Daily Check-In 03/26/2018

For the weekend and Monday, March 26th.



The new development of the weekend involved, once again, The Dotard tweeting.  This time, he went on a rant about how he had no problem getting lawyers to work for him on the Russia case.

Cue the lawyers quitting his team, turning down the chance to work with him, or the ones that want to leave.

Last week, Jon Dowd quit, to be replaced by Joe DiGenova and his wife.  Two days after they were announced to join the team, they quit.  A half dozen top tier law firms have turned down the chance to work with Trump, and no one is lining up to do so.



Cambridge Analytica was confirmed to be illegally involved in Brexit, Kenya, and the U.S. 2014 elections.  This is a buildup to them being illegally involved in 2016.

By the way, if you have Facebook stock and haven’t sold it yet, you should dump it.  Move it to defense spending or companies that focus on cybersecurity.  Just saying.



1.2 million.  More than 1.2 million people marched this weekend for gun control reform.

Emma’s Speech. Watch it. 6 minutes, 20 seconds.  Fight for your life before it’s someone else’s job.

The vitriol from the Right Wing over this past weekend was disgusting.  If your reaction to the survivors of a massacre trying to prevent it from happening again is to attack the children that survived, then you are a fucking dick.



I didn’t watch the interview yet, it’s sitting on the DVR.  One piece I did catch was that back in 2011, someone threatened her and her infant daughter if she talked about Trump anymore.  She assumes that this was connected to Michael Cohen.

Once again, Cohen tries to bully and intimidate Stormy into saying that he didn’t bully and intimidate her.  Stay classy, mother fucker.



This is the second or third time in the last few weeks that rumors about Paul Ryan retiring from Congress have floated around.  I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next couple months he has something come up and he decides to “spend time with his family.”















Here’s a link to a thread about some of the scripts used to scrape Facebook data for Cambridge Analytica.


That’s it for today.  I’m behind schedule on my gun control post, and the write-ups are little light tonight.  Quite frankly, it’s been a little hectic in real life.  It would be nice if I have a home repair project that doesn’t require multiple trips to the hardware store for wrong parts, bad directions, vanishing tools that only reappear after getting a replacement, or simply have a project not snowball out of control.

On the plus side, I have two new sink faucets, a relocated bookcase, and a new place to work.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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