular schedule soon, but we’ll have to see how things go.  My father had a massive stroke at some point last week.  I don’t want to go into too many details now, but there’s a lot that I have to deal with.  My brother and I have to take over his finances and care, but he sure as shit didn’t set himself up for success.  I would like to thank everyone that has reached out and offered to help.  Where and whenever possible, I’ll take it.

As much as I’d like to promise to get back to daily updates, I can’t.  Not only do I not promise anything, I also know that there’s so much on my plate now that I have to take some time off here and there to get caught up with those issues.  For example, I now have to take care of his budget while handling mine, and I have to do it while keeping all funds separate.  I don’t want to accidentally pay one of his bills from my account then get put on the hook for it.

It also makes me realize how much I need to do and set up for my family.  If something happens to me, I need to make sure they’re taken care of.  Nothing is promised to us but the here and now.  Tomorrow is just a promise that will one day be broken.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen on any front.  I feel like I’ve missed the last big game with an injury.  I know I could have and should be on the line fighting this battle, but I just can’t stay focused for too long.  It probably also doesn’t help that in the last week I’ve had maybe 4 hours of downtime combined.  I’ve also spent a lot of time on a new subreddit, /r/raisedbynarcissists.  It’s helping me cope with a lot fo stuff I’ve gone through and am going through right now.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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