On Tuesday, November 6th, this country has a very important election.  Called the Midterm Election, it comes halfway into a presidential term.  At the Federal level, all seats in the House of Representatives and 1/3rd of the Senate are being contested.  At the State level, many governorships and state legislature seats are being contested as well.  Also, there are local offices and referendums on the ballot.


How to find your polling place – This article has links on how to find your local polling place.

Ballotpedia will tell you who’s on the ballot and what referendums are up for decision.

If you need a ride to your polling place, Uber will offer $10 off a ride to the polls.  Lyft  will offer half off rides.  Also, this article mentions a few other options like for voters in need of a ride.


I don’t normally tell people what to think or how to vote, but anyone who has read this site for more than 10 seconds knows that for 2018 I heavily encourage EVERYONE to vote for every single Democrat running for office, and not vote for a single Republican if possible.

But, I guess if someone’s looking for a reason to vote for the Party of Trump, here’s a few that I came up with.


Reasons to Vote Republican

If you think that Checks and Balances are for pussies, Vote Republican.

If you think that rich people need more money, and that the poor should pay for them, Vote Republican.

If you think that ethics regulations don’t count, Vote Republican.

If you think that it’s okay for a Congressional Representative to run for re-election while under Federal indictment, Vote Republican.

If you think love guns more than you love children, Vote Republican.

If you “blame the media” for the string of violence that includes shooting up schools, places of worship, and fitness studies, Vote Republican.

If you think back to the 50’s as the “Good Ole Days”, Vote Republican.

If you think that Treason is cool if your party does it, Vote Republican.

If you think that black people have gotten too “uppity” in the last couple generations, Vote Republican.

If you think that women should get back in the kitchen where they belong, Vote Republican.

If you think that multiple sexual assault accusations are worthy of removing a Democratic Senator from office, but not worth disqualifying a nominee from the Supreme Court, Vote Republican.

If you look at this picture…


And think “Damn, I want to put them in cages,” Vote Republican.

If you think that only rich people should be able to afford an education, housing, or health care, Vote Republican.

If you don’t care if this experiment in Democracy survives, Vote Republican.

If you’re okay with a Fascist Wannabe Strongman in charge, as long as it’s YOUR Fascist Wannabe Strongman, Vote Republican.

If you think that it’s perfectly okay for your cable company or internet service provider to sell your web traffic data to the highest bidder, Vote Republican.

If you still think that an elderly woman forwarding herself emails is a more heinous crime than conspiring with our enemies to rig the election, Vote Republican.

If you think that only the Christian religions should get protection under the law, and that they should get preferential treatment, Vote Republican.

If you scream “Fuck your feelings” at someone pointing out that you’re being an asshole, Vote Republican.

If you think “Draining the Swam” means hiring a bunch of con-men, grifters, and thieves to government positions, Vote Republican.

If you think gerrymandering and voter suppression is a good thing because it helps your team win, Vote Republican.

If you think that deficits only matter if a black guy is President, Vote Republican.

If you look at Climate Change and say “fuck it, I’ll be dead soon”, Vote Republican.

If you don’t give a shit about leaving a better world for your children or grandchildren, Vote Republican.


Reasons to Vote Democrat

If, however, you’re not a complete and total asshole, Vote Democrat.

If you think that everyone under the law deserves equal protection, Vote Democrat.

If you want our government to function, Vote Democrat.

If you want your children to have world to live in and grow up in, Vote Democrat.

If you think that Congress should do it’s job, Vote Democrat.

If you think that no one is above the law, Vote Democrat.

If you think that your data is your data, Vote Democrat.

If you think that conspiring with a foreign power to steal the election is illegal, Vote Democrat.

If you think that America is worth fighting for, Vote Democrat.

If you think everyone should have access to an education and health care, Vote Democrat.

If you think that we need a humane and common sense approach to gun control, immigration, and taxes, Vote Democrat.

If you’re sick and tired of our country being an embarrassment, Vote Democrat.

If you want this country to exist as a healthy democracy, where the constituents choose their representatives and not vice versa, Vote Democrat.


Reasons to Vote Green Party or Libertarian

Fuck you.  Fuck your protest vote.  Fuck your waste of a vote.  Don’t believe me when I call your third party vote a waste?  Jill Stein’s vote totals in Pennsylvania and Michigan were greater than Trump’s margin of victory.  Those hundred thousand people helped make Donald Trump the winner.  All because they wanted to “clear their conscience.”


Suck it up

Listen up, cupcake, because I’m only going to say this once.  Not every candidate in every election will be perfect.  They won’t all pass the purity test or check every box in the issues column, or be cool or relatable.

Sometimes, candidates suck.  Sometimes, it’s a choice between two evils.  Sometimes, it’s a choice between a candidate that you only somewhat agree with, and one that you don’t like at all, but they say they agree with your one issue that you love.  Sometimes, you know someone who’s running for office, and they’re normally a good guy off the campaign trail.

Guess what.  This election is different.  I’ve never seen a midterm election with this much at stake.  Donald Trump has tried to do everything he can to throw the rules and laws out the window and become a king-like figure.  The only things stopping him are ineptitude and he doesn’t have enough of a stranglehold on Congress or the courts. If he gets that stranglehold, kiss this system of the Rule of Law goodbye.  If Democrats hold at least one of the house of Congress, they will investigate him and his followers until he’s removed from office, and people are in jail for their crimes.

So, Vote Democrat.  If you don’t, there might not be another chance to vote.

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