Daily Check-In 02/14/2018

Wednesday.  Valentine’s Day.  It’s a day for lovers to show each other how much they care  for and appreciate each other.  It’s about the Story of Love.


The Story of Love.  When a man cheats on his nursing wife with a porn star, then the man’s lawyer pays off said porn star, then admits to it a month after the story makes the news.

That’s love.  Love is in the air…

Although in this case, love sounds a hell of a lot like several ethical and legal violations, and possible criminal liability for the President.

So, we know that Stormy Daniels, an Adult Film Star from last decade, had an alleged affair with Donald Trump while Melania was at home with their infant son Barron.  We also know that she was shopping her story around several media outlets when she suddenly disappeared.  We also know that Michael Cohen opened an LLC that had one expense; a payment to “Peggy Patterson” for $130,000.  Peggy turned out to be Stormy Daniels.

We know all of this because Michael Cohen is a fucking idiot.

Today, he upped the stupid game by admitting to paying Stormy.  He says that he paid her off, all by himself with his own money.

“Neither the Trump Organization nor the Trump campaign was a party to the transaction with Ms. Clifford, and neither reimbursed me for the payment, either directly or indirectly,” Mr. Cohen said in a statement to The New York Times. “The payment to Ms. Clifford was lawful, and was not a campaign contribution or a campaign expenditure by anyone.”

Michael Cohen just admitted to paying her off.

At the minimum, he just admitted to paying a woman to keep quiet about his client, and paid her with his money.  This is a serious ethical violation for a lawyer.  This is disbarment territory.  He could lose his license to practice law.  And that’s assuming the least of his legal problems.


At the minimum, he just admitted to paying a woman to keep quiet about his client, and paid her with his money.  This is a serious ethical violation for a lawyer.  This is disbarment territory.  He could lose his license to practice law.  And that’s assuming the least of his legal problems.

What’s more likely is that Cohen violated FEC laws and campaign contribution laws.  Even if the money didn’t come from the campaign, other donors, or any other source, by paying her when he did, Cohen made an in-kind contribution which could have saved the election for Trump.  Imagine if Stormy’s story came out a week or two before the election, on the heels of the Pussygate tape.

But, what if he paid her and was then reimbursed by the campaign?

If Cohen paid for this out of his own pocket, and was later reimbursed by the campaign, everyone involved is in a world of hurt.  Cohen, the finance director, the person who signed off on this, and anyone who knew about it.  That is especially true for Donald Trump.

What would that reimbursement look like?  Maybe like this…


In late December 2016, the Trump Campaign paid Trump Properties $130,888.33 in rent.  Trump the candidate paid Trump the landlord rent.  But, the payment is a little suspect.

First, it doesn’t match the pattern of the rest of the rent payments.  The amount is different, the time of the month is different, and the amount is a made up amount.

Second, these amounts are all made up.  Look at the cents in every entry.  Notice something peculiar?  They are all perfect fractions, either 1/2, 1/3, or 1/6.  This is a dead giveaway for cooking the books.  Especially making up rent values.

Rent is determined by several ways, but one way is to determine the value per square feet, and divide by 12.  Doing that with some of these costs gives a value of  $1516.66 for square foot from July 2016 onward through November.  In the early months, the value was… hold on, let me do the math.


30 14183.  30 13 1091.   30 13 33 33&1/12.  Those numbers make sense to me.

So, the first office was about 280 square feet.  They added 296 square feet in May for 576, then expanded to 876 square feet in June 2016.  That’s when the value of 1516/sq.ft. was cemented.  That value is the market value for property in New York City.

The office expanded again to 1342 square feet in June or July, and stayed there until November.  For November, they more than doubled the space to 2244 square feet.  Primes are 12,11,17, so my guess is the campaign HQ was something 44×51 or 33×68.  That’s also the square footage of a good sized suburban home.

After the campaign, they apparently downgraded to a 1036 square foot room.  Or 28×37.

Now, that could explain these rent payments as just rent.  Of course, is literally taking campaign funds to pay himself rent that he owes himself.  And all of these are manufactured values.

So here’s the theory going around…

Trump the Candidate paid Trump the Landlord this sum, which was then used to reimburse the lawyer for Trump the Philanderer to pay off the porn star to keep quiet so that Trump the Candidate could become Trump the President.

Was it this obvious?  Not likely, but I’d be interested to see Cohen’s legal bills and other financials for the last year or two.

Was makes this whole thing even dumber is that Stormy is ready to tell he story.  How can she do that?  Because numbnutz Cohen told about the payoff, and her and her lawyer feel that he violated the terms of the NDA.

Also, I hate writing about Stormy news.  If I have to, I try to put it at the end of the story.  Stormy is a shiny bauble meant to distract from the real crimes being performed.  However, there were two reasons this gets the top story of the day.

Number 1, it’s Valentine’s Day, and nothing says love like having an affair blow up in his bloated, orange face.

Number 2, Cohen volunteered this information to the press.  He’s trying to head something off, and hoping that by jumping in front the of the story, it’ll go away.  There are lots of rumors that proof of campaign contribution violations are incoming, and they’re bad enough that they could destroy Trump.  Of course, I’ve heard that before.  But, if after it’s all said and done, Trump is removed from office for paying a porn star to not talk about their sexcapades, I’ll take it.

Stormy, real name Stephanie Clifford, has been in the media the last few weeks, striking while the iron is hot.  This week she appears in a strip club across the street from the Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.



Not just a little bit, but by several million dollars. Both him and Ivanka have a lot more debt to their names.

Why is this important?

Jared can’t get a permanent security clearance with all of this debt, yet sees the Presidential Daily Briefing each day.  Someone in as much debt as they have can be easily leveraged.

By the way, at least 100 employees in the Executive Branch have been working under an interim clearance since November 2017.

That was also the same time that the White House stopped offering new interim clearances.  It’s almost like something happened, like the FBI informing the White House that several of their employees would never be granted a permanent clearance and that they were a threat to national security.



NBC pulled these lists together.

I recommend checking out the spreadsheets, and see if you’re in them.  After a cursory search, I’m not mentioned in there, but then again, I didn’t get back into Twitter until February or March 2017.



Pence could say that it’s sunny on a raining day.  He’s either completely delusional, a habitual liar, or both.


Yet, the only two people in the Government who refuse to recognize it as a possibility are the President and Vice President.

Remember, Pence was Paul Manafort’s choice for Vice President.



Shulkin is one of five current and former Trump administration Cabinet members under investigation by agency inspectors general over their travel expenses, an issue that forced Tom Price to resign as Health and Human Services secretary in the fall. Shulkin and other Cabinet officials have said their travel, often on private and military planes or to speak at political events, was approved by agency ethics officials.

There is so much corruption in this administration, it’s systematic.  Shulkin’s Chief of Staff changed emails to make it sound like he was receiving an award in the Netherlands to justify bringing his wife on a trip to Europe, which also involved tickets to the Women’s Championship at Wimbledon.

This is ridiculous.


That’s all I’m covering for today.  There was another mass shooting in a school today.  17 dead.  Yet the monsters in the GOP will give their “thoughts and prayers” and say “now isn’t the time to discuss gun control.”

Fuck that, and fuck them.

Fuck the NRA.  Fuck the politicians who refuse to protect people at the expense of the gun manufacturers.

And fuck the NRA for their treasonous role in selling out the United States of America by funneling Russian money into the GOP.  I hope that whoever authorized this op gets the traitors death they deserve.


Thank you, and have a good one


“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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