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Tuesday, January 29, 2019



Trump Met With Putin…Again

A Kremlin official said today that, despite what the WH claimed, Trump & Putin had a sit-down meeting at the G-20 summit, during which they discussed Syria policy. Three weeks after G-20, Trump abruptly ordered US troops to withdraw from Syria. my latest

Context of the G-20 summit: -Trump & Putin were scheduled to meet -Cohen reveals damning new details about Trump Tower Moscow deal -Trump cancels Putin meeting -Kremlin refuses to accept cancellation -WH goes on the record saying no meetings, even pull-asides, are scheduled. 1/

Caroline Orr Retweeted Caroline Orr

So the Kremlin got the White House to go on the record saying there were no scheduled pull asides between Trump & Putin at G-20. And then two months later, the Kremlin leaks details of a sit-down meeting between Trump & Putin. 2/

Caroline Orr @RVAwonk

Context of the G-20 summit: -Trump & Putin were scheduled to meet -Cohen reveals damning new details about Trump Tower Moscow deal…

Putin was accompanied by a translator when he met with Trump after a dinner at the G-20 summit. Trump was accompanied by… Melania. “The four of them sat at a table and were among the last to leave,” 3/

It really looks like a strategic move by the Kremlin to get the White House to go on the record denying any plans for a G-20 meeting. Also strategic: Leaking details of the meeting just as the Trump admin takes a position on Venezuela that the Kremlin really doesn’t like. 4/

Was Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria part of a deal he discussed with Putin at G-20? Did Trump make any promises about Venezuela during that meeting? We have no idea. Trump didn’t bring a note-taker, translator, or anyone from his administration to the meeting. 5/

What we *do* know: Putin just fired a warning shot at Trump to remind him that he has receipts from all of their encounters, and he’s not afraid to use them. i.e., Trump is compromised. None of us know what else Putin is holding over Trump’s head. We just know there’s more. 6/

No, this wasn’t about G20 2017, or the Helsinki Meeting.  This happened during the G20 2018. (Daily Check-In 11/30/2018). Remember how there was no meeting planned between the two of them?  Looks like they met and talked.  Only Trump, Melania, Putin,  and Putin’s translator.

No Americans were present.  No members of the United States Government.  Just Trump and his handler.

What did they discuss? We may never truly find out. What instructions did Putin give Trump?  Let’s look at the timeline of events to find out.

  • Trump ramps up his rhetoric on shutting down the government.
  • Trump announces that the U.S. is pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan.
  • Word circulates that Trump wants to pull out of NATO.
  • He then removes sanctions on Oleg Deripaska, giving him a deal sweeter than Sweet Tea.
  • Reports come out about Trump going to ridiculous lengths to hide what he talked about with Putin.
  • U.S begins talks with the Taliban.
  • Trump declares victory over ISIS.
  • ISIS kills more U.S. troops in Syria.
  • U.S. Intel announces that Russia and China are already plotting to interfere in the 2020 election.
  • Trump once again attacks the Intel Community, claiming he knows more than they do.

Considering how far he’s gone to keep this meeting off the books, and that this isn’t the first time he’s done this, there are only one logical conclusion:

Donald Trump, the President of the United States, is an Asset of the Russian Federation, and is being used to forward their goals at the expense of the United States.


Roger Stone

Speaking of traitors who deserve to hang for their crimes, Roger Stone was arraigned.  As expected, he pleaded not guilty to the seven felonies he’s been charged with.  Also not surprising are his attempts to scream about how poorly he’s been treated, how this is a vast conspiracy, blah blah blah.

Remember, this fucktard recently lost a lawsuit and was forced to issue several apologies for lying on Infowars. (Daily Check-In 12/18/2018).  Why anyone would put him on the air and expect anything less than a lie is either an idiot or corrupted.


Here is a list of companies that do not fit the qualifications to be fighting Mueller subpoena battle: -Rosneft -VTB -Sberbank -Deutsche Bank -Bank of Cyprus -Gazprom

You can add Alfa Bank to this list as well. The company must: -Be WHOLLY owned by a foreign government -Have US office(s)

Qatar Investment Authority certainly seems to make the most sense here. It is fully owned by the Qatari government, Cohen met with QIA official during transition, has US presence.

Also: The subpoena was issued shortly after Cohen’s places were raided. Zainab Ahmad, a Mueller prosecutor and Middle East expert, was spotted at the courthouse.

My guess for this has been QAI and/or Glenncore, the company in charge of brokering the Rosneft sale.  Both have multiple offices in the United States, and can be pressured to comply with the government or lose business.



















Jussie Smollet

They tried to lynch Jussie Smollett. These 2 men reportedly hurled racist and homophobic slurs at him before beating him, yelling “This is MAGA country” as they left. Will we hear the president condemn this hate crime committed by his supporters? No. This is America in 2019.

An update on the “MAGA country” line: is reporting beyond what TMZ said. ABC reports “At the time of the attack, Smollett told police the suspects yelled “MAGA country.”” It was reportedly Jussie Smollett himself who claimed this was said.

Even more details. This fully explains the initial police statement denying that the attackers yelled “MAGA country.” We now have confirmation from Chicago PD that in a follow up interview, Smollett himself said “MAGA country” was yelled.

Remember last week when a bunch of obnoxious teens got in trouble for being racist little shits and the media world screamed that the Red Had wasn’t racist?

Yeah, fuck’em.

Here we have a situation with an actual attempted lynching of a gay black celebrity, and I’ll put money down that not one of those white ass hats will defend this young man who was almost murdered by the same kind of racist assholes that they spent last week surrounding and protecting.







. on gun violence: “We’re not missing good ideas. We could pass an assault weapons ban and universal background checks. We’re not missing tragedies. The very worst have happened. So what’s missing? People in the Congress who have the courage to act.”

“This is going to sound harsh, but I think somebody should have required every member of Congress to go into a room…with no press…and look at the autopsy photos of those babies [after Sandy Hook] and then vote their conscience.”

“We have to stop believing that false choice. You can be in favor of the second amendment and want smart gun laws. You can be in favor [of ] and understand there is no reason why we have assault weapons that can kill babies and police officers.”

“Too many communities are grieving the loss of lives that should never have been taken.”

This is a great idea and well overdue, but it should be expanded.  Take all of the members of Congress, all members of the Government, all of the lobbyists, all of the members of the NRA, everyone who wants to own a gun, hell take EVERYONE and take them to a morgue and show them the bodies of those who died from gun violence.  Make them see the bodies of the children who died needlessly.  Show them the crime scene photos as well.  Then, if they still think gun control is bad, take them to the grieving parents and make them tell these parents who get to bury their little baby why their child deserved to die and why they think that there shouldn’t be any type of gun control. And force these people to do this for each and every gun murder in this country.

Then, they can have all the guns their tiny little dicks can handle.



























Howard Schultz is worth $3.8 billion. That he is somehow intimidated by a freshman Congressional rep is the dumbest narrative in history.

It’s more blazingly obvious media Op to distract from Mueller and the Dem House’s progress. If you want to keep a Republic, stop falling for every fake horseshoe clickbait Op they throw at you and ask: Why?

Also, if you think that business prepares you for political leadership, get your heart surgery done by a jazz guitarist. They studied a lot and have dexterous hands. That should cross-over easily, right? Test the theory.


That’s it for Tuesday.  Things might be a little late getting posted for Wednesday.  I’m getting a late start to that post today, and my current work setup isn’t working well today.

I’m working from home today due to the cold.  Unfortunately, so is the wife.  When we both are he, I work in the basement.  It’s an unfinished basement with minimal heating.  I’ve had to venture upstairs every half hour to warm up.  Yeah, I’m just bitching about this, but it’s hard to type when my hands are cold.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur




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