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Monday, September 24, 2018



Once again, the New York Times sticks their dick in the potato salad.  It’s bad enough that Daily Check-In 09/21/2018 when they ran that plant of a story against Rosenstein that was debunked in about 30 seconds flat.  Now, they run a story with a SINGLE FUCKING SOURCE claiming that Rod Rosenstein resigned.

At what point does incompetence become conspiratorial behavior?  Cause I think we’re pretty fucking close to that standard.

Anyway, a few other places picked up this story and ran with it, each using their own “sources”.  Eventually, WaPo and NBC got through the bullshit; Rod Rosenstein had not resigned, nor offered his resignation, but he was expecting to get fired.

Fast forward a couple hours to a White House meeting between Rosenstein and Chief of Staff John Kelly.  They meet, and…. nothing.  No quitting, no firing, nothing.  They have a meeting, then go about their business.  Rosenstein is scheduled to have a meeting with Trump on Thursday, around the same time that the Kavanaugh hearing is set to take place.

Following the meeting, a Senior Administration Official made the claim that Rod has offered his resignation, but Kelly turned it down.  In about 43 nanoseconds, the anonymous twitter accounts called bullshit on that claim, and said that Rod had refused to quit, and that he would have to be fired instead.  Also, Kelly got cold feet when 3/4 of Washington called him at once.


Special counsel Robert Mueller asked questions about the relationship between President Trump and the billionaire Russian-Azerbaijani family who arranged the June 2016 meetingbetween Trump campaign aides and a Russian lawyer linked to the Kremlin, according to a participant of the meeting.

Rob Goldstone, who worked as a publicist for the Agalarov family and contacted Donald Trump Jr. in June 2016 on their behalf, spent roughly eight hours talking to Mr. Mueller’s team in March. Weeks later, he testified before the special counsel’s grand jury probing Russian interference in the 2016 election and any possible collusion between Mr. Trump’s campaign and Moscow. The president and Russia deny any collusion.

In his 2016 email to the president’s son arranging the meeting, Mr. Goldstone said the Russian lawyer had damaging information about Democrat Hillary Clinton that had been collected by the Russian government as part of an effort to help Mr. Trump.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he said Mr. Mueller’s investigators were particularly interested in how the relationship between Mr. Trump and the Agalarov family began, as well as a 2013 trip by Mr. Trump to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant. The Agalarovs sponsored the pageant, which Mr. Trump co-owned at the time.

“They wanted to know about what I thought their relationship was with the Trumps, and what their relationship was with any Russian government officials, [including] the Kremlin,” Mr. Goldstone said.

Reflecting on his role in one of the key episodes of the special counsel investigation, Mr. Goldstone has written a book titled, “Pop Stars, Pageants and Presidents: How an Email Trumped My Life.” In the book, set to be released Tuesday, Mr. Goldstone describes his testimony before Mr. Mueller’s team and the grand jury.

In their meeting with Mr. Goldstone, investigators asked about the relationship between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Aras Agalarov, whose real-estate company has won several state contracts in Russia, and to whom Mr. Putin in 2013 awarded the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation, a high-profile civilian prize.

Mr. Goldstone said he never heard the elder Mr. Agalarov describe himself as friends with the Russian president, but said he was “very proud” of the projects he had done for the state.

Mr. Mueller last fall requested an interview with Emin Agalarov, which as of last month hadn’t yet been arranged, according to a lawyer for the Agalarovs. The lawyer didn’t respond to a request for comment on Monday.

Back to the investigation, Mueller is closing in on the ties between the Trump family and the Agalarov’s, and the millions of dollars of suspicious money transfers that took place between them.


















Avenatti Email

There is a long list of things I thought I’d never have to explain or describe when I started this blog.  I mean, this blog is focused mostly on politics.  So, I never thought that I would have to define “Running a train”, or any other related terms.

Since we’re gonna hear a few terms that most normal people might not be familiar with, I feel that I should help where I can, just to keep things somewhat organized.

Running a Train, or Pulling a Train, is a sexual act in which several men, at least 3 by rules of grammar but some might say only 2, take turns having sex with a woman.  Once one guy finishes up, the next takes over.

This is not to be confused with a Gang Rape, or the somewhat confusing and semi-related term Gang Bang.  Gang Rape is exactly that; rape performed by 3 or more men, usually with the implication that at least 2 men are involved at the same time throughout the act.

Running a Train and a Gang Bang can both be either consensual or non-consensual, while a Gang Rape, by its very definition, is non-consensual.  Consent has to be gained and maintained from beginning to end.  It is all too common for one of these acts to get out of hand.  For example, if the woman agreed to screw 4 guys, but a fifth joined in, that’s not cool.  If she agreed to a gang bang, but said no ass to mouth, if someone broke that rule, that would be cause for her to revoke consent.

One case where there is no consent given is when a bunch of guys get a woman so drunk she passes out, and they guys fuck her unconscious body.  There’s a term for that…

Gang rape.

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it had more “innocent” sounding terms like how she was the “girlfriend of the fraternity” or a “frattress”, or frat mattress.  This behavior was somewhat common in meathead and creep circles on college campuses.  In other words, this was “typical frat behavior.”  Now, I’m not saying that all all fraternities took part in getting girls drunk and fucking them against their will, or that this shit required Greek letters on the building.  It’s just that during my time in college, the places and people most associated with this flavor of rape were jocks and meatheads and party bros.

Did High School kids pull this shit?  Sure, I just never heard of any instances personally.  Of course, I also wasn’t partying much in High School, and when I did it was with all guys that treated girls with high regard, so I had no knowledge of that, but there were the occasional rumors that floated around.

Do I think Brett Kavanaugh and his buddies were capable of this?  From everything I’ve heard about him over the last few days, absolutely.  Even before the allegations came from Dr. Ford, here’s a preppy jock kid going to a fancy private school right outside of D.C., his Mommy was a Prosecutor, he pledged to a fraternity at Yale that was so rowdy that Animal House looked tame in comparison, and every controversial decision involving treating women like second class citizens, he’s been there.  He’s the poster boy for Republicans living out their Handmaiden’s Tale fantasies.  There are a lot of psychological characteristics that misogynists and rapists have in common, so none of this is really a stretch.  As soon as Dr. Ford came forward, I had a sickening feeling that we were just scratching the surface.  The letter with 65 women in defense of him was a little too quick on the return volley.  It’s not standard operating procedure to have a letter defending your character from one group of people unless there’s a specific thing they’re waiting for.  If he had a letter signed by 65 black guys saying how not-a-racist he was, I’d be expecting someone to come out with a racist tirade where he’s dropping the n-word more often than Eazy E from his N.W.A. days.  If he’s got a letter signed by 65 fat people talking about how great he is to the fat community, somewhere there’s a video of him torturing fat people at an amusement park by dangling a doughnut from a fishing pole in front of some fat person on a Rascal scooter with Type 2 diabetes.

He’s a severe asshole who grew up too privileged and never paid the consequences for his actions.  He grew up into an adult asshole who hasn’t had to suffer yet.



A possible fourth person has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Maryland law enforcement officials told a Maryland newspaper.

An anonymous witness told Montgomery County investigators over the weekend about another incident that occurred while Kavanaugh was in high school, according to a Monday report in the Montgomery County Sentinel.

In a response to this report, The Montgomery County Police Department put out a statement that said it had not received a request from an alleged victim to start a criminal investigation — though it’s unclear if the witness from the Sentinel’s report is an alleged victim.

“At this time, the Montgomery County Police Department has not received a request by any alleged victim nor a victim’s attorney to initiate a police report or a criminal investigation regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” the statement said.

How many will we hear about before Thursday?  I think the over/under total will be 6.  Two more will substantiate existing claims.  What’s my source?  Thin air, but this is ramping up pretty quick.


Yep, that’s right.  Brett’s mommy was a prosecutor in their jurisdiction that handled family court.  Imagining that prick using his mom’s position to intimidate people is less of a stretch than pulling my phone out of my pocket.  In other words, highly fucking likely.
















That’s it for Monday.  The Rosenstein smoke bomb really pulled a lot out of the day.  Even though the long-timers on the Rumor Mill are still relaxed, I’m not as calm.  I’m confident that Justice will prevail and that the Russian Investigation can’t be buried by a simple firing, but at the same time, I’ve learned to not put my full trust in only a few people on the Internet.

I’m confused.  Was the Rosenstein Ploy an attempt to distract from the Kavanaugh Shit Show, or is the Kavanaugh Shit Show an attempt to distract from the Rosenstein Ploy?

Hopefully on Tuesday I won’t have to describe any more sex acts in detail.  Not that I’m completely opposed to that, but this is supposed to be a political blog, not one where I debate the finer points of Train-Running Etiquette.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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