Daily Check-In 9/20/2017

HSIOW. Holy Shit, it’s Only Wednesday.

Warning: The language is a little harsh today.

Today, I’m doing things a little different. Instead of talking about 5 or 6 different stories, I’ll talk about one story, with several new details.

It’s the biggest story of our lifetime.

How Donald Trump committed treason, and how our government reacted.

Today, several stories dropped from WaPo, NYT, CNN, CNBC, Time, Vox, and a couple other places about how fucked Paul Manafort truly is.

There should be a new word to describe how fucked he is. How about … Manafucked.

To truly be Manafucked, one must be suspected by the USIC of being a foreign agent, get caught doing spy shit, have a money trail tying you to mass murderers and war criminals, get caught spying using a presidential campaign email address, have your assets frozen so you can’t pay back millions of dollars to the Russian mob, have the IRS Criminal Investigation unit look into you for tax fraud, have the FinCEN Death Robot of Death track your money laundering operation, have not one but TWO FISA warrants issued for you in three years, get the FBI to execute a no-knock raid on your home at 02:fucking early, have your wife patted down for a gun while in bed, and have the Special Counselor tell you, to your face, that he’s gonna indict yo ass, and all of your phone calls, texts, web searches, browsing, and texts are now the property of the United States Government, including calls you’ve made to the President. And you’re STILL facing war crimes in Ukraine.

That’s Manafucked.

And he’ll likely be indicted by October 15th. CNN brought up a very good point that the Statute of Limitations runs out on his 2011 taxes that day.

According to the Washington Post he offered Oleg Deripaska daily briefings from his Trump for President email address, and attempted to collect on money he was owed while he was the campaign chairman. I’m not an expert in election law, but this sounds… what’s the term I’m looking for? Oh, right, FUCKING ILLEGAL AS FUCK!

On top of all of this, he talked with EVERYONE in the campaign. Trump, the other Trump, the other-other Trump, the Not-Trump, the lawyers, Mike Fucking Pence, who was Manafort’s pick for Vice President.

And all of it has been in the hands of the FBI, and Special Counselor Robert Mueller for months.

This stuff breaking is just the press finding out about it today. Mueller’s team has run a tight ship, and most of the information coming out is from defense sources, like Manafort’s lawyers.

But the weirdest thing coming out of the Manafucking is this strange attempt at saying that Donald Trump is now vindicated from his claims that Obama wiretapped him. Let me walk through the mental gymnastics required to make this leap.

Donald Trump, being someone who suffers from NPD, and is incapable of identifying his own faults, has recorded conversations with Paul Manafort while he’s under surveillance, and was caught in incidental collection. Ipso, facto, Trump was right.

Gimme a Fucking Break.

Imagine for a moment that Chief Wiggum is tailing Fat Tony, when Fat Tony meets with Mayor Quimby. They proceed to discuss tearing down the retirement home, and they’ll split the profits from selling the land.

Trump is Quimby.





That’s it for today. Except For this. Includes a list of Bobby Three Sticks wants.

“Without Journalists, it’s just propaganda.”

– Katy Tur

Thank you, and have a good one.

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