Daily Check-In 10/23/2017


A lot of stories came out this weekend and today. Where I may normally try to talk about all of them, or at least as many as possible, I want to focus on just a couple that might’ve flown under the radar. I’ll mention several more in the lightning round.


Over the weekend, Putin used a loophole in the Interpol system to issue a warrant for Bill Browder’s arrest. This ended up causing his visa to the United States being revoked over the weekend. It was reinstated just a couple hours ago.

This is just the latest attack on Bill Browder by the Russians. Sadly, it won’t be the last.


Get ready for some Whataboutism.

We’re going to get a few stories, starting this week, talking about the spies and agents of influence got close to Hilary Clinton.

The purpose of the stories is to show how deep the Russians have gotten in to our political system.

Expect the trolls to use this as their “what about the Russians around Hilary? Trump’s awesome!” moment.

Also, get ready for news about the Party of Regions. They were the Pro-Putin Party in Ukraine that Manafort worked with. Several of the party members approached HRC and her team over the years.


Steve Bannon is up to some shit.

Remember a few weeks ago, or was it months ago, when stories came out about Flynn, Manafort, and Bannon tried to set up multiple nuclear deals with several Middle Eastern countries? Well, that’s coming back around.

Russia is just one piece of the corruption map.


Trump launders Russian money in Toronto.

Trump promises to pay legal fees for White House staffers in Russian Investigation.

Dipshit Cowpoke Devin Nunes goes rogue in search of Steele Dossier patrons.

FBI, DHS warm about cyber threats to power infrastructure.

Tony Podesta’s marketing firm registers with FARA after working with Paul Manafort.

Russian Troll account @TEN_GOP spread propaganda that was retweeted by Trump family.

JFK Papers to be released soon. Not only will Trump take credit for a law written in 1992, but if anything even slightly conspiratorial involving the CIA comes up, expect Trump to beat that drum like John Bonham.


CREW lawsuit against Trump about emoluments clause gains strength.

McCain has no fucks left to give.

This is crazy. Not that Arpaio is guilty and won’t have his record wiped clean, but that obvious corruption like this isn’t even in the top 10 stories.

Senators stunned to find out that almost 1,000 American soldiers are in Niger.

Prepare for a debate on the Authorization of the Use of Military Force.

Politicians feel that Trump is a pretty shitty deal maker.

16 pieces of Obstruction of Justice.

Trump couldn’t remember name of fallen soldier while talking to widow.

Ivanka left “charity” Trump Foundation off of financial disclosure form.

That’s it for today. I’m going to start coming up with all of the ways that Trump could fuck up the Traditional Turkey Pardoning. I will come up with the worst things I can think of (that I’m okay publishing), then will revisit it afterward. I’m afraid that whatever I come up with, Trump will be even worse.

Thank you, and have a good one.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

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