Daily Check-In 03/29/2018

Thursday March 29th



In a short succession Thursday afternoon, the three stories above dropped in rapid succession.

The first, in the order that I received the updates, was that Jeff Sessions was not going to name an Special Counselor to investigate the Special Counselor, much to the chagrin of several vocal Trump coconspirators Republican Representatives in Congress demanded it.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions will appoint the US Attorney from Utah to investigate internal procedures of the DOJ and FBI, but he said that the events in question do not meet the threshold for a Special Investigator.

As I was reading this story, I saw an alert on Twitter that Mueller had asked several witnesses before a Grand Jury about their knowledge of contacts between the Russians and Trump Campaign at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, specifically about Jeff Sessions and the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak.  This was from several weeks ago, but was just being reported now, as usual.

Finally, as I finished up that article, there was another one from CNN that tied it all together.  Mueller didn’t need to flip Gates to take down Paul Manafort.  He flipped Gates to take down the rest of the Trump Campaign.

Now, when I see 2+2, I don’t think Potato Salad, I think 4.

So, when I see three stories about Jeff Sessions, Russian contacts, and Rick Gates, I don’t think “Gee, what a coinkidink.”  I think “Damn, Gates gave Mueller enough rope to hang the Keebler Nazi.”

Rick Gates was the Deputy Campaign Chairman, and later the Chief of Staff to the head of the Trump Inaugural Committee.  He knowingly worked with Russian GRU Agent Konstanin Kilimnik (Confirmed at Person A, that’s 20 bucks for me) with Manafort during the campaign, and was involved in every major action from the beginning of the campaign to the end.  Their connections to Russian Oligarchs like Oleg Deripaska was a feature, not a bug.

I think Jeff Sessions had a clue about what Mueller was doing, too.  He’s on slippery ground, and if he made a move to try to institute a Special Counselor to investigate the Special Counselor investigating his actions, this could easily be seen as Obstruction of Justice.  The FBI hates him, the rank and file DOJ want to crucify him, the USIC has him dead to rights, and Mueller’s sending this message saying “Go ahead, let’s see how long you last.”



Note to self:  Never pick a fight on Social Media with kids that survived a massacre.  It’s like Batman fighting Bane in the dark.  I merely adopted the Social Media.  They were born by it, bred by it.



Michael Cohen is a terrible lawyer.  This time, his incompetence could force Trump to testify in a deposition about Stormy Daniels.

This article breaks the point down like this…

The NDA is so horribly written, and completely one-sided, that it is likely that the whole thing is thrown out.  Not just a section or two, but the whole contract.

Further, there is an arbitration clause in the contract, but only covers disputes between Trump and Stormy, nothing involving Cohen.  Since Cohen isn’t covered by the arbitration clause, he can’t force this case in front of an arbitrator, only Trump could.  But, since Trump never signed the agreement, and the current defense Cohen is working with is that he acted completely without Trump’s knowledge, Trump can’t force this claim to arbitration either.

Also, Cohen’s excuse is a direct and gross violation of the New York State Bar Association.  Cohen is tap-dancing in the disbarment minefield.

MAGA.  Make Attorneys Get Attorneys.

Michael was the fixer. It could be anything. There were a ton of matters that took place that Michael fixed and Donald Trump wasn’t involved in every single matter,” Schwartz said. He then walked that back, saying he meant business problems in general, and suggesting that business leaders commonly have a fixer authorized to pay people off without their knowledge.

JFC.  Really?  Trump’s Lawyer’s Lawyer just implied that Cohen is Trump’s fixer (like the mob), that he operated without his knowledge and consent, and does so for other matters as well.

Wow.  This is like saying “my client couldn’t have robbed the bank because he was busy killing some people at the time of the robbery.”



Emoluments.  This is yet another lawsuit that Trump is currently facing, this time brought by local AG’s against Trump Org and Trump for illegally accepting emoluments, or payments, from foreign governments via his hotels.

A visiting delegation from Thailand arrives in Washington, D.C.  Instead of staying at the Ritz, Hilton, or Four Seasons, they’re staying at Trump International Hotel, and scuttlebutt says it is because the White House told them to stay there.  This is the definition of corruption.

Trump and his daughter Ivanka spent hours at Trump Tower with the Russian, Igor Krutoy, who also knows attendees of a fateful meeting at the same building during the 2016 US election campaign.

Krutoy, a well-known composer in Russia, has written music for Emin Agalarov, the Russian singer whose father hosted Trump’s 2013 Miss Universe contest in Moscow. Krutoy attended the contest, where he was photographed with Trump.

Emin once named Krutoy as one of his closest friends in music. Public records show the Krutoys and the Agalarovs owned neighbouring houses in New Jersey in the 1990s, and now own condominiums in the same luxury complex in Florida. Krutoy said he considered the Agalarovs as acquaintances rather than friends.

In June 2016, the Agalarovs attended a meeting at Trump Tower with senior campaign officials that is now a flashpoint for Mueller’s investigation. Emin’s manager emailed Donald Trump Jr beforehand to say the Agalarovs would bring dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government. Trump Jr responded enthusiastically.



Shulkin was still a corrupt POS, but this is one of those “Heel vs. Heel” battles.  I want to see them destroy each other.


Good news about Yulia.  Know what’s worse than trying an obviously politically motivated assassination on foreign soil?  Fucking it up.



Starving the Beast.  That’s what Reagan called it back in the 1980’s.  Cut taxes coming in to the government that pay for social programs like Medicare and Welfare, then push to cut those programs while funneling even more money to the rich and greedy.





Take this with a lot of salt.  The only sources I could find on this story all came from the Tin Foil Hat-osphere.  Prison Planet, InfoWars, and their ilk disgust me for their lack of journalistic integrity and obvious bias, as well as their willingness to exploit their readers for their own personal gains.  If I have a story that I wrote that I don’t like the outcome or if it goes against the narrative I want to build, I’ll still write about it.  I won’t deny it’s existence and blame the Lizardmen of Mars.


That’s it for today.  Well, yesterday.  I’m a little late on posting.  Life happens.  This weekend, I hope to start the Gun Control series, take a look at the various lawsuits and legal problems facing Trump, and a wrestling inspired post, hopefully before Wrestlemania.

Yes, I’m a wrestling fan.  Even took part in a couple matches when I was younger.  I’ll explain that later.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur










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