Daily Check-In 03/20/2018

Tuesday March 20th.



Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ghosted recently, and spent the last couple months selling off stock.  The U.S. and U.K. want him to appear before their governments to answer questions.  And I’ve talked before about his taking Russian money, and screwing over Ukraine.

Massachusettes, New Jersey, New York, U.K., and U.S. governments are investigating CA.  Probably a dozen more states will join in by the end of the week.

Ted Cruz and Thom Tillis used CA to win their most recent elections.

Spicy has the paperwork to show they took their services.

The Mercer family gave CA a ton of money to push their right-wing agenda, and to attack democracy around the world.

Remember when I talked about Steve Bannon flipping on the Mercer family and CA to avoid the death penalty? (Check Daily Check-In 01/05/2018 in the Rumor Mill for that one.). Hearing these accusations about CA’s work come from the Mainstream Media, and the near complete absence of Steve Bannon adds a little credence to those rumors.  Of course, Daily Check-In 02/15/2018 had Bannon interviewing with Mueller for 20 hours to further keep Bannon from getting charged with capital crimes.

Yes, I’m talking about the death penalty.  This is just the beginning.

HOLY FUCK, MARK WARNER JUST IMPLICATED THE RUSSIANS IN BREXIT!  I’ve mentioned more than a few times before that the Russians were involved in Brexit, and that Cambridge Analytica played a major role in it.



The leader of the Free World does not congratulate a dictator on winning a rigged, sham election.

Fox News Commentator Ralph Peters, a retired Lt. Colonel, quit the company after a decade on the air.

“Fox News is assaulting our constitutional order and the rule of law… Fox has degenerated…to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive and ethically ruinous administration”

I first mentioned on Daily Check-In 9/21/2017 some rumors that Fox News was under investigation for pushing Russian propaganda, per Louise Mensch at Patribotics.  Since then, I’ve seen several stories leaning that way, including the Seth Rich lawsuits and Fox News’s constant disinformation.

As far as Mueller, the Republican leadership in Congress says that they don’t need legislation to protect Mueller because “Trump gave them assurances that he won’t try to fire Mueller.”  MOTHER FUCKER, HE DONE TRIED TWICE ALREADY.

But, this does answer a question I had about Paul Ryan.  How full of shit does a spineless person have to be to sit up?  ANSWER:  This much.



Ted Olson has been approached multiple times in the last year, and once again gave Trump the “Thanks, but no thanks” treatment.

Here’s the problem with Trump and lawyers; he’s incapable of taking their advice.  Trump views anyone taking his money as an inferior, not an expert brought in to perform a special skill.  He can’t take their advice or counsel.  Instead, he sees their job as to listen to him, follow his orders, and make his will reality.

Plus, he doesn’t pay his bills.  There’s a lot of crap that a lawyer will put up with, but unpaid bills are not on that list.

Given all of that, any surprise why the best lawyers are avoiding him like the plague?



Stormy passed a polygraph, Karen McDougal’s suing National Enquirer, and Summer Zervos’s lawsuit is going forward.  Oh, and Trump’s Lawyer that needs his own Lawyer can’t keep his mouth shut.

I have to ask a question.  At first, it was going to be a joke, but the more I think about it, I think this might be a question that gets an actual answer.

How many women are needed to achieve class action status?




Earlier today, a bomb detonated in the San Antonio FedEx facility.  Two people suffered minor injuries.  It was determined that the package that detonated was shipped from and destined for Austin, TX, about 80 miles away.  Upon further investigation, another device was found in a station in Southern Area of Austin, near the Airport.  According to law enforcement, both packages were shipped at the same time from the other side of the city, by the same person.  This information helped law enforcement get surveillance footage of a person of interest.

So, how did San Antonio get involved with this if the package was being shipped from one side of Austin to the other?

Logistics companies like FedEx, UPS, US Postal Service and Amazon operate on a hub-spoke model, like airports.  There might not be enough volume to justify a flight from Seattle, WA to Columbus, OH, but there’s more than enough for a Seattle to Chicago and Chicago to Columbus.  This is how we end up with layovers, because it’s cheaper and faster for the airline to move people to a hub and reroute from there than it is to schedule special flights every day from A to B.

That’s how a package going from one side of Austin to the other made a 160 mile (260 km) round trip.  There isn’t enough guaranteed volume across town to justify the trip, but there are guaranteed trips every day to and from San Antonio.

Also, I hope no one reading this ever gets the urge to make bombs and ship them, but don’t use a major shipper like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, or USPS to deliver the bombs.  These companies track EVERYTHING.  They have to keep track of millions of packages per day.  They know who paid for it, who handled it, who loaded it on the truck, who drove the truck, who delivered it, who signed for it, who requested a tracking update on it, and who left special delivery instructions like ‘leave under doormat.”

Hopefully, this will lead to catching the person right away, before anyone else gets hurt.



Another kid is dead today.  Two more are in the hospital, and the “Enthusiasts” are going hurt themselves patting themselves on the back because the kid was killed by a security guard/cop in the school, and that the kids was too young to buy the gun used, so gun laws wouldn’t help.

Gimme a fucking break.

Most likely, it was daddy’s gun.  Did dad have his gun locked in a safe?  Did he have the ammo stored away?

And what would happen if that guard missed?  Bullets fly until they hit something, whether it’s the target, the wall behind it, or a kid behind the wall.



HOLY FUCK, MARK WARNER JUST IMPLICATED THE RUSSIANS IN BREXIT!  I can’t stress enough how fucking big this is.


CWGBTP (Can we get back to politics?)

One thing I’m semi-thankful for is the blatant incompetence of the people in charge during this attempted slide into Authoritarianism.  If they were good at their jobs or solving problems, who knows where we’d be now?










This one comes from Louise Mensch and Pete Evans (@911CORLEBRA777).

Australian parties deny using data firm Cambridge Analytica 

On the surface, this seems pretty innocuous. Senior members of Cambridge Analytica came to Australia and met with senior officials of the two largest parties, but nothing happened.  Both parties got the pitch, but decided not to pursue CA for the next election.

Seems simple, right?  Well, not so much.

According to this tweet thread, this was part of an Intelligence Operation executed by Australian Secret Intelligence, ASI.  Both political parties went into the meetings with CA, and recorded the whole thing.

That’s right.  They pulled in politicians to work an op, and recorded everything.

I’m still skeptical about rumors like these, but Peter’s been on point for a lot of stories.

Remember, Australia is part of Five Eyes, the Intelligence sharing group that consists of the Aussies, the Kiwis, the Brits, the Yanks, and the Canucks.  Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.  What we see, they see, and vice versa.


That’s it for today.  My next non-daily article will be about gun control.  Specifically, some ideas and thoughts I’ve had for a while, as well as some criticisms about the plan.  Gun control is a touchy subject for a lot of people, and there’s been a couple generations of marketing and propaganda to make people think that nothing can be done.  I’ve got a few ideas, and I’ll write them up this week.  I hope.


Thank you, and have a good one.


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur


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