Daily Check-In 04/26/2018

Thursday, April 26th



WTAF?  What in the actual fuck?

Trump had a phone-in interview with Fox & Friends this morning.  Normally, I would just chalk this up to a planned distraction, but this went off the rails faster than a broken roller coaster.  Trump claimed that Cohen only did a “tiny, tiny little fraction” of his legal work.

Cohen’s legal defense, which Trump’s lawyers were also arguing, was that the two had so much privileged communications that it would be nearly impossible to sort through it all.

Trump just shot that argument like 2Pac.  He fucked Cohen harder than Stormy Daniels was fucked in Lust Connection.

He fucked him so bad that the prosecutors dropped their objections to the idea of having a third party go through his paperwork because there is so little to go through that would be covered by attorney-client privilege.

Cohen’s defense was shot out of the sky.  His hopes and dreams crushed like a can of Pepsi. He’s looking at serious jail time, and the person he’s been loyal to more than anyone else throws him under the bus.

His only out is to flip.  Not only can he deliver the President, but half of the scumbags and wanna be gangsters in New York.



“So, Mika, you are familiar with the fact that a week ago, Judge (Kimba) Wood ordered Michael Cohen’s attorneys to disclose all of his clients for the last three years,” Avenatti said, “and there were three clients listed — three clients listed. Do you recall which three?”

Brzezinski listed Trump, Fox News host Sean Hannity and Republican donor Elliott Broidy — but Avenatti said she was making the same mistake everyone else had.

“No, no, no,” he said. “Mr. Trump, the Trump organization and Sean Hannity. Mr. Broidy was not disclosed in open court as one of Michael Cohen’s clients.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough asked the attorney what that meant.

“I think at some point we are going to find out, if in fact, the client in connection with the ($1.6 million) settlement was, in fact, Mr. Broidy. I’m going to leave it at that.”

Avenatti wouldn’t say it, but the implication seems clear.

Cohen negotiated a $1.6 million hush money payment to a Playboy model who became pregnant during an affair and then had an abortion.

News reports had identified Broidy as the client who agreed to pay the woman in installments over two years if she agreed to remain silent about the relationship — but Avenatti said Cohen’s lawyers ruled him out in open court.

That would leave Trump, or possibly Hannity, as the likely clients who arranged the payment.

Three clients.  Trump, Hannity, and Trump Organization.  Since it’s kind of difficult for a company to get a model pregnant, that narrows the list down a bit.

I’m not saying that Trump knocked up a model and used Elliot Broidy as a cut-out to pay her, but Michael Avenatti has been Johnny-on-the-Spot with all of his guesses.

“Michael would represent me, and represent me on some things. He represents me, like with this crazy Stormy Daniels deal, he represented me,” Trump said. “And you know from what I see, he did absolutely nothing wrong.”



The panel voted 14-7.  All 10 Democrats on the committee, plus Thom Tillis, Lindsey Graham, Jeff Flake, and Chuck Grassley.

This Jill Stein.




Let’s see if Ronny still has a job when this all said and done.

Somehow, he has a new job.

How the fuck does he still have a job?

This mutha fucka acts like his job was to accept jobs.

Something that most Presidents had:  a person whose job it was to find people who could actually do their jobs.





I have no clue who Diamand and Silk are.  When I first heard their names, I thought about Prince’s twin singers/dancers Diamond and Pearl.


Imagine my confusion when, after rationalizing a possible reason why Prince’s old singers were testifying before Congress, when I clicked on an article and found that not only was I completely wrong, but horribly disappointed.  I had “Sexy MF” ready to roll.









Licking the pudding pop takes on a whole different meaning in Cell Block D.



















That’s it for today.  It’s been a long day, and I’m relaxing by watching the NFL Draft.  At this point, I watch out of tradition and withdraw from football, but I find it ridiculous how much hype and drama is associated with grown genetic freaks playing a children’s game.  But the whole concept of the draft is nuts and completely anti-capitalistic.

Think about it.  Companies from across the country select, in inverse order of their performance from the previous year, from a collection of employees that fill various positions.  Salaries are predetermined, based on what order they were hired.  The new hire has no choice but to relocate to the the city of the company that hired them, and they have no choice in where they work.  If they refuse to sign a 4 year contract with their new company, then they aren’t allowed to work for the next year, and reenter the pool of eligible employees, to go through the process again.  The company gets to choose whether they can exercise an option year on the contract, and if they’re really good, the company can force them into a contract extension for another year or two.  By this point, the person has passed the average career length for their field, and likely will get little to no chance at freedom in choosing where they work.  Meanwhile, the worst people in the hiring pool, the ones that don’t get selected, have some freedom as to where they go.

On top of all that, these new hires are expected to be the saviors of their companies.  In no other field is the new college grad expected to know anything, let alone have the hopes and dreams of the entire company on their shoulders.

It’s funny and nuts at the same time.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur


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